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  1. Canuck Mormon

    LDS spouse now a non-believer

    About 2 years ago I had this same conversation with my wife. The only difference is that we have no kids, but I do have a child from a previous marriage. My wife was deeply concerned that I would want out of the marriage because of her new beliefs. This is what I said: "I didn't marry you because you were a Mormon. I married you because of who you are. The church was just one of many things we had in common." Do I feel sad when attending by myself? Sure, who wouldn't. But if anything, her faith crisis has brought us closer together. We talk about church things all the time. We have dissagreements, like anyone would, but we respect each others freedom to choose what they believe. Glad to hear that you are commited to each other.
  2. Canuck Mormon

    Which stars are (or were ) Mormon?

    Aaron Ekhart (I think that's how you spell his name).
  3. Caeful Lakumi. Remember that this is an American website, and anything critical of the US with get the thread locked. Only Americans can bash other countries!!
  4. Canuck Mormon

    Welcome back everyone

    "NEW POSTS" BUTTON PLEASE!!! Makes it so much easier to see what I have missed. Oh and thanks Pam for resetting my password and email!!
  5. Canuck Mormon

    The First Vision accounts

    Let me know when you break out of the rose coloured bubble you seem to live in. Thanks. I'm done.
  6. Canuck Mormon

    The First Vision accounts

    Missed my point entirely. I never said that someone causes someone else to go inactive. It certainly that persons choice. However, what choice does someone have when they feel they have been lied to and people around them that are supposed to be there for support, treat them as second class and say things like "They just wanted to sin", or "They never had a strong testimony.". What sane, rational person would want to keep going to that place? The bolded part is exactly what has been said and is exactly the attitude that disgusts me. "If you testimony was real before you wouldn't have these issues." "How weak is their testimony that a little thing like not knowing whether there were two people or one can shake their faith." This is the attitude that my wife faces every Sunday. How Christ like!!
  7. Canuck Mormon

    The First Vision accounts

    This attitude right here is what causes a lot of people who are struggling to go inactive. How dare you assume what their testimony was based on! My wife was one of the strongest members that I had ever come accross. She served a mission and for the better part of her life, was the only member in her family. She was left out of family events, shunned by aunts and uncles, but she stayed strong. Then she read "Rough Stone Rolling" and discovered some things. Things that she was told on her mission were just the "anti's" lieing. Turns out they were correct. So for you to say that her testimony wasn't "built on the strong foundations of the restored Gospel that is for sure!" is a smack in the face. You don't know what these people go through. You don't know what they are like. You don't know how they struggle to try and stay in a church that treats them like sinners. These people can't talk to anyone in the church about because of this attitude and it disgusts me.
  8. Everyone out west wants smaller government. Ok, maybe not everyone, but a vast majority do.
  9. Sure it could have been handled differently, but it needed to be handled. Imagine all those GM and Chrysler employees suddenly unemployed. And it wouldn't be just them. The suppliers would lay of thousands, the auto dealers, the mechanics. Dealer mortgages would fail, banks taking less risk and not allowing any loans. The financial impact would be staggering. Done right? NOPE!! Needed to be done? Absolutely.
  10. So that passes for journalism these days? An inflamatory headline, throw in a bunch of coincidental happenings and twist everything to your view, then don't even answer the question you asked in your headline? Pathetic. Did Obama do everything perfectly with GM and Chrysler? No. Did Obama do what he should have to save GM and Chrysler? Yes. Have both companies paid back all the loans (with interest)? Yep. These problems in these cars were well known long before Obama took office. Instead of blaming him, why not blame the NHTSB? They're the ones who issue safety recalls, not the president.
  11. Canuck Mormon

    Deport Justin Bieber Petition

    I heard that this is why the US hockey team played so badly in the Bronze medal game. They were depressed because Bieber was now their problem!!!! For time and all eternity!!!!:p:p
  12. So if I walk in to a store wearing a rainbow t-shirt and the store owner then ASSUMES I'm gay, he/she can deny me service? Are we going to start issuing "gay ID's"? Maybe we'll give them the Mark of Cain....oh wait, that one is taken. This is a rediculous law and should be struck down. If they want to protect religeous freedoms, than protect religeous freedoms, not pass a blanket law.
  13. Canuck Mormon

    Customer Service

    When I was in customer service, the thing I was taught to do is to make people happy to give you money. It's not easy, especially in the auto service industry, but it can happen. Pam, I would always wait until they were off the phone until I told them the prices, that way they would see that they need to pay attention. I know it doesn't always work, but for those times that it does, makes the job better. Of course, what do I know. I got out of the service industry years ago and my level of stress has decreased significantly!!
  14. Canuck Mormon

    Meet the future Prime Minister.

    If Jack Layton was still around then I would agree that they might win the next election, but with Mulcair? Not a chance. I am expecting another lame coalition government with the PC's holding a slight edge in the next election. Then the Liberals and the NDP can go back to doing what they do best. Holding up progress!! :p:p
  15. Canuck Mormon

    Meet the future Prime Minister.

    It means nothing. Those "fired" senators will still vote with the Liberal party, as they always have. The only difference is that they are not officially part of the party. It's grandstanding, that's all. Anybody with a memory west of Manitoba will not vote for a Trudeau. His dad decimated the oil and gas industry in the 80's and people are still very, very bitter about it. I don't get all the hate for Harper either. Sure he's not perfect, but he's also guided this country through the Global Financial Crisis and we are a lot better off than some other countries. And lastly, I don't think he'll beat Harper because I think Harper will retire before the next election.