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  1. I'm curious and haven't seen the answer in the little mormon literature that I've read. If a mormon openly disagrees with something a living prophet says is true (including but not limited to statements regarding the nature and actions of god) what are the consequences to that mormon? Also, if a living prophet makes such doctrinal statements, how much weight do they hold? Another question in regard to (I think) the last post is, how are the extra-biblical revelations necessary for salvation? Skeptictank
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    you just might hear some if my posts manage to get past the Mods. Skeptictank
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    I've been told that it would be a good idea to share some about myself before inquiring about others. I wonder why people are so "nervous" (or so it seems) about their own "beliefs". I'm a christian. I believe in (that is, I have faith in and believe in the existence of) one god. I believe that Jesus christ is fully god and by his own divine providence, sacrificed himself on a cross at calvary. The shedding of his blood atoned for my sins and I am justified thereby. By his ressurection he conquered death, that I might have life. By the faith given me by the grace of god, I am saved by Grace. This is the gospel I believe in and share in the love of Jesus Christ. I am here to share the love which is in me by grace, not because I can't meet people in person (I do that as well) but because the "net" is a usefull means by which to communicate with many people at once, and there are only so many people that you can meet in person. The Grace and Love of our lord Jesus Christ be With you all, Amen Skeptictank
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    The Gospel Of Jesus Christ

    Thank you "outshined", I appreciate the refferences. I also thank you, but in regard to both posts, I'm confounded by this- Who is the father? Skeptictank
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    For Jehova's Witnesses

    Hello everyone. I'm not a Jehovah's Witness, but that is one of the groups I've studied from afar and up close. If you're interested in some hard and fast Jehovah's Witness apologetics, i recommend "". And say hi to Dave for me while you're there. Skeptictank
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    The Gospel Of Jesus Christ

    I've been reading up on mormonism, and I was curious; what according to the mormon church, is the gospel of Jesus Christ? Skeptictank
  7. Basically the title says it all. I'm a christian and am extremely cautious regarding organizational religion. I disagree with a lot of mormon doctrine (but I still love[agape] you guys) and I wondered (since you clearly think you are christian) what you mean when you say that you are christian. In Christ's Love Always, Skeptictank