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  1. I am really glad you have posted this, I am dealing with the same struggle right now with my visiting missionary. I know that it could never be being that the age difference is so drastic but I can't help but have those thoughts. I feel that yes the reason being for the crush is because of his morals and values. I find that a breath of fresh air. Over the years I have been with one man whom I thought was my soulmate but due to complications in our relationship I found my way out of a bad situation. I think that because I was with him for so many years I feel as if I have wasted my life for nothing and missionaries show promise for a positive future. For me it has been hard, going to church lately I am literally one of the only single women in my ward and there are no single men of age in my ward.
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    Hello All, I am new to the site but not so new to the religion. I attended the LDS church when I was a child with my grandma and mom but when my grandma passed away when I was 13 I lost faith and fell out of the religion. Since becoming a newly single mom to a 2 year old little boy, I found that I was needing more for my son and I. Upon visiting many different churches in the past year and none of them feeling "right". I decided one night when the missionaries came to visit to give them a listen. After many lessons with them and attending church, I have found that this feels right to me and I feel it would be great for my son as well. I have made the decision to be baptized on July 27th. I have been preparing for that day and I am anxiously awaiting it. I have come on here in order to get a better understanding of the religion and others peoples views on it. I have noticed that since making the conscious decision to become a part of the church my family and friends have poked fun at my decision. Is there any others out there that have had similar experiences with this and how did you deal with it? Valerie