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  1. Thank you everyone! I appreciate all the help. I am so glad to learn the rumor about not giving so no help is not true. The deacons are the ones that are supposed to check on members welfare when they collect the fast offering?! They are young boys, how would they ever be able to assess that? I thought that was why I did the visit teaching thing every month? Or home teachers though since they only call once a year maybe they get help from the deacons that way? How would one fast if they had a medical condition then? I don't have one but I have often heard that too when I tried to talk to people about it before. I just didn't understand it. I have tried the last couple of months but it I didnt do it right. I forgot the money one Sunday, absently caught myself eating another time, didn't know really the purpose another so I had really no idea why I was going without, etc. I am trying, it just isn't going well. Does it always have to be for someone else on the fast and testimony Sunday and I have to do a different fast for things I might be in need of? Can not doing the fast prevent a temple recommend? I can't have one of those but I do still try to do the right thing. If I don't give my testimony is it all for nothing then? I won't do that. I won't get up in front of everyone, I don't need any more judgement passed on me.
  2. Can someone please explain this to me? I don't really understand what the obligations are for this offering. I know it is important, they send someone to my house to collect it but I am fuzzy on what the actually obligation is for? I can't really afford it so do I 'have' to pay it? Is it like tithing? If I miss a month is it ok to just pay it the next month or does it not count? I think with tithing if I pay it at some point during the year I am ok, it doesn't have to be right when I get paid, same for fast offering? Is the offering just for me or am I supposed to give based on me, my husband and children all together? I have heard if I don't give fast offering that if I ever needed help from the church I wouldn't get it, is that true? It doesn't feel like it would be but I really don't know much. Guess that's why they keep me in the nursery huh? :) I can teach 'I love my family' blind folded!
  3. I think it very much depends on the people, just like any relationship. I am LDS but my husband is Seventh Day Adventist. He does not attend church much, being military he is rarely home for long and works most weekends but when he is, he goes to church with me and our two girls. He is actually the reason I am even active. We move a lot and it is hard for me to go places by myself the first time so he is my strength where I am weak and gets me where he knows I will be happiest. We are overall very happy and rarely have a serious fight.
  4. Thank you all for your comments and help. I do feel better about having dealt so poorly with the situation and asking for a release. I know it sounds easy to just take him out and put him back with his parents but to me it feels too much like rejection and everyone should belong in church. Everyone should feel loved and cared for and I couldn't do that for him. Hopefully the next nursery leader can. There are people actually chomping at the bit here to be in nursery since I've been hogging the little ones to myself for so long. So it will be good for the kids. Thank you all so much! Your comments mean the world to me.
  5. Haven't been released yet. I only asked. The primary councilor over nursery thinks it won't be a problem to be released though.
  6. Can you ask for a release? I did and it's terrible. I feel like such a failure but I couldn't go back in there. I have been the nursery leader two and a half years and have LOVED it. Then I got a set of brothers where mom just had her third. They are all under 3 and the oldest has started acting up horribly. He's always been harder to handle but manageable. Since little bro has arrived I spend my Sundays being hit, kicked, choked, having my hair pulled out (and not by me!) and yelling at these two boys. I have to chase after them as they think escaping is the funniest thing ever. So I end up feeling like the devil having to be on them constantly or being abused by them. I have tried everything I can think of to get them happy. I've brought in special activities for them, made sure to praise EVERY little good thing they do, listened and talked to them, etc. this last Sunday was so bad that after he tackled me to the floor and kicked me for the umpteenth time I took him to mom and just went into the bathroom and cried before just leaving church early. I then asked for a release. I felt so horrible that I told them not to worry about reassigning me. I failed. I couldn't do what Heavenly Father asked of me. I quit my VT too. How could I ever teach or help someone when I can't even help a nursery aged child? Eight Sundays of just being beat up mentally and oft times physically as they act out.I had to take him out of the room twice for the safety of others. Was this supposed to be my test? Have I totally ruined everything?