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  1. Why is there no way from my phone to delete this question?
  2. This is so after the fact, so it might not even be applicable. My husband is so good at helping me look at things from another perspective. His mom passed away before we were married and his dad remarried after we were married. So he doesn't have the same relationship with his step mom as he does his real mom. However, whenever I take offense, he always validates or tells me he can see where I'm coming from but he also reminds me that her personality is more abrupt and not as tactful. That she doesn't mean to be upsetting, but can come across as such. Even with my own family, when my brothers drive me crazy, he agrees that what they said was jerkish, but that they are my brothers, they love me, and that they aren't purposefully trying to hurt me. It's been a big blessing for me who comes from a "drama" family and him coming from a very mellow family, to understand that whole they get upset at one another, that they remember that they ultimately love each other and so they forgive easily too. So it's difficult but possible to show understanding to your wife, but still restore the bond, or create a bond between families. Good luck in the future (as I'm sure you've already taken care of this situation).
  3. lfh2d

    Squashing doubts

    Thank you so much for the advice. I think I was under the impression that the only way to rectify/repent of my previous actions was to get out, but also knowing that God is not one who will break up families (especially generally happy ones), I have been needing to hear these things. I will pray and work and hope and have faith that these doubts will not plague my thoughts anymore. Please pray for me.
  4. I've been married for 11 years to a great guy. My problem is that every so often I feel like I didn't make the right decision to marry him. Our dating relationship was stressful with my family and his busy school schedule. We dated for 2 1/2 years and I honestly don't know if I was in the right emotional state of mind to make a decision of marriage. Sometimes I feel like I was too emotionally invested to listen to the spirit. We have a great life together and I would REALLY like to put these doubts to rest because I know it's ruining our marriage. I was hoping that there might be someone out there in a similar situation who was able to overcome this.
  5. lfh2d

    Looking for Hope

    Thank you. These are all very helpful thoughts and advice.
  6. I'm in a pretty good marriage. My husband is a good man. I really have no complaints. The only thing I worry about is our dating relationship was pretty stressful. We dated longer than most lds couples (2 years) but we broke up for about 2 months during that time. When we decided to begin our relationship again, it caused a lot of stress between me and my family. Long story short, I never got a resounding yes when thinking about marrying him. I often wonder if I even was getting a "stupor of thought" but was so emotionally invested that I didn't listen. I can't be sure though, because I was so emotionally stressed. Whatever happened, I made the decision to marry him. In general we are happy, but I occasionally have anxiety and panic attacks that I didn't listen to a prompting of the spirit. I want that reassurance that we are a good couple. I want to have that "testimony" of our relationship but it's hard when I think I might have gotten a "no" answer. How do you repent from that? Get divorced? I don't think that's the answer when things are good and you've made those sacred covenants. It's especially hard when I think there was one guy that I should have married, but due to distance, never seriously dated. (I nearly cried when I saw him at my wedding reception... how horrible is that?) So I guess I'm asking if there's anyone who's been in this same situation who's come out with their marriage intact and a testimony of their marriage?