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  1. Do you think the prophet has inside knowledge about the long term side effects of the vaccine? He didn't mention it.
  2. I think that President Nelson did take this to the Lord, I am sure that he contemplated, and studied the matter out in his mind. That said, why was the message worded the way that it was? Was it his opinion and counsel about what we as members should do? There was no "thus saith the Lord" moment. They "urge" face masks and "urge" vaccination. Probably no harm in following this counsel, everyone one should make their own decision.
  3. We kind of miss the point, you say the cross was not how he completed the atonement. I disagree. His death completed the atonement. Helaman 14:14-15 For behold, he surely must die that salvation may come; yea, it behooveth him and becometh expedient that he dieth, to bring to pass the resurrection of the dead, that thereby men may be brought into the presence of the Lord. Lots of people died on crosses but only one was our redeemer and savior. To many the cross represents his last and ultimate sacrifice.
  4. Sounds like that is changing, leave the Catholic religious calendar out of the discussion. It’s not relevant. Palm Sunday did happen, Good Friday or the crucifixion of Jesus did happen.
  5. Whats wrong with crosses? I know this discussion has been had before. A symbol is what you make of it. I see nothing wrong with the cross.
  6. It heartens me to hear the terms used “Good Friday”and “Palm Sunday” when was the last time you heard those used in a sacrament meeting, my limited experience has shown me that we gloss over the Holy Week in our meetings. I am excited for this to be the new normal. To celebrate these holy days as other Christ centric church’s do. We have been letting this slip, I remember once I had to go to a mass at my daughters school. It was Palm Sunday there services occurred before ours so it was no big deal, I would go to mass @ 9am then our normal services @ 1130. I’ll tell you what they had a great sermon focused on Christ’s triumphant return. They even handed out crosses made out of palm leafs. I went to our meeting and they had talks about family history and temple work. I don’t even think it was on anyone’s radar that it was Palm Sunday.
  7. So it would seem. We are likely not in possession of all of the facts related to this case. I know they really put the screws to you on the mission field, but he had to have felt some sort of pressure to make it through his bishop, stake president and MTC. I'll assume that the news story is accurate and he did not confess until he was on his mission.
  8. @mrmarket May not be aware of the clerical privilege laws in Utah. I know I am not and at first glance you might legitimately ask "what the heck". What I do know is that somehow a pedo was allowed to enter the mission field. Someone has some explaining to do.
  9. Happened in the mission where I live. I never met the kid.
  10. well said. I wonder if any of these items were ever mentioned as a cautionary tale for other members of the ward?
  11. See highlighted parts, you can cremate. In the example given cremation needed to have been a valid option. While not encouraged it should have been part of the conversations especially with a mortgage and 7 small children at home.
  12. Good ideas but they need to be his ideas, not his girlfriends or wife's ideas.
  13. I agree with the underlying issues. HE needs professional help. Has this been sought out? When I say professional help I mean that you pay money to someone to find out what is the root cause of his addictive behavior.
  14. Decide if you can live with a relapse, and all the lies and deceit that come with that. It will happen and it doesn't make him a bad person, but it will happen.