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  1. Is it just me or is the word “tolerance” not used as much these days? The word “inclusion” seems to be thrown around more often. Tolerance, as I understand it, means that we disagree with each other and have different sets of values but we all strive to get along and live with each other nonetheless. Inclusion seems to mean that we change our beliefs in order to accommodate others. When it comes to LGBT issues, it seems the church is no longer being asked to be tolerant. It would appear we are being asked to change in order be more inclusive.
  2. I just want to make it clear that literally nobody is making the argument that men and boys don’t have responsibility over their own thoughts and actions. That is a straw man claim that always gets brought up in this discussion.
  3. I really like Mason even though I probably disagree with him politically. His book Planted was very helpful to me. I am also a huge fan of Terryl and Fiona. I wouldn’t call them second prophets but they have been immensely influential to me.
  4. I really just wanted to express how pleasantly surprised I am with President Nelson. It’s just been fascinating watching him do all the things he’s been doing at his age. The poll was more of a rhetorical question I guess.
  5. Good point. He was an apostle of Christ. But all apostles and prophets are people with different styles and personalities. Just look at the current 15. They’re all unique. They preach the same gospel but do so in different ways. Just like we have four different writers of the Gospels. Individual church members often gravitate toward some General Authorities more than others. I have my favorites. You probably have yours.
  6. The church doesn’t hate anybody. But you’ll still find individual church members that are jerks. That shouldn’t be a surprise.
  7. I used to buy into the narrative that the church is behind on everything. But now that I look at how crazy our society is becoming, I have to admit that I stand corrected.
  8. No specific examples that I can remember. He basically said that McConkie had a more authoritarian style of teaching. So, in a way, he held on the reins too tight.
  9. I’d say Elder Uchtdorf is the most notable comparison.
  10. I don’t believe I am familiar with this priesthood ban of which you speak.
  11. I might give Brigham Young a lower grade for that blasted priesthood ban.
  12. It should be “Them.” Our Heavenly Parents.
  13. I hope I’m not being too blasphemous by posting this poll. I apologize if I am. I give him an A. I just want to say how impressed I have been with President Nelson so far. To be honest he was never one of my favorite apostles. I never paid much attention to his talks. But ever since the mantle of President of the Church fell upon him, he’s transformed before my eyes. Here’s some things about his presidency I’ve loved: Two-hour church Home-centered church (providentially not long before COVID). Emphasis on seeking out our own personal revelation. Undoing the controversial policy concerning children of same-sex couples. His social media statement responding to the George Floyd killing and subsequent riots. I liked how he condemned both racism as well as the rioting. His call for a world-wide fast for relief from the pandemic. His social media message on gratitude and his prayer for all of us. Setting an example by wearing a mask during conference. Getting the COVID vaccine and promoting it as a medical miracle. I believe the quick production of the vaccine was part of the answer to the world-wide fast. His talk on letting God prevail was great. There’s more I could probably think of but that should suffice for now.
  14. It’s all about attitude. If you heart is in it and you find joy in it, then it’s easy.
  15. I recently listened to a Faith Matters podcast with Patrick Mason as the interviewee. He talked about Bruce R. McConkie’s rigid black-and-white style of teaching the gospel. He said that the McConkie way of doing things served a purpose for a time but that it has since backfired. (These are my words as I’m recollecting the conversation so I might be butchering it.) Don’t get me wrong. I like Elder McConkie. I spent a lot of time reading Mormon Doctrine as a kid. He was a very influential guy. Possibly the last theologian General Authority. But I get the sense that the church is in a transition phase right now. We are slowly moving away from the more rigid rhetoric of McConkie, Joseph Fielding Smith, Packer, etc. And I feel that’s a good thing. Am I right in my assessment? If so, is it good?
  16. It doesn't work. The people clamoring to defund or abolish the police are out of their freaking minds.
  17. We can't find perfection. We are all carnal, sensual, and devilish creatures. People suck. The only person that didn't suck was Christ. The only way we can find perfection is to be perfect in Him. This does not mean that we can't increase in virtue by making good choices.
  18. I've noticed that Americans are deeply divided these days when comes to both cultural and political issues. I've also noticed that this division cuts through the Latter-day Saint population as well. I mentioned on another thread that anti-tribalism is a prominent message of the Book of Mormon. Christ taught that contention is of the devil. The ideal society formed following Christ's coming had no manner of ites. How is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints doing right now at living up to these ideals? As far as I can tell, most active church members on both sides of the spectrum are getting on along with each other during church functions. I hope this is the case across the board. Is the current war of ideas negatively affecting our church or are we still doing ok?
  19. There’s definitely some language in the BOM that sounds white supremacist. But the BOM as a whole has a very inclusive anti-tribal and anti-racist message. You got to step back and look at the big picture.
  20. Oh thanks. I missed that part.
  21. Sounds a lot like another leader in our day. 😉