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  1. I think you should say nothing, I wasn't there but was any irreparable harm done? not likely. Second, think about what he said and then think about what you heard, lastly think about what he ment. This member of the stake president does not speak for the church this was his opinion and you may not agree with it (so what) no doctrinal boundaries were crossed. You might have raised your hand and asked him to clarify exactly what he ment but that moment has passed and so now you need to do nothing.
  2. omegaseamaster75

    How is the Economy?

    Well you can start with proposition 47 passed in 2014. The measure required misdemeanor sentencing instead of felony for the following crimes: Shoplifting, where the value of property stolen does not exceed $950 Grand theft, where the value of the stolen property does not exceed $950 Receiving stolen property, where the value of the property does not exceed $950 Forgery, where the value of forged check, bond or bill does not exceed $950 Fraud, where the value of the fraudulent check, draft or order does not exceed $950 Writing a bad check, where the value of the check does not exceed $950 Personal use of most illegal drugs In SF if your store is the victim of shoplifting the cops won't even try to get there in a timely manner. Why would they? there is no one to arrest and even if the caught the person it's a misdemeanor anyway, they write a ticket or hold them for a day and they are on their way. Drug use in the street, yup. I see it daily. The criminal justice system is so over run that they do not enforce these "petty" crimes. So what is the result? Rampant homelessness and drug usage.
  3. omegaseamaster75


    The simple fact that you feel the need to ask tells me that something needs to change. Is french kissing normal? (i don't have a problem with it) but would you do it in front of your bishop or mother? Probably not, it should probably be reserved fro a more deep and meaningful relationship. While you claim to not have much feeling about it I can guarantee you that your BF does. If you don't plan on going further along than making out I say back it up a little bit slow things down. It is easy to get wrapped up in the physical aspect of a relationship without really getting to know an individual. you've been dating a year? time to make some decisions about your relationship. You don't mention your age so it is hard to advise.
  4. omegaseamaster75

    How is the Economy?

    It is not disingenuous. People are choosing to live on the streets. Is this a byproduct of their life choices? Yes of course it is. Let's rule mental illness out or the equation because those are individuals that need help and are unable to make good life decisions. What about everyone else?
  5. omegaseamaster75

    How is the Economy?

    Sure people do it, but it's not a long term solution.
  6. omegaseamaster75

    How is the Economy?

    I pretty much agree with all but #4 "Welfare benefits or compassionate laws specific to the homeless population. People don't choose to be homeless - they end up homeless for a reason beyond one's control. A lot of these compassionate benefits try to be compassionate to these people to offer them relief from poverty but they don't address the reason the people ended up homeless in the first place. Tokyo is a good example of how compassionate laws can work to address poverty." The people I see and I am in SF right now, want to be homeless, they don't want to conform to the norms of society where they have to follow rules and obey laws. They are addicted to drugs or are otherwise mentally ill and need to be in a care facility and medicated. Barring natural disaster no one "ends up homeless" being homeless in America is a choice.
  7. omegaseamaster75

    How is the Economy?

    where would you pitch said tent? That is not a realistic scenario.
  8. omegaseamaster75

    How is the Economy?

    Berkeley, Oakland, the smaller cities near by all have similar problems....once you leave the Bay Area proper or go to the more affluent areas the problem is greatly reduced I circled the areas that have the biggest problem. Sure there are homeless in the other areas but not nearly what I would consider a problem.
  9. omegaseamaster75

    How is the Economy?

    There is no other side of the tracks in the SF Bay Area. People who can't afford to live here need to leave the state or move to a rural part of the state where housing is cheap. The homeless problem in SF is not in my opinion related to the housing crisis or inability to earn a fair wage. You have a city that will not enforce property crimes, and has decriminalized drug usage. You have a mild climate and a population who is tolerant of this behavior. If I wanted to be a homeless bum I'd come to SF.
  10. omegaseamaster75

    How is the Economy?

    The 500k/yr jobs are few and far between, most entry level silicon valley guys make between 120-150k with some options. None of those guys are living in the area unless they are single and can afford the expensive rent, or are living out of a van or something. Sure many people do live in Stockton, or Modesto or other outskirts but they spend 4-6 hours/day commuting to have "cheaper" housing. I put cheaper in quotation marks because anything livable in those areas will run you 5-600k.
  11. omegaseamaster75

    Doesn't sit well with me

    Lots of people have a thing for high end watches. I guess my point is that many of our leaders have been very successful in their personal lives, as such they own/spend/do things that "average" people don't or can't. Yet somehow when we see a general authority and they have a high end watch we think that they should not be subject to the trappings of vanity (he only has a breitling because he was a pilot) or have items that are excessive in nature. I know a GA who bought a golf club membership for 125k in 1995. We as a membership should not care what our leaders do with their personal funds yet somehow we do.
  12. omegaseamaster75

    Doesn't sit well with me

    When was the last time Uchdorf flew a plane? I'm willing to bet that he owns more than one Breitling. My point is that even our leaders like nice things, it may even plan to their vanity who knows, but who cares? If he wants to strap 7k to his wrist good for him.
  13. omegaseamaster75

    Help! Clearing my own bias

    I would place no stock in those stories. These are all after the fact discussions that the members share with others. As to the actual veracity of these things we don't know do we? nor would we have anyway of knowing unless we were the individual in question. They may be conflating their happiness/dissatisfaction with the calling as the influence of the spirit and thus make the statement "I knew this was coming" I agree the councilors should council. This is not a subject that would come up in ward council so I will assume you are in the bishopric (not that it matters). I would state to the bishop how I felt but also say that I have a bias in the matter. It is up to him to decide he has the keys to sort out personal bias. See my previous statement, however is you are the Bishop you have the keys and carry the mantel as the leader of the ward to decide. What you decide will be best if done in a prayerful and thoughtful manner.
  14. omegaseamaster75

    Help! Clearing my own bias

    Unless you are in a position to influence or make a decision your own bias is irrelevant. The brother who was called does not receive revelation for the ward or the stake, and while his preferences for calling may or may not be taken into account his ideas about what he is called to do are irrelevant also. Are you the Bishop? or just a councilor? If the First, pray that your personal bias will not get in the way of the Lords work, if the latter keep your mouth shut.
  15. omegaseamaster75

    History Buff's

    My intention is not for this to come off the wrong way nor to discredit or impugn your more strict observance following of the word of wisdom that is your business and you can follow as you see fit. What stands out to me it that you seem to imply that because of your personal observance of the WOW you have been the beneficiary of greater blessings as a result? As opposed to a "normal" adherent of the WoW.