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  1. Does your ward have a great youth / scouting program / outdoor outtings? It is some much easier to invite people to that. Discuss with your Ward Mission Leader what are the best monthly activities in your ward. Some wards have a great ward mission plan that has lots of opportunities to share the gospel. Google Ward Mission Plan.
  2. I have some a lot of great reaction at work where I cannot bring up religion, but i do have a picture of myself and family standing in front of our temple. It alone generates some interesting conversation with guests and co-workers. However my biggest way to talk religion (and it started off accidently) was my Boy Scout calling. Every weekend everyone asks what I had planned. The answer _ i'm going camping with the boy scout troop from my church. And all sorts of gospel discussions started from there.
  3. Our stake president was a young adult convert, and it always bothered him greatly that he missed a chance than to be full-time proslyting missionary. Since his retirement from work him and his wife are now on their fourth f/t mission call. #1 - Chile, #2-India, #3 Washington DC, #4 - San Diego YCSM. Each mission gained greatly from his great testimony and leadership talents.
  4. Has anyone prepared any information on which Ward Mission Plans (WMP) work better than others? What are the elements of a successful plan? How often do you pack the chapel full of open-minded investigators? Wouldn't you like your child to serve his mission in a ward with a powerful WMP actively running? I have my essay on this below - but I'm looking for other essays on this subject to compare it too.
  5. Thank you for the information posted so far. I've checked on and they have birth records for Alvin (1798), Hyrum (1800) and Sophronia (1803) all born in Tunbridge township, Vermont. That leaves me confused about when they moved to Randolf? (Was that a mistake by Mother Lucy?) (And we all know that Joseph Smith was born 1805 in Sharon VT).
  6. I am writing the Family History profiles of Joseph Smith Sr and Lucy Mack for the Familypedia project and am having trouble finding accurate information on the time and place of their marriage. I also can't find the name of their first child who died shortly after birth in 1797 (and the location also). I also will note that a number of published sources (including MormonWiki) incorrectly state the Smith family moved to Tunbridge VT in 1802. This statement contradicts the birth records for Alvin Smith and Hyrum Smith who were born in Tunbridge in 1800 and 1802 respectively.