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    I love reading and writing. My dream is to write a novel some day.
    I can\\\\\\\'t go a day with music - helps with everything,
    I love travelling and exploring different countries and cultures.
    I\\\\\\\'m hoping to become much more involved in church once everything else has calmed down and allowed me to focus.
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  1. Louloudi

    Early riser

    Oh I wish I could be a 5.30 riser too. Since changing jobs I now wake by 7ish, but by the time i'm up and out it's still much later.
  2. Louloudi

    What do you think about WoW?

    initially it was easy to give it up. then a few months down the line, I think other issues got in the way and then i went back to old ways.
  3. Louloudi

    My walk to work this morning

    Lovely! I've started taking a slightly longer walk to work just to make it more scenic.
  4. Louloudi

    What do you think about WoW?

    When I was first baptised I searched everywhere for exceptions to the WoW. Mainly because I didn't understand why we would be asked to follow some of it - the reported health benefits of tea etc, but the more i looked into it, the more i realised there were no exceptions. Yes, I miss tea and coffee and sometimes alcohol, but in the grand scheme of things there is so much better here and later that we will have. Giving up tea and coffee is nothing when you consider the blessings. i had a blip and started drinking it al again and it was a horrible time. I then prayed and began following the WoW again, even in going to bed earlier, and it all began to change. There may not be any understandable reason as to why we shouldn't drink these things, but there is so much that Heavenly Father gives us that we are not yet to understand.
  5. Louloudi

    What's the last book you read?

    The first fifteen lives of Harry August by Clare North. Loved it.
  6. Louloudi

    feeling lost in the church

    I feel the same at the ward I am currently in. Only 2 people talk to me and there are a few who seem to ignore me when I try to talk to them. It kind of feels like being back at school, with cliques. It's a small ward and everyone has known each other for years, so it's really hard to be part of it, most are not very welcoming. Never had any home teachers - don't even know who they are. Visiting teachers introduced themselves, then haven't spoken to me since. I understand how hard it can be even going in for Sacrament when it feels this way. Especially when you have trials on top of all this. Just keep praying and reading the Scriptures. Pray for your testimony.
  7. Louloudi

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Walk the line.. love that film.
  8. Louloudi


    Never used to like it, although tis year I have actually started to love it. Had to stop myself eating the whole cake over Christmas. Must be my old age..
  9. Louloudi

    Preparing for the Temple

    I don't think we have one as our ward is pretty small. I will speak to him though, maybe there will be something in the stake. Thanks!
  10. Louloudi

    Preparing for the Temple

    I am really wanting to go to the Temple next year and look into my Endowment. I spoke to my Bishop and he said that I should start preparing for this, although we were in a rush so couldn't talk more about it. What are the ways to prepare? My family are not members and all of my old friends aren't members, so I haven't experienced any of this before. All very confusing - but very exciting!
  11. Louloudi

    Home Teachers never visit

    I've felt the same way for a while. Since Ijoined the chutch, there have only been the bishop, the missionaries and maybe 3 members who talk to me. The others may say hello, but that's it. Until i said how I feel to them, I don't think they knew. It can be hard - especially if you're not feeling great yourself. I have really bad anxiety and the thought of going to church can often be frightening, although the idea of haivng to try and talk to people I don't really know is terrifying. My home/ visiting teachers have never come to see me. They sent a facebook message intoriduing who they are and what they would be doing - then have never heard from them again and this was in July. They hardly speak to me at church either. it's not easy - but then again, members aren't perfeft are they. Definitely speak up tot he bishop about it - as I have learnt, the help is there, you just ahve to ask for it and allow people to help.
  12. Louloudi

    Your favorite?

    Dessert....... Banoffee pie or Eton Mess Sound........ The sound of water running through a creek. Scripture........ Romans 8:1 / 2 Nephi 32:3 Movie........ Little Women / The Little Mermaid Vacation spot......... Somewhere in the mountains in the middle of nowhere.
  13. Since I joined the church, a lot of my friends have turned their backs on me. I'm hoping that showing them this movie will help them see that it really isn't a bad church!
  14. I'm looking to start attending institute this month. Only ever been to one class before it ended for summer. I'm a little nervous about meeting people my age, as most people in my ward are older or already have a family. I am also worried that I be will asked something and will just make a fool of myself because i wouldn't know, or say the wrong thing. I get every anxious in new situations and create a mountain out of a mole hill. Anyone go to the London Hyde Park institute?
  15. Louloudi

    How many spaces after a period?

    When I was taught touch typing in 2003 it was 2 spaces and I have always stuck with that. I haven't heard anything about it and have since done a Masters degree. So, I'm sticking with the 2 spaces!