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  1. I call horse dootie on that. So what? it's none of your business and you shouldn't give it 2 thoughts. Good for him.
  2. No, look up the definition before you throw that word around Can they change in that short a period of time? maybe. I don't know what I do know is that the amount of time he has spent being "dis-fellowshiped" should be irrelevant to you as you are not his priesthood leader. No, it is not your place to air your sisters dirty laundry, I'm a little vague on as to why they would have a true confessions session with you and your wife. So your sister is a trained therapist? If she is she is probably crossing some ethical boundries. If she is an arm chair therapist like me she may be in real trouble. What's your question here? Well on the plus side sociopaths don't feel guilt in a traditional sense, so that diagnosis is ruled out. Things can't be so black and white. He will relapse, and if there is no give he will hide it. No, conversations with him and his bishop are none of your business. Look if it as me I would pull my sister aside and smack her on the back of the head. I would have one very firm conversation with her and let her know that I am available to help if she needs it and then never mention it again. Ever.
  3. omegaseamaster75

    Is getting pregnant from a sperm donor not allowed in the church?

    I'm not sure this is true at all, please provide some proof.
  4. omegaseamaster75

    Geographical Confession Issue

    I think so, but i'm just some random guy on the internet. You need to ask your Bishop this question as there is no one answer that applies to everyone.
  5. omegaseamaster75

    Geographical Confession Issue

    Pump the brakes, One relapse since full repentance over a year ago? I'd put this on the home repentance plan and not get super wound up about it. You are now an adult, if you can identify what led to the relapse and ensure there are no further issues I would get on my knees ask for forgiveness and go about my business. However if you really feel like you need to confess in the flesh to a Bishop by all means please do so.
  6. omegaseamaster75


    On this I can agree 100%. We are better off following their council in all respects.
  7. omegaseamaster75


    We need to look at the works individually and see how they line up with the doctrine. Our leaders purposefully do not speak ex cathedra. Their words are carefully chosen and we are the ones who tend to add prophetic warning/advisories to them. When is our prophet speaking as a Prophet and when is he speaking as a wise righteous man with whom we can disagree?
  8. omegaseamaster75


    I don't. I do know that the Miracle of Forgiveness is not an inspired work, it isn't cannon, it hasn't been ratified by the body of the church. Furthermore it was written by Elder Kimball not President Kimball.
  9. omegaseamaster75


    I'm taking a common sense approach here, I'm not gay, most of the men I go to church with are not gay that I know of. I will assume that you also are not a homosexual (an assumption on my part is that we are all guilty of this sin) I'd go as far as to say anyone who claims not to have ever done it is a liar or needs to be immediately admitted to heaven. I would suspect that most people myself included have not experienced the progression as outlined by then Elder Kimball. Most gay people I know did not "become" gay. So no I cannot prove it, the statement on its face falls flat to most reasonable people. Was he wrong? I wouldn't rule his theory out for everyone, but for 99.9% of people I'll go with he missed the mark on that one.
  10. omegaseamaster75

    Strained Sibling Relationship

    Boundaries need to be set. She clearly thinks she can have an outburst and get a rise out of you. My advice, assuming you start talking again is the next time she says something offensive or negative towards you leave. Go home immediately don't respond. if she is in your home ask her to leave. Don't discuss it. A few episodes of you leaving or her getting kicked out she will get it and change her behavior or never come around either way problem solved.
  11. omegaseamaster75


    I think we can all agree that masturbation does not lead to homosexuality. Now the idea that we should avoid this practice is sound, we should learn to control our carnal urges and do nothing that distances us from the presence of God or the ability to be open and receptive to his guiding influence. So the baby should not be thrown out with the bath water, we should be able to see and understand what the underlying message is as it applies to all of us. However there is a reason that this book is no longer in circulation and is no longer used as a part of the repentance process. In general most people cannot see beyond what they don't agree with and are unable to pull out the pure wisdom and council that we are given in that book.
  12. omegaseamaster75


    No, since the MIracle of Forgiveness was mentioned that is a book full of his opinions, some good, some great and some missed the mark by a country mile. Yes, because our leaders on not infallible, they make mistakes. On the whole however it is often wiser to heed their council rather than not.
  13. omegaseamaster75

    Strained Sibling Relationship

    Maybe think about this before you head back to the house of the Lord Is there anything in your conduct relating to members of your family that is not in harmony with the teachings of the Church? haters gonna hate? how old are you 15? how does that statement make anyone see things your way or prove any sort of point other than being childish. Look this is a difficult situation but it sounds like neither one of you are acting like an adult here.
  14. I think you should say nothing, I wasn't there but was any irreparable harm done? not likely. Second, think about what he said and then think about what you heard, lastly think about what he ment. This member of the stake president does not speak for the church this was his opinion and you may not agree with it (so what) no doctrinal boundaries were crossed. You might have raised your hand and asked him to clarify exactly what he ment but that moment has passed and so now you need to do nothing.