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  1. omegaseamaster75


    It is a common ingredient, in many food items: Beef Bourguigon, Penne al Vodka, Veal Marsala. Most tomato based sauces in restaurants. The list is endless so unless you live in a hobbit hole and never go out you can't avoid it.
  2. How is how she handles her personal affairs your business even if she asks for rides? There is nothing to handle. If you got a bee in your bonnet about her life decisions keep them to yourself, if you feel super self righteous about it stop giving her rides. Your giving her rides does not allow you to be a busy body.
  3. omegaseamaster75

    The future

    No, that's total nonsense. Civil war with who?
  4. None of your business You don't it's none of your business.
  5. Seems like you are not getting a straight answer here. I will give you one. No the LOC was not violated IF as you are saying nothing happened. No need for alarm and no mission will be postponed. Frankly I would never mention it to anyone and make a mental note to never put myself in that kind of position again.
  6. omegaseamaster75

    The future

    No matter who wins my life won't change in any significant manner. If I were to venture a guess Trump wins, we increase our majority in the senate and status quo in the house.
  7. omegaseamaster75

    YW Adviser displays animosity toward YW president

    So a couple of observations, 1. I would avoid group texts, our voice is not heard via text message. I know that there is a reluctance these days to pickup a phone and call people but it reduces the misunderstandings. 2. Over communicate, I have found that when you take away people excuses they stop making them. 3. There seems to be some hostility coming from her side of things. I would ask that she be released immediately before the waters are tainted any further. I wouldn't take no for an answer. You have stewardship over the YW. 4. Don't lose any sleep over it. In this life we can't please everyone it's impossible wrap your head around that idea and you'll sleep better.
  8. omegaseamaster75


    I don't think I am discouraging anyone from living how they want to or following the WOW based on their personal interpenetration of it. However inconsistencies abound.
  9. omegaseamaster75


    So I think you mentioned in a previous post that you don't cook, at all. I am going to assume that you are not particularly adventurous in what you eat. If you do venture in to other cuisines I'll take Italian and French as examples you cannot escape alcohol in the cooking process. So your options are limited. You can control what is in your own home and I think that is great and you should if you want to live by a higher standard. The problem with these WOW questions is you get two groups of people. The black and white crowd " no alcohol never ever in anything" and everyone else. In reality my temple recommend is just as valid as anyone else even after I eat my bananas foster.
  10. omegaseamaster75

    Watch trends

    in the case of @Traveler I am fairly sure that this is not the case. I believe the issue is how money is spent. There seems to be some unwritten moral code of which I am unaware that dictates how we should spend our money. I suppose flying first class is on the list...........
  11. omegaseamaster75

    Watch trends

    Define personal aggrandizement. I'm curious what is the measuring stick to which we should all abide by.
  12. omegaseamaster75


    While I agree that we should abstain from alcohol, abstention in whole is nearly impossible. I say nearly because if you never eat out, and read the ingredient label on all of your food I suppose you can avoid it. In the real world this can be difficult to avoid. Eating is not equal to Drinking. We are told that the drinking of strong drink is not good.
  13. omegaseamaster75

    Bugout Bag

    I wouldn't buy anything on Amazon or off the shelf, they are using cheap components and bundling. I would build my own, there are plenty of resources on line you can figure that out. What about them? in an emergency situation, life or death Fido gets left behind. I suppose if I think food supply may be an issue I'll bring him along and eat him first while he is still fat.
  14. omegaseamaster75


    Which line would this be? So not a food guy, I can respect that.
  15. omegaseamaster75


    Wine has a longer shelf life than you think, I'll buy a bottle of red and have it around for months after using it for a recipe. For the record anyone recommending vinegar as a replacement has no palette. Now as far as the alcohol cooking out, this is a myth, while most does cook out you will not eliminate all of it. That said if you ever eat out you have consumed alcohol in food intentionally or unintentionally it has happened.