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  1. And DEFINITELY OK for him to do the same. He actually has called the police on me for yelling in years past; (WANT TO CLARIFY THIS WAS 9 YEARS AGO) and I'm glad he did. Because out of control people that yell ESPECIALLY IN FRONT of children need intervention. I'm glad he did. I thank God that law enforcement has NOT been a part of our life now for 5 plus years... I guess that's why I came here and wrote the post. I was just so shocked that things went the way that it did considering things have been "better" than what they use to be for years. Like literally; SO shocked LOL. Looking back now it was really kind of weird. And I want to thank everyone who says I shouldn't rebuke my husband in front of my kids. That is right. I won't be doing that anymore. During me reading the responses, I really felt the spirit confirm that I really need to show respect more to my husband especailly in front of the children!!:clap:
  2. My verbal attack did not consist of what his did; which is the profanity and the insulting to something I hold very sacred which is my faith. When I say verbally attacked; I "defended" my faith with the same enthusiasm that he attacked me with MINUS the namecalling and profanity! Furthermore, it is SO damaging for children to witness a parent regardless of the circumstance of emotion surrounding the event (i.e. dad called mom a B because she "attacked" him) verbally attacking another parent they love (because children do not have the ability to think that abstractly at the age that mine are). And that is why I threatened to call the police; they are minors in my care; from a secular legal standpoint; and aside from my spiritual duties, I am legally responsible to protect them. THis is NOT limited to physical violence; but verbal and emotion ones like the one I listed here. As for me using "my" children verses "our" it's not personal to how I internally view the custody of my children; meaning I don't just think they are mine or vice versa; it's probably just me being lazy with my grammar. Excuse. So I hope this clarifies. FYI: I know it was mentioned earlier about why my marriage "goes" to this point...This has been and on and off pattern for years. Obviously, the older I have gotten, the better I have learned to deal with these situations; however my husband for the most part is very erratic and unstable especially when upset. I am not a doctor so I cannot say for sure if he has an emotional disorder, although friends and family in my community do suspect it. Instead of walking on eggshells, I have learned how to appropriately incorporate "boundaries" in my life and have had bishops and stake presidents help me do that during my times of activity. That is why he resents the church to some degree. There's more I can say, but I'm tired :). Thanks everyone for the advice. Good night! thread stated
  3. Ok. In a nutshell. I am married to an inactive spouse. We were both baptized a week apart from each other, but were never sealed in the temple due to his priesthood being put on hold because of his "unworthiness". His unworthiness list ranges from using "legal Marijuana" to constant pornography addictions. [moderator edit] I maintain my domestic house pretty well conflict free most of the time. I try to be as sweet and submissive as I can while still remaining worthy, however tonight was an exception. We all sat down for dinner and I have been so excited to introduce my FHE printouts to the kids. I review them and teach them over dinner. I didn't think this would be a problem since my husband has been overall supportive with me becoming active again. He will attend sacrament service ONLY and then leaves and comes back to pick us up after church is over. He has told me he does not believe the church is true anymore, however will support me. So we have been doing this arrangment for weeks and it actually has been working quite nicely. Well tonight as I was going through my lesson, he hops up and starts tickling my four year old. I ask him to please encourage a spirit of "reverence" with the children by example and then he quickly walked out of the room and came back and started cleaning. I should have known better than to even ask him anything, but since things have been going SO well and conflict free; I was shocked. I asked him to please wait to clean until after my lesson and he just went off. He started mocking the phrophets and using profanity in direct regard to the church. My kids are sitting there watching this whole thing. I told him if he was going to say those things, I would have to ask him to leave and then he started verbally attacking me. I had to verbally attack him back (because if he thinks your going to be passive, he will do it more; long long story( and finally I told him I was going to call the police if he didn't stop. He left; kids were crying and the whole thing was a disaster. He will probably stay gone all night and I will probably take the kids to church tomorrow by myself.
  4. Hello! I am so glad to find a site like this. I have just returned to my local ward after four years of inactivity. I am a convert and have no lds family. My husband is inactive and to say I don't feel lonely at times would be an understatement. I am looking for support and reassurance. I have 7 beautiful children.