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    I brought my girlfriend to YSA FHE! (she's not mormon) "yet"
  2. I never though your post was judgemental. I took some offense to pams post but it got cleared up. It just came across wrong.
  3. I guess I'm terrible at directing my post. Sorry. I can see where it got confusing. Pass me some popcorn please!
  4. It's a sealed room with scrubbers (carbon filters) I have many plants that give off oders. I'm going to talk to him about it. I'm sure he will understand I just needed some encouragement that's all. It's been hard times for me.
  5. I just made a quick name to ask a question about a bind I got myself in to. I messed up and should of said something to him. I just wanted to have an open house for my friend.
  6. Well I don't think more cannabis is a very appropriate name for this forum. I have more respect then that sorry if I got offended.
  7. Sorry but I can be a little sarcastic. I just don't understand what my name has to do with anything.
  8. Where did I say you were judging me. I never said that. I actually agree with you that I should of said something to him right away. I just didn't want him not to have a place to stay. I made a mistake.
  9. Why are you wasting my time? Oh wait I'm wasting my own time. What do you think it means! Cannabis "mormon". You can't put it together? I'm on a lds (mormon) forum asking about the plant cannabis. Marimor wouldn't let me log in so I had to create a different user name. Oh and if you couldn't figure that out marijuana mormon.
  10. It's the name I go by in my gardening classes.
  11. No canna as in the canna lily and mor is my initials.
  12. The word of wisdom speaks against the misuse of substances. It's doesn't apply when you have a doctors recommendation for it. Trust me, pharmaceuticals were doing me more harm then good and yet no one put up a fuss when I took them. Funny how that works.