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  1. I had good girl syndrom even though i am a guy lol But i believe god made me understand in a way that i wouldnt live again. And a lot of good books and therapists in the church can help you understand what is wrong or right. Also theres a lot of scriptures that i dindnt even know about it. I believe the adversary is not only using bad stuff to make us confused but also he uses good stuff that we think its bad cause of our lack of understanding. When i was young i had a bishop myself that i believe didnt understand the way of the lord on that subject.That got me lost and i got the good girl syndrom. But today he understands more.He told me last week lol. Our children and ourselves need to be taught on the topic. And there are good people working in the field out there. Would be great to have conference on the subject at church for the class of relationship and get a professional invited. A professionnal with same believes as we have. 2 books and a therapist helped me a lot (im not doing advertisement- just trying to hep out others that have the same issues i got): - And they were not ashamed - Laura m. Brotherson - sensible sex And dr Jones Its just funny to see that it happens, as told in a thread before, in evry religion or believes
  2. Hello evryone ! im new on but not as a member of the church. Im looking for a partner to work or a nice project. Need animator if you know anyone in the field interested by church topics, let me know Anxious to get to know you all through diverse activities or chats Have a good day! Eric