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  1. Absolutely not. God is a loving and just God. He won't punish you for the sins of your husband. If you remain faithful you will be exalted. He will make a way for your kids to be sealed to you.
  2. No such number. I learned that in math class. The number is one hundred one. One hundred and one is an equation, not a number.
  3. Even when our kids leave the house we still have a responsibility to teach them. You have every right to be firm with him and tell him that what he's doing is wrong. Allowing him to do it is condoning his behavior, and that's not acceptable.
  4. As long as you agree with me and give me lots of praise we'll get along just fine.
  5. Ever notice how the cultural acceptance of a made up word lands that word as part of the official language? 'Sticktoitiveness', 'spelt', and 'bling' are all in Webster's dictionary.
  6. I'm aware of that now, but she prefaced it by saying Utah shouldn't be capitalized. She said "capitalizing words that shouldn't be capitalized" instead of "not capitalizing words that should be capitalized." It didn't make sense the way she worded it.
  7. Merely trying to clarify. She typed one thing but implied the opposite.
  8. Then this sentence doesn't make sense. Perhaps you meant to say "When people don't capitalize words they should, such us...."
  9. When did the word "like" replace the word "said" in the English language? "I'm like 'How are you doing?' and he's like 'Fine. How are you?'"
  10. I could care less. So that means you really do care, because you're capable of caring less, right? Did you mean you couldn't care less?
  11. The dolphin is the only mammal, other than humans, to make love for pleasure.
  12. SUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How ya been? FYI, look at the top right corner of your last post. It says how many posts you have.