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  1. Is it possible this delay my departure date a while?
  2. Hi, I'm Phillip11. I'm 19 and I'm from Provo Utah, and I need advise. Over a year ago I had a serious issue with Pornography and Masturbation. I confessed these things to my Bishop over a year ago, and turned my papers in during July and became an elder. Due to serious depression and anxiety, I my papers were held and my call took a extremely long time to get here. This period of waiting was a dark time for me, because I allowed the advisory to fill me up with feelings of worthlessness, and in result I reverted back to my pornography and masturbation. As soon as I got my call to serve these evil feelings went away and I haven't had anymore issues with masturbation or pornography. Since then I've gone through the Temple a few times and yeah. I haven't confessed what I did to my Bishop yet and was wondering if I need to, and if I did what will happen? Would I be excommunicated and not be allowed to serve my mission, or will it delay my mission, or will I just need to skip the sacrament a few weeks? Please don't judge me, I've been having these really bad guilt trips.