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  1. The past few weeks as I drove to work I thought of several questions I don't have the answers to. Hopefully you can help me sort out the answers. 1. If one of the primary purposes of the Millenium is Temple Work, but all of those who are worthy of the Telestial and Celestial kingdoms are resurrected and alive during the millennium, then can't they all do their own work? I understand temple worthy members could still act as temple workers, just not as proxies. 2. Also, does this mean that if temple work during the millennium is done by proxy only for those who can't do it themselves (Terrestrial), then if the Telestial person accepts the covenants, will they be immediately resurrected and become alive in the millennium, or do they still have to wait until the end, at which point they are Telestial anymore? This doesn't seem to make sense. 3. If someone is not resurrected during the early part of the millennium because they are 'Telestial', then why do their temple work at all? Unless they repented and become temple worthy (a.k.a. Celestial) then they couldn't make the covenants anyway, correct? It only makes sense if people could go from Telestial to Celestial during the millennium. 4. If all children under the age of 8 years old are considered celestial, then they would be resurrected at the beginning of the millennium, but based upon the statistics I've seen on infant mortality, this would likely result in tens of billions of children over the history of the earth that would be resurrected. Not all of them, or possibly even most of them, will have parents who are resurrected to raise them at the beginning of the millennium. How are these children going to be raised, by all of the Celestial and Telestial parents who are alive at that time? 5. Will spouses grow old and 'twinkle' at the same time to become young again? If not, I guess it would be strange to have a 20 year old woman married to an 80 year old man until he 'twinkled' too. 6. What happens if there is an accident and someone dies? Or can't people die or drown, or something similar? Thanks, I've been thinking about these questions for weeks and can't think of answers to satisfy them that I've ever heard.