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  1. valdree

    The wandering eyed husband....

    Ok, so I am hesitant to say too much here, but my ex husband was cheating (with 5 different women, and yes I found out by checking his phone, for the first time ever in 14 years), and I honestly never saw him eyeing up other women in my presence. I guess he was too busy behind my back. After helping me through a devastating break up, my friend began to wonder about her own husband. Her husband is a good guy and I have repeatedly told her not to let my husbands appalling behavior affect her great marriage by suspecting him of something he isn't doing. What I am saying is, don't let other people's problems interfere in your very personal and private marriage. You have no idea what really goes on between a couple, you only know what they want you to know. Have you spoken to your Bishop? maybe he can help or maybe your ward has a couples Councillor service? Don't bottle it up, it won't go away by itself, but be prepared to admit that its maybe you that needs to have a change of feelings not your husband. Wish I could be more helpful. God bless you x
  2. Thanks for all the replies guys. I have been looking through profiles and updating my own. I think I can verify that a lot of men are not LDS. The very last thing I want is another cheat and liar, so pretending to be another faith is off to a really bad start. I wish I could move but I have a 5 year old son in school, and Scotland's not a bad place to be :) I think its awful that someone was given abuse for saying they only wanted to date another Mormon, surely there are loads of dating sites available for non members to cruise until their hearts content. I was mostly amazed by the amount of people who have 'rarely' or 'never' under church activity, why go there if you are non active? Its good to know its working for some people, I guess its a case of being patient. xxx
  3. valdree

    Hello, from across the pond, (UK)

    Hiya, I am from Scotland, also a divorced Mum, and in my mid 40s, nice to meet you :)
  4. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any advice about using LDS dating sites? I have signed up for a couple but to be frank, I am fairly dubious. I live in Scotland and I am 45 years old so I have a very small LDS community in real life. I can't imagine a guy in Utah wanting to start anything with someone so far away if they have children in their country of residence, and although I would consider moving, that seems a bit like a far off dream that would have so many requirements attached. I was married to a non member who was a serial cheater and although I know members and non members are all susceptible to temptation, I really want my eternal husband to already be in the church. I have complete faith in my Father in Heaven and so I know things will work out in the end, but I also feel strongly that I have to do the most I can to help myself, I am just not sure if online dating is the way to go. Any advice, tips or genuine success stories would be very much appreciated. V xxx
  5. valdree


    Thank you for the replies. Right now I just wish there was a button to press that would make it all go away. I cant even hate him, I love him. This weekend havin him visit our son was torture. :-(
  6. My non member husband of almost 10 years has just left me and my 5 year old son and I am totally destroyed. He was having internet sex with lots of women online but also told me eventually that he has had sex with more than one woman in real life. I love him so much, my world has been blown. apart. How do I cope with this?
  7. valdree

    Also new

    Hiya, I have been asked to speak tomorrow in the joint Priesthood and Relief Society meeting EEEK. I was baptised 5th May :)
  8. That is a very good way to think about it PhxLucy7, I know he has enjoyed the changes he has seen and it is not causing tension between us, so yes, it makes me happy too to know that it all has a purpose.
  9. Actually Gwen you did make me feel a bit better. There was a lot there I had not considered yet. One of the Missionaries doing my new members lessons comes from a non member background (he was baptised at 13 and neither parent are members), so I was going to have a chat with him about how it worked for them. And of course I am still hoping that one day my husband will join the church.
  10. valdree

    Hello New Convert Here

    Sure, as long as you return the favor lol :)
  11. Hi Gwen, its not really my son I am worried about at the moment, its my husband feeling usurped by the Church when it comes to his own family. He is taking a modest role in family home evenings and is very supportive but really, knows only the basics, and to be honest so do I in some respects. I love my husband so I am sure it has to work itself out.
  12. Thank you both for your replies. I think because I am new to the church these things are more troublesome. Firstly I am very happy and excited by it all, and I don't want to alienate anyone (my husband included) by been irritatingly happy lol I also don't have much knowledge of marriage when both are members or where one is not, so I really am still learning. I have prayed to Heavenly Father about this because its what my heart desires, now I have to exercise my faith that HE knows better than I do how it will all turn out.
  13. valdree

    Hello New Convert Here

    Hiya :)
  14. valdree

    Hello New Convert Here

    Windseeker I am sure it would make them smile, but make sure you bring plenty of woolly jumpers
  15. valdree

    Hello New Convert Here

    Thanks EarlJibbs, Scotland is pretty rainy today, but that's nothing new lol