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  1. LT04

    Inverted Tomatoes

    I would use something bigger than a coffee can. My plants have a 10'' clear bucket and I can see their roots grow to the sides and move up or down when they get there. -LT04
  2. LT04

    Inverted Tomatoes

    Kinda busy today (first day, new job, new industry) I'll work on the pic's promise to get them up this week. I planted an American hybrid called a bush Goliath. It's said to get as big 3' or 4' and produce through the winter months if you keep it in side. (The wife tells me thats not going to happen. he he) I'll also get some pics up a few months from now to show you the progress. -LT04
  3. LT04

    Inverted Tomatoes

    Good morning Guys and Gals, I’m not sure if any of you would have an interest in this but I’ll throw it out there anyway. I have a friend who has been a farmer most of his life and he told me about the wonders of “inverted tomatoes” or IT at some would call it. It’s a process where you grow tomatoes upside down. It sounds weird I know it took me a few years of odd looks to get the gusto to try it so far it has worked well. Why would you want to try this? I get that one a lot. A ) Tomatoes are subject to seven types of diseases growing them off the ground eliminates the possibility of four of them from ever happening. B ) Growing them upside down uses gravity to push all the nutrients in the plant to the fruit. C ) My personal favorite (b/c I have a lazy streak) you don’t have to prop branches off of the ground b/c they are suspended above the ground. D ) This fashion of gardening works well where space is limited. (i.e. apartment building on the 30th floor) To make one you: 1 ) take a 5 gallon bucket. 2 ) Cut a hole in the bottom big enough to fit the bush part of the plant through. Be careful plastic tends to splinter off into veins all over the place. 3 ) Then after you put the plant where you want it place wet news paper around the base of the plant to prevent soils from falling out of the hole you cut. 4 ) Place the top soil in the bucket. 5 ) (This isn’t a required step but I have heard it works well.) Take a small soda bottle and cut the neck off, then poke about six holes about the size of the eraser at the end of a pencil all around it. Place the bottle in the bucket slightly above the level of the top soil. This is where you put the water for a controlled release. 6 ) Hang the five gallon bucket from a very sturdy hook where it can get at a minimum of eight hours of sun light a day. I planted my first three about three weeks ago they have almost tripled in size. I am very impressed by the results so I thought some of you might take an interest. -LT04
  4. LT04

    Banning Harry Potter

    You never hear about problems with “Chronicles of Narnia.”
  5. LT04

    East Coast Members

    I live on the northern part of the East coast in NY. Buffalo is a fast growing comunity for accounting for both HSBC and Citi bank. Not sure about the LDS population there. I havn't been to N Carolina in several years but I used to live in Virginia. There were a lot of LDS families there and in S Carolina. -LT04
  6. LT04

    Looking For Advice From Non-mormons

    Wiley, Nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy this site. -LT04
  7. LT04

    Ny State Trooper Vs Us Army

    LAPD has wanted it back to .45 for some time also. I don't know if they got it or not yet. -LT04
  8. LT04

    Ny State Trooper Vs Us Army

    I think the average Joe should have a 7.62, and the standard issue pistol should be a .45. -LT04
  9. LT04

    Ny State Trooper Vs Us Army

    The M16 is a rifle. The M4 is a carbine. So the rifle will have greater accuracy at longer distances. Not only that they Army tends only to buy M16 bullets not M4 bullets. M16 bullets are heavier to carry it that extra distance. M4 bullets are lighter. Who knows why the Army changed from a rifle to a carbine, less weight can’t be the only reason. Don’t tell me it’s for urban operations. I think that’s a load of hooey. Why in the world would you take a M4 with a muzzle velocity like that into a building? I have a AR10 like the M4 (mine is better and cheaper, but that’s beside the point) and one night my mom said if an intruder breaks in are you going to use that? I said no If I used that at the top of the stairs it would go through 3 intruders the wall into my neighbors wall and into her basement floor. -LT04
  10. LT04

    Ny State Trooper Vs Us Army

    FranklinJL, Welcome! Sorry to sound like an old decrepit broke down bitter soldier, b/c that’s not my intent. My interest is in keeping soldiers alive. I agree with you that 9mm (although equally as ineffective as the M4) has a very comprehensive qualification process. I’m glad to hear about changing out the manpaks radio systems. That system has remained virtually unchanged since at least Vietnam with its grand father stretching back to WWII. My only concern here is how fast they can change out the old systems and send in the new systems. I was in the 10th MTN DIV and we took M16’s to Afghanistan and our first Iraq deployments, and we were a line company. Rambling aside It’s always nice to meet a new face, again welcome, -LT04
  11. LT04

    New Starbucks Cups

    When I was in the Army we were given a survey of things we missed from the states when we were deployed. Starbucks coffee was first and crispy cream donughts were the second. Starbucks was informed as to the demand for their product, they replied "we don't support the war on terror so we don't support the troops." needless to say you can see why Fort Hood, Texas didn't continue the contract for the three branches on post. The radio personallities Bob and Tom in the morning said "we don't support the war on terror we think it's a senceless war, but we stand behind our troops." Isn't that a more positive stand to take even if you don't agree with what is going on? On a happier note Crispy Cream came through. Not sure as to what dagree but the troops involved were happy. I think Starbucks has gone to far. I'm less then impressed with their behavior. Let's hire "The Donald" to give 'um the big ol' YOUR FIRED! -LT04
  12. LT04

    Rules For Improving Your Dating Life

    Palerider, Could be, good advice is good advice Zig Zigler fan (he he) -LT04
  13. LT04

    Rules For Improving Your Dating Life

    I think it’s interesting you approach the topic from this perspective. I was always told that you need to keep in mind the end result of dating was to find your eternal companion, and that those you date should be candidates of that. I don’t disagree with what you wrote but I have never given it much thought. I always was honest and kind of said this is me take it or leave it. I would just council you to keep in mind that it would be wise to surround yourself with those who have similar values and goals to your own. Dave Ramsey says there are four aspects of marriage that will make or break you the first is religion, second, kids, third money, and lastly in-laws. I think there are several others but this is defiantly a good start. I would also include cultural considerations that would definitely tie into religion how you raise your kids and the impact of what to expect from the in-laws. I think you are on the right track that’s why no one has responded. Good luck I’ glad I found my wife as early in life as I did the dating scene sounds ruff from what my co-workers have to say. Just remember to be cautious, and prayerful of whom you consider for your eternal companion. I was once told “This is the biggest decision of your life,” bigger then any job you choose, bigger than any car or house you consider buying, because this decision will undoubtedly affect the out comes of not only this life but that of the next one as well. -LT04
  14. LT04

    Non-lds Seeking Guidence

    Smylie, I can relate to how you feel. I understand how you love your husband, yet still have feelings about your old flame. It’s my opinion you will always have a place in your hart for him, just be mindful you need to keep a bigger place in your hart for your husband. I know easier said than done, and like Dr. Phil once said we don’t legislate emotions we just have them. As for the point about having an emotional affair, I’m sorry to be so blunt but yes you are. Like I said before you don’t get to pick your emotions but if you have so many devoted to your ex you now have less room to devote to your husband. You and your husband could be closer together and have that finishing each others sentences if you weren’t preoccupied. I hope I didn’t offend you that wasn’t my intent. I was just hoping to show you your situation from a different perspective. As for your other question about knowing if the church is true or not if you are unsure now you haven’t received an answer yet. Knowing if the church is true is like being in love if you are unsure you are not, when there is no doubt in your mind you are. Now this is just the gospel according to me and maybe this doesn’t apply here but the LDS church isn’t for every one maybe G-d has a different direction for you and that’s why you are unsure. Just some food for thought. -LT04
  15. I found this test. I was born and rasied LDS and made the concious effort to stay LDS and this said I am 96% in line with Mormonism. It's interisting even if you don't agree with it. -LT04