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  1. I am appreciative of the Elders for bringing it up actually, it was done in a way of concern not down putting. Even a Prophet is not perfect, but he can strive to progress in every way like the rest of us.
  2. You should ask your bishop if the Stake has a disability specialist that can help with the situation in a safe manner that helps this woman. If it is not a mental illness, maybe the ward will be willing to have a special fast and prayer day to help members deal with gossip. Everyone will know who it is for and you just may be surprised that the spirit can change her. Taking it to the courts is the modern day answers, but as someone who works in the courts I can attest it does little to help people in their personal progression, it often can make situations worse. It also would be an opportunity for the Adversity to show to non-believer s how LDS treat each other.
  3. Martain thanks for your response. I was only curious if other missionaries are focusing on healthy lifestyle as much as mine. I do have a plan in place that includes pray. I am overweight because I eat more then I exert. That being said I can be pretty physical, placed at 1/2 marathon (13.1 mile run) not to long ago in a category for larger runners at Marshall University. Obesity is common in my family and I was a fat child, emotionally food is not attractive to me for negative reason (my parents were awesome) but I can relate it too positive things such as an expression of love from family.
  4. I like clasped. Having learned about body language, when I investigated the church I was concern the way LDS not only prayed with arms crossed but some walked around that way. It gives the impression of being closed to others or new things in general. Here is how one body language website put it : Arms can act as the doorway to the body and the self. When they are crossed, they form a closed defensive shield, blocking out the outside world. Shields act in two ways: one is to block incoming attacks and the other is a place behind which the person can hide and perhaps not be noticed. Crossed arms may thus indicate anxiety which is either driven by a lack of trust in the other person or an internal discomfort and sense of vulnerability (that may, for example, be rooted in childhood trauma). Now being a member I know that this is not how its meant in the Church, but I think we need to know it could be jarring to a convert with general body language knowledge. Especially if we want to continue to grow and reach others.
  5. welcome Rivets. As a convert I have to say one of blessing I received was doubt and that doubt helped me appreciate the power of Agency, even though it took me some time get there.
  6. Do you think folks get married after earthly life? I really have no desire to marry again, but would like to see heavenly Father.
  7. Baptized June 22, 2013. Confirmed June 23. They want me to speak next week on the missionaries, looking for the spirit to lead me. Welcome to other newbs.
  8. I am a recent convert, but spoke with missionaries for about 8 months prior to joining. I am also over 100 pounds overweight and 6'2. Before I was baptized the missionaries reminded me of the WOW and made me agree to take care better care of my body with what I eat and how I condition it. With most people in my part of the country being overweight, I wonder if the missionaries here focus on this aspect of the WOW more then it sound like its done in outside of Appalachia. I am down a few pounds, but it is hard.