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  1. I know a few lesbians that have good integrity. I know none which are lying scum.
  2. If you are cool with it, let him do it. If not, dump him. Simple as that.
  3. Why does a person considering such an operation care what the LDS church position is?
  4. The practice of mutilating the genitals of an infant (male or female) is disgusting and immoral.
  5. So are we going to say this for just the LDS God, or for all the gods?
  6. I think the gay rights movement will be ultimately successful in a short time. A Mr. President and the First Man could be here before we know it.
  7. Hitchens was awesome, a very eloquent speaker who brought a lot of solid arguments to the table.
  8. North Carolina - Raleigh. I enjoyed it and learned a lot.
  9. Scientists have long since realized this. Religionists continue to live under the oppression of false prophets and their lies. Very unfortunate for the masses living under it.
  10. Over the last couple of years I had forgotten my password. From time to time I would try to log on and could not remember. The email address associated with my account was no longer in use so I couldn't reset the password. Then, today.. ...out of the blue.... ...eureka! I remembered. So here I am. I see many familiar regulars are still just that. I have studied and grown a lot in the last two years: a life-changing process including my departure from the Church. After my vigorous study and service for 18 years, I have concluded that Mormonism is not true. This comes as a real tragedy for me, I really wanted it to be so. But with the grief of this loss comes the newness of life associated with a world-view I had never known. I have been reborn. I am VERY optimistic and excited, something I could not have understood without experiencing it myself. -a-train
  11. My wife and I married quickly and young. We had kids immediately. We did so in faith. It has been very difficult and we really could have planned better. The counsel to approach child-birth in that way has not proven good for us. Tough.
  12. Jesus is God. Few Christians disagree. He was born on an earth and lived the human experience in every way. -a-train
  13. Why do you want to return to Church? What do you hope to accomplish in doing so?
  14. Although you could have been much smarter in handling the situation, don't blame yourself for a failed marriage. That is of course if your account of the situation is accurate. If she was just that hard to live with, then it was HER that killed the marriage. I have family that went through similar circumstances. It was obvious that a particular individual made their spouse's life a living hell for many years. The victim endured relentless torture quietly and with dignity as toddlers grew to teenagers. Then, the victim made an escape to happiness. Today, that individual is much happier and healthier. The perpetrator remains bitter even years after the divorce. This is the awful reality that can come about when a truly altruistic lover of some sick person sacrifices his/herself in hopes that all will work out in the end. My advice? Don't let fear of anything, not even hell or God, and especially not any social circumstances, prevent you from being yourself using your own reason in determining your actions.