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  1. There are some good replies to this thread. Just to be quick. I think the goal setting idea is a great way of trying to teach the youth to be self motivated. This allows them to act, expands agency, and focuses them on change. (Faith, Repentance....)
  2. Because I didn't notice at first! Oh wait....
  3. As you can see....the variety of politics shows up 🤗
  4. It is nice to have inter faith discussions without it becoming heated! Often one side will feel ganged up on and the other will feel attacked.
  5. Ponder on what has been explained to you and you have experienced in the endowment. Pray ask God, look for the principles in the scriptures that can give guidance into this issue. The bishop of your local ward has also been set apart to guide the flock, you can always seek his guidance. The short answer most will tell you is "no". Just going with that answer though robs someone of seeking out personal revelation on the issue. Also the way the question has been asked makes it seem like a troll or someone who has not been through the endowment is asking.
  6. Modesty is a form of Courtesy. All civilizations adopt social rules of courtesy, ethics, morals etc... Some of which may be different from one another (Such as cultures where partial nudity is not sexualized). This forms a baseline of expectations for people to interact with each other. It's purpose is simple, to create an environment where they and others can get along, and feel safe with each other (arguably the first safe space...). Courtesy communicates non-aggression or aggression and other such information (You bet you can make a long list!). Regardless of agreement or disagreement with what others view is appropriate courtesy, if you wish to coexist and communicate with others effectively it is important to understand what others think when it comes to courtesy. In this context Modesty has more to do with getting along with others. Suggesting modesty doesn't always mean that you are objectifying another person, or victim shaming them.
  7. I would expand on that by saying the authority is through covenant with G-d. It's his authority, for the salvation of his children.
  8. It pays clearly in the form of paid semi-professional (at least trained) staffing, organized program and facilities. Both volunteer run camps and paid exist in Boy Scouts, and the pricing difference between the two is often noticeable (Depending on council to council). Young Women camps get by largely with donations and volunteers, both local and through Church funds (costs of maintaining land, equipment, food, insurance, staff). I have a hunch that if you started adding those numbers together you would start to find total costs begin to equalize. Though I am completely supportive of doing volunteer based camps. (Special spirit when people simply seek to do good for others) I don't think there is anything wrong with having a program that requires work to achieve, and I have respect for the Girl Scouts Gold, as well as Eagle, as well as Personal Progress as well as Duty to God. You are right, the church did not provide a secular award opportunity for the young women. You are speaking to someone with a brother who achieved the rank of Eagle that is diagnosed with autism.
  9. I readily admit that I do not know everything. The longer i'm around the more I know that I don't know. If you really want to get down to it, all approximations are untruths because there are exceptions and approximations don't accurately represent an absolute truth. That being said, clearly a majority of accredited boy scout summer camps had a majority of boys attend and a quite small amount of girls participating in non-staff positions over the course of the existence of Boy Scouting. (Generally Staffs, and Adults are considered to be more likely responsible individuals in most aspects of society)
  10. I am not against adaptation when needed and prompted by the spirit. Much as it stated in various policy guides. I am against ignoring the guidance of the brethren.
  11. My comment was specifically towards Scouting and the Church. I reaffirm that using Scouting to help boys to receive the Gospel by inviting them to act in gospel principles can happen. When leaders put forth the effort to allow it to happen. One of the common complaints sometimes heard is that the boys program is just not as spiritual as the girls program.... Hogwash...
  12. I agree with everything except this one little thing. I think they often times coexist. Science is not truth, is not faith....but a very good tool for getting closer to it.
  13. I've had family do this very thing, just with the driver not listening to the other GPS....
  14. I've seen family members do this very thing.
  15. You beat me to it! I just found the info graphic. I'm convinced, the change to allowing girls wasn't the final was in the works far before that.
  16. User Error. The bane of tech support. 😅
  17. For what it's worth there are those like one of my brothers who when he was in young mens would simply not attend when the activity didn't involve scouting. (Which is what happened a majority of the time) There is importance in drawing a balance to develop young men rather than having another seminary program (Which is a wonderful program).
  18. Like any decision or change there are going to be multiple factors that play into it. If I had to narrow it down to largest cause, my guess would actually be that the program wasn't run the way it was intended at the ward level for the young men. Non-standardized program world wide. Next would be lack of interest in camping. (Even though scouting has non-camping options...) . Lack of interest being designated a scout by boys. Changing values in the BSA organization (With the final act bringing it over the threshold introducing girls). The desire to move away from the people who espouse 'I find God in the mountains, and religion is bad' . Cub Scouting has been pretty solid in my experience. Separate patrols would work in a troop, but not so much in overnight troop activities, or summer camp. You make a solid case for cub scouting.
  19. I was a little confused by the post as well for what it's worth
  20. The Handbook for scouting units in the church prior to the new update recommended all priest age young men participate in the Venturing Scouting program. All Teacher age young men were recommended to participate in the Varsity Scouting program (Sports division). All Deacon age young men were recommended to participate in the Troop. Most wards never ran the programs. From my discussions with others this dysfunction was prevalent from coast to coast.
  21. My understanding of the Boy Scout program is that it easily involves the gospel, and according to their bylaws requires religious participation. The scouting program teaching general principles and encourages each chartering organization to provide the religious support. The program method is more expansive than just camping. It's bad implementation that causes it to not be gospel related.
  22. My thought process was along the lines of how both genders potentially having close proximity to each other during activities much like camping and not wanting to participate in the potential risks that follow. In my area at least for one week they are trying to fill a single boy scout camp with lds boy only troops. (quite a big area btw multi stake....) I'm open to being incorrect, girls have been allowed in venturing for quite some time.
  23. I hope they have a well developed youth program in place, there are quite a few things that it'll need to replace! I look forward to seeing it though.
  24. There is only one God to us. That is our father in heaven. Someone put it in prettier words than myself, but I paraphrased something. Our father will always be that to us. Intelligence can be neither created or made. Thus Eternal. If God, [and us technically] have always been around we don't need to worry about the chicken and egg idea, because it simply becomes one of progression. Less like chickens and more like rock becomes sand, sand becomes sand stone, sand stone transforms into various metamorphic rocks.... etc... (Not that this comparison per say is doctrinal)