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  1. And a Christian club would be open to Christians, as well as people who are curious as to what Christianity is. One of my friends who attends something called Young Life told me that they where welcoming to her friend who is not Christian, and is Bi.
  2. Because uncertainty is scary and uncomfortable, and recent generations have this mindset that the world should be easy and comfortable.
  3. In that case, we should ban all school Latino-based clubs because they racially discriminate against non-Latinos. Same for any other cultural clubs. Heck, let's nip this problem in the bud, and ban all clubs because they have to discriminate against SOME type! /sarcasm
  4. You know in movies when two guys would be hanging out and a woman would walk by, and one of the guys would do a two-note whistle? That was the kind of whistle I was referring to. A cat-call is baically all the rest; the "heyyyyy sexyyyyyyyyy"s, the "come on babe's"s, and so forth. Then there's honking. That is the one I encounter most frequently. Walking down the sidewalk and hearing a car give you the double honk.
  5. I would say it would be better to e-mail your friends a copy of your resume and ask them to pass it along. They know you better than us, and can give better/stronger recommendations.
  6. Something doesn't quite feel right. I'm kinda wondering if this is a lure... don't think that's the right word...
  7. Going back to OT. There where some interesting points made. What do feminists hope to achieve in their movements? What can be defined as offensive? Are those who are offended in the minority or majority of their demographics (ex. are the majority of females offended by whistling?) I am a woman, and I personally find whistles less offensive than cat-calls. I think of whistles of the guy equivalent of "Wow, he's a hunk."
  8. This is really disheartening. An 18 year old man was killed after an altercation with the police, not even an hour after he robs a convenience store. His family is calling for justice, and is protesting, saying that he was an awesome man who wanted to go to college. Thoughts?
  9. How did you find out the information about your bishop? Was it in the newspaper, or did you do some googling?
  10. My father is a recovering alcoholic. He used to yell about just about everything (he wouldn't hit us, though. Got to give credit where credit is due.). Same with my grandfather. I work at a grocery store, and sometimes have to clean up after a customer drops a bottle of alcohol. Just the smell will trigger memories of my father punching walls, of my grandfather yelling at my father because he was TOTALLY okay to drive, and of being told I'm a lost cause and will never amount to anything. Coffee does not trigger those memories.
  11. Have you talked to your Young Women's leader about this? What happened to you was not your fault. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Hugs!
  12. The main argument of the body-shaming is that if you liked your body, you'd show it off, and because you're hiding it (i.e dressing modestly), you must hate it. Counter-argument: you have a gorgeous, diamond studded, skillfully crafted bracelet. You really like it because it's pretty, and you are very proud of it. Would you wear it all the time, or would you say there's a time and a place to wear it? Are not people more precious than bracelets?
  13. I worded my post poorly. I apologize. There are parts of the scriptures that do seem to be somewhat racist/xenophobic. Where they intended to be that way? I don't know. I have seen some members who have the "neener neener" attitude towards members of other faiths. Then again, I have also met people who think they are above the rules, or that work is for poor people. They are not common (from my observations), but they do exist. And unfortunately, Satan is using the few to stir bitter feelings towards many.
  14. Half-truths are by far one of the most (if not the most) effective ways of leading away from God. Satan knows this, which is why there's nondoctern (like the racist teachings and the "our church is better than your's") listed alongside docterne (like proxy work for the dead, The Book of Mormon being a translation.) (I appologize for any spelling mistakes/noncoherent thoughts; I just got home from work and my bed is calling my name.)