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  1. Quin, how often are they held? I like that idea though. Sounds like less of a headache. Just have a central location to hold it and if people show, then they show.
  2. Thanks for the posts! apple, I've been in a Ward where a few families would do their own FHE together, however, this can sometimes turn into a clique by those not part of the "inner circle". Since this is to be a Ward endeavor, I created the attached sign up sheet. I do plan on sending it to the Aux, like RS, Primary and YW, since the wives are the real time managers of the family. :LOL As I mentioned, not everyone can do FHE on Mondays, and though it's recommended, it doesn't HAVE to be on Monday if schedules don't allow (like mine). skippy, you gave me an idea on how to kick off these FHEs, and that is to have those in Ward Correlation be the Hosts to begin with as a sort of pilot program. We do want the Priests/Laurels to teach the lessons for the exact reason you stated, missionary experience. We would pull lessons from Teach My Gospel to begin with. I've tried to find search online for any other ideas or any other wards that have done the same, and there literally isn't anything close to what our Bishop is proposing. So wish me luck! I'll report back and let y'all know how it turns out.
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    Yes, of course we should accept everyone and not judge... However, we don't have to agree with and abide by the sinful actions that others make. The issue comes from the action, not the desire. We all have desires, some for alcohol, some tobacco, some prescription drugs and some pornography, etc. The sin is in the action, which makes us unworthy. So while we should include all of our brothers and sisters, we should not be accepting of their sinful actions, whatever they may be.
  4. Our ward is quite small, not in area, but in attendance (average of 80-90/Sunday). I'm a newly called EQP and my Bishop wants me to coordinate the logistics of getting 2-3 families together once a month for a combined FHE. This has been passed off by the SP. I'm at a loss... Though here are my thoughts so far (any others would be VERY helpful!) Pass around a list to see who is interested to participate (can't force), then identify who would be willing to Host the FHEs in their homes. Also, not everyone is available Monday nights (like my wife who works Swing Shift each weeknight), so I'd have people mark their availability on Sat, Sun and Mon for more flexibility. The assigned families would be asked to invite a LA/PM/NM family to attend. Each FHE would consist of a song, prayer, 10-min Lesson (taught by one of the Priests/Laurels/FTMs), then Activity and Treats. The activity and treats would be assigned by the Host family. Now the logistics of it all. Obviously there are cliques in all Wards, and some families simply will not associate with another. We also want to pair up the older families with the younger families as well. I don't want to be blamed for playing favorites or anything else like that, so I'm worried on how to assign families so it is fair/random. One of my counselors suggested pulling names from a hat. It's silly, but about the only way I can think of to do it at this point. So, there's where I'm at. Oh ya, and my Bishop wants to meet with me tonight to go over my plans. HELP!!! Thanks!