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  1. sunshineliz

    Nursery size problem

    I'm not sure about another room-- I'd have to look into it. We're trying to shove 4 wards/branches in one smaller building but I believe we're last so there might be room. It would be a bit lopsided in numbers at first if we did it before April, but maybe that'd be ok. I think at bare minimum I'll ask for another teacher. We used to have 4 but one had her work schedule change and can't come anymore.
  2. sunshineliz

    Nursery size problem

    How big is too big for nursery? It's January and we have 17 kids on the roll and only one of those is inactive. If no one with nursery kids moves in or out or joins the church this year, we'll have 19 come April and that's it for the year. There is also an investigator that I didn't count. It feels too big to me. We have 3 leaders. But more importantly it feels too chaotic for the kids. Part of that is that we just started a new time (church is at noon) and it's naptime for most of them. Plus nursery is new for a few kids whose families just joined the church. Am I right that this is too big and we need to do something? Or should we just go as is and hope the chaos dies down? If we did anything, what could we do? Split the group into two nurseries?There's 11 that will turn 3 this year. Our room is about 2 small primary rooms together and we do have a divider but I think it'd be even harder in smaller rooms with about 10 kids each. I want the kids safe and happy, not overwhelmed and upset and I'm just trying to figure out what would be best for them.
  3. sunshineliz

    Motor oil and garments

    Thanks for the suggestions. He prefers 100% cotton garments. He's getting better about not getting motor oil on his clothes but he still gets spots. He hates "silkies" but has a few pairs so he suggested wearing those for Sunday. I tried Dawn but it didn't get it out. 😕 I'll have to look into the other suggestions. His work sends out his work clothes to be cleaned and they always look nice and stain free ( though they are navy blue so maybe I wouldn't see a stain as well?) I wonder if I could find out how they clean them?
  4. sunshineliz

    Motor oil and garments

    My husband recently started a job working on cars. He's coming home with motor oil on his clothes and soaked through to his garments. I have no idea how to get this out! I've tried some online suggestions like dish soap and the like but they aren't working. Any suggestions? Do we need to replace them if I can't get the stains out? Money is very tight and we can't replace all or most of his garments. Is it ok to keep some set aside for work that have the stains and keep non stained ones for Sunday and other non work times?
  5. sunshineliz

    1879 Tennessee Marriage License Fee

    This seemed outrageous to me too as I was looking through indexing, but I looked into it a bit more and it didn't really cost $1250 to get married. It was a marriage BOND and was void if the marriage was performed legally. In other words, if it was found out that the marriage couldn't be legal (like they were already married, were related, etc.) then the bond would have to be paid. Using Tennessee Marriage Records | J. Mark Lowe