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  1. susieSA

    Hello from Australia

    I don't do sports
  2. susieSA

    Hello from Australia

  3. susieSA

    Anyone know??

    Wowzers... Did my Aunt's work for her in 2009.... My grandmother died a few weeks ago... Just anxious to get them sealed... We wanted to get it done while my grandmother was still alive but she injured herself & was not able to get to the Temple while my sister was visiting.... Was so hoping that because she was a member that I would not need to wait that year... But alas.. Looks like I will have to wait
  4. susieSA

    Anyone know??

    Ok... Managed to combine the records... Wow... Talk about human error... Now all I have to do is wait to seal her daughter to her... sigh
  5. susieSA

    Anyone know??

    Only problem is that I am not 100% sure on some of the dates and was hoping to get that info from Church records. Turns out that she is now reflecting as her own sister on newfamilysearch... How the heck?
  6. susieSA

    Anyone know??

    Thanks... But I have done that all already... And it still says that ordinances need to be done.. When I know they have been done already.
  7. susieSA


    Hello-ish Not sure if I am back or not yet... Will see I guess
  8. susieSA

    Anyone know??

    Does anyone know how long it takes on average for church records to reflect on newfamilysearch after the death of a member?? And does the waiting a year after death still apply if the most recent death was an active, Temple attending member? Any help would be appreciated..
  9. susieSA


    The best place to start is with you and then work from there.
  10. susieSA

    Why aren't garments subsidized?

    Over here garments used to be subsidised until a few years ago.. Now they are crazy prices.. Not many of us can actually afford to get new ones as often as we need to because for a few sets you are paying alot. Which I think is really sad.
  11. susieSA

    Club FHE

    Not sure about Africa.. But in South Africa for $10 you could take a family of 3 to movies on a normal day & still have some change.. Certain days in the week is half price.
  12. susieSA


    New family search does not replace PEF at all. New family search is a new way to get names ready to be sent to the Temple.
  13. susieSA

    intercultural marriage?

    Culture isn't only about the colour of your skin. It also has alot to do with where you are from. For me for example, going to Australia, New Zealand or even the US would be different for me culturally.
  14. susieSA

    Club FHE

    Wow.. You pay that much for movies?
  15. susieSA


    That is the first that I have heard of it. But personally if it is in the manual. .Which has been approved I would use it... Children learn better with pictures.