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    Thanks everyone
  2. Actually w. My experience the mormon glow can make impact on people if the people were open to it
  3. lordie


    I forgave people who owe me money My bro think they are taking advantange of me I dont think so so i was wondering why i found out he use My deceased father ssn and certificate . To pay off bills He writes from jail and ask me and my mom for money . He think he is not responsible fir paying debt to society causr it is man made law not god or baptist. Law
  4. lordie


    I dont mean to disrespect But i was wondering why religios denomination Bully and pick on each other and one is alway better Than the other or one bible is better than the other It doesnt make sense .because jesus is the bible The word sit at the right hand of god . Jesus is the word So why does everyone assume their way is right or thier bible Is right when we meer mortals dont really know we are not Jesus or god . Lordie
  5. lordie

    heavenly father

    b4 we were born our heavenly father knew us i cannot find it in the bible or book of mormon . and heavenly father is a being how do we know he is a guy ?
  6. lordie

    social media

    i like lds church they are nice and respectful the other day i seen a person posting on facebook about was an investigator and was looking at the mormon church i thought how honest . but a day b4 this i was teased on lds singles chat on facebook trying to find a lds guy to date they teased me for having a degree in catholic heritage and umc and bible broadcast . then some people teased me and called me an investigator .which i wasnt .one of my married facebook friends stood up for me then another did as well which was nice of them . but my question is why is this group so mean .? and i left that group so if any one is on facebook warning dont go on lds singles chat . thanks lordie
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    is it true too much exercise aint good for the female reproductive system what is good amount of exercise thanks lordie
  8. lordie

    what is

    What is new order mormon Or culture mormon Lordie
  9. lordie

    i realized

    I realized all my years i got teased and pick on for liking Others faiths and religions is that i wasnt alone lds likes people Too Lds dont judge or make fun And lds listens Thanks Lordie
  10. lordie

    i can never find the one

    Thanks every one
  11. lordie

    l need advice

    My bro is baptist He makes fun of all religions except baptist He thinks catholic and jehovah witness and even lds Is cult i told him remember christianity was ince considered A cult . Well i didnt hear from him yet ( he is in prison) My question is how do i handle this situtation and how To i approach the next letter .
  12. lordie


    I was in a postion that was only thing i could think Was my parents need someone I learned to cook at three and do wash I decided to take care of my parents because at the time My siblings were very abusive to me and my parents . No i aint no superman i am a women But a women who is make my parents proud Lordie
  13. lordie


    Hi I am lordie I am new here About me i am tall and skinny A surviver of abuse from school I get pick on by my bro for my faith I have brown eyes and hair i took care of my Parents for 30 years I am 35 yrs old I wear afo ankle foot orthodics on my ankles I live in somerset county pa Any questions you may ask me i dont mind Thanks Lordie
  14. lordie

    i can never find the one

    Hi I can never find the one i know he is near But i cant find him Does any one have any ideas on patients? Lordie