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    askandanswer got a reaction from Anddenex in Mosiah 27:13   
    My scripture reading this morning took me to this phrase here from Mosiah 27:13
    This is my church, and I will establish it; and nothing shall boverthrow it, save it is the transgression of my people.
    To me, this statement seems to be saying that the church can be overthrown by the transgression of the people. How much weight does this statement from an angel add to the conclusion that the works of man - in this case their wickedness and transgressions - can indeed stop or end or thwart the work of God - in this case the establishmen and ongoing operation of His church? If it is the case that the wickedness of man can hinder the work of God, there may be some difficulties in reconciling that idea with Joseph Smith's teaching that "no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing."
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    askandanswer reacted to NeuroTypical in Genesis   
    I've made it far in life not entrenching myself into any particular opinion on such things.  I'm trying to make it to heaven, and if I get there and hear "we'll only let you in if you believe in literal six 24-hr day creative periods and worldwide flood with literal ark holding 2 of every species", I want to say "ok, sure". 
    Or, if I get there and hear "entrance is only for folks bright enough to understand the realities of stellar formation and evolution across millennia, with an inspired book of scripture containing an awful lot of stuff that didn't actually happen, allegories and cultural stories passed down orally, and whatnot", I want to say "ok, sure".
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    askandanswer reacted to LDSGator in Genesis   
    Personally I believe that things described in the BOM and the bible actually happened, I just don't know the details.
    I always look at the big picture. Would I lay my life down for a literal, six day creation? No. Would I lay my life down for Christ? Yup. 
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    askandanswer reacted to Jane_Doe in Genesis   
    When non-members ask me "how can you believe in the Book of Mormon when we lack literal evidence of it being true from scientists?"
    My response is to laugh and say "If I was a person whom required scripture to be super-literal-true-with-21st-century-scientific-take-on-things, then I would throw all Abrahamic faiths out the airlock based on Genesis alone.  There is so much of it that is blatantly shown to be false by modern science -- *if* your judgement of Truth is based on 21st century scientific interpretation.  For example: the world was not created in exactly 8,640 minutes (6 days).  Frankly, the people of ancient Israel were not counting minutes with this story-- counting minutes isn't the point!   Rather, the creation story is about God creating the Earth conveyed symbolically & His power.    I 100% believe the Creation story it is true, but in that symbolic interpretation that ancient people wrote/told it in, not 21st century minute-counting." 
    And I could go on with other examples.  I don't believe people literally lived to 900+ years old.  Literally an entire global flood.  Etc.
    Other parts of scripture I very strongly believe are literally true- such as Christ literally raising from the dead.
      Others I don't know the blend literal versus symbolism, such as the Garden of Eden.  Frankly, I don't really find that exact blend to matter on Eden or most other parts of scripture.  
    Aside: speaking as somebody whom spent many years studying evolution and all-- science tells us how things occur.  Faith tells us why.  My job studying evolution and the natural workings of the world was me getting paid to be amazed at His craftsmanship.  Understanding just the tiniest fraction of it and marveling.  
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    askandanswer reacted to Just_A_Guy in Mosiah 27:13   
    I think (and I have nothing to back this up) that Alma the Younger was probably very like Paul, which would suggest that rather than being a libertine who hated all religion he was in fact a zealous, sensitive, and fiercely devoted believer in God who sincerely believed that the “Christians” had gotten it wrong and were putting their very souls in peril by embracing heretical concepts of the Messiah.
    As I read it the thrust of this vision, like Paul’s, isn’t so much “shape up or go to hell, it’s all the same to Me”.  I read it more as “look, that God you’ve loved and tried to serve all along?  Those people you’re attacking are His peeps; and you can get on board or not, but if you’re really looking for Him, that community you’re fighting is actually where you’ll find Him.” 
    In that context, I don’t know that the angel is really trying to make any eternally-binding pronouncements about the nature/fallibility of the church, in either its Nephite or latter-day incarnations.
    This is also one of those sections where it’s worth remembering that the original BoM manuscript was unpunctuated.  Most of our punctuation was inserted by John Gilbert, an assistant at the Grandin printing shop, and he never joined the Church.  He generally did a good job, but technically one could still argue that the punctuation of the Book of Mormon is only semi-canonical.  In most cases that’s a sheerly pedantic point; but the angel’s words to Alma are one of those sections where you can create some intriguing variant readings by re-punctuating the sentences.
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    askandanswer reacted to scottyg in Mosiah 27:13   
    Context is key. That scripture was specific to those people at that time. It does not apply to us...because it was not about us. We are now in the last dispensation, and the work will continue to move forward until the end. Yes, our wickedness could at times slow progress, but it will not stop the church this time.
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    askandanswer reacted to MrShorty in LDS Friend Pressuring Me   
    I see two different things to deal with -- your husband's smoking/lying (your relationship with your husband) and then the relationship with your friend(s).
    In the marriage help circles I frequent, this lying part of the vise (porn, alcohol, smoking are the common vises) is often cited as the real problem. The usual advice that I see is to avoid developing a parent/child relationship over the vise and approach it as equal partners. That's difficult when one won't even admit to the vise, but it allows you to focus on what you will do to approach the issue. How much "honesty" do you need (a confession every time he smokes so you can keep score? financial honesty so you know how much is spent?)? Are you making it "easy" for him to confess or hard? The basic idea here is that you can't force him not to smoke and you can't force him to be honest. But you can tell him how you feel when he smokes and how you feel that he doesn't want to confide in you. You can confirm to him that you don't think his smoking makes him a bad person (sometimes we have a problem with this in the Church where we -- often subconsciously -- turn the vise into a statement of character) and even reinforce the good that you see in him. Then hope that your honesty breeds some honesty from him. A good counselor can help with this process. If you want a starting place, I think my favorite "coach" who puts herself out there publicly for this sort of thing is Jennifer Finlaysen-Fife. As a sex therapist, she often frames her view of "intimate" marriages (and honesty, in her view is critical to building an intimate marriage) in terms of sexual differences or porn, but the principles usually translate well to WOW issues like this. If I've remembered correctly, you might find Marriage On a Tightrope podcast episode 83 where she did a Q&A episode for Allan and Kattie. Context -- MOAT is a podcast focused on mixed faith marriages (where one spouse has left the Church), and, naturally, WOW can become an issue in these situations. If memory serves, one of the questions in this Q&A was specifically about navigating alcohol use in this situation, and I think you will find her thoughts and suggestions helpful for your own wrestle with your husbands tobacco use.
    The other side is the friend issue. I am a strong believer in loyalty between spouses, so, IMO, if your husband has asked that you don't reveal anything, that should be your first goal -- be loyal to him. That becomes particularly problematic when you feel you need to talk to someone (for your own benefit, not to satisfy their curiosity) about your side of the issue, because it won't always separate cleanly from his side of the issue. My only thought is to err on the side of loyalty, which might mean making excuses or even, "you'll have to talk to him" responses. In the spirit of honesty and intimacy, there could be value in telling your husband what you want to say to friends and ask what he would want you to say.
    You're in a tough place. I wish you the best and pray that God will guide you through the nuances of your personal journey.
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    askandanswer got a reaction from caspianrex in Is Third Hour defunct?   
    Not quite defunct, but I believe, defunded. One can easily lead to the other in both directions. 
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    askandanswer got a reaction from NeuroTypical in Russia-Ukraine conflict   
    Just a question about political philosophy in general - is it a good thing or a bad thing when the operation of a system seems to be so reliant on one person? No doubt there are both good and bad aspects of having a system that depends so much on one person, but does the good outweigh the bad or does the bad outweigh the good? Of course I acknowledge that the system is not totally dependant on just one person, but I think its obvious that they system is at least heavily dependant on just one person. So is that a good or a bad thing?
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    askandanswer reacted to Grunt in Emmett Till anti-lynching law.   
    Lynching is generally associated by hanging because that was the typical action.   It more aptly refers to mob justice, but in recent years has been used to refer to any unjust action by a group, particularly towards a protected class.  They pretend the word is derived only from racist roots.   
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    askandanswer got a reaction from Anddenex in The most annotated verses   
    In a sacrament meeting with Elder Nattress from our Area Presidency last week, he said that the church keeps track of which scriptures from the church’s website have the most annotations. In case you are wondering, the top five, from least to most are:
    Moroni 10:3
    Moroni 10:4
    Ether 12:27
    1st Nephi 3:7
    I can’t actually remember the most annotated scripture, but I think it might have been somewhere in Helaman and I think it was something about being able to do all things through Christ.
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    askandanswer got a reaction from caspianrex in The most annotated verses   
    I've been doing some reading in Helaman and found the most annotated verse in the Book of Mormon, according to Elder Nattress, who got his information from whichever part of church administration that keeps track of these things:
    Helaman 5:12
    12 And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the arock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your bfoundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty cstorm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall.
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    askandanswer reacted to mirkwood in Russia-Ukraine conflict   
    Oh really?  We need to have a little chat...
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    askandanswer reacted to MarginOfError in Russia-Ukraine conflict   
    We won't be hearing from JAG "unrelated" news, I have JAG's Chicken Kyiv
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    askandanswer reacted to MarginOfError in The 4th commandment   
    Capitalism called. They would like to hire you as a lobbyist.
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    askandanswer got a reaction from Anddenex in The most annotated verses   
    In a sacrament meeting with Elder Nattress from our Area Presidency last week, he said that the church keeps track of which scriptures from the church’s website have the most annotations. In case you are wondering, the top five, from least to most are:
    Moroni 10:3
    Moroni 10:4
    Ether 12:27
    1st Nephi 3:7
    I can’t actually remember the most annotated scripture, but I think it might have been somewhere in Helaman and I think it was something about being able to do all things through Christ.
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    askandanswer reacted to LDSGator in Forum Featured Topics   
    You’ll never find a forum (or a community) where you agree with everyone and everything 100% of the time. We should be grateful that the More Good foundation keeps this one going. I know I’ve been incredibly blessed by the people I’ve met here. 
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    askandanswer reacted to NeuroTypical in Women’s Ivy League Swimming?   
    I appreciate guidance in the church's handbook:

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    askandanswer reacted to CV75 in The 4th commandment   
    I would count recreation as work and labor since it is working to maintain our bodies, minds, family relationships (wholesome recreational activities), etc. The labor of a 2-week vacation is to recreate.
    From One of President Young’s daughters recalled that he had taught: “Life is best enjoyed when time periods are evenly divided between labour, sleep and recreation. All men, women and children should labour; all must sleep; and if mental and physical balance is to be maintained, all people should spend one-third of their time in recreation which is rebuilding, voluntary activity—never idleness. ‘Eight hours work, eight hours sleep, and eight hours recreation’ was Brigham Young’s motto.” 
    From @NeuroTypical's reference, "some Jewish leaders made many unnecessary rules about the Sabbath." I suppose the same can be said of how we treat the other six days mentioned in this commandment!
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    askandanswer reacted to Traveler in The 4th commandment   
    It is my personal belief that we can work and labor on the Sabbath but with a different purpose and covenant.  That the Sabbath is a rest for doing such things as a specific covenant with G-d - first because he asks us to devote that day to Him.  There are many (some on this very forum) that I have heard that devoting part of their Sabbath to worship with other Saints is not comfortable for them.  It is my understanding that part of the reason for this discomfort is because they are intending to satisfy something for themselves rather than G-d.
    When the spirit led me to this understanding (while serving in a bishopric) I began to prepare our Sabbath dinner.  I did this as a service to G-d and my wife that prepared all our other meals.  With all my Sunday obligations because of my calling - such was most difficult and required much planning and extra effort.  It is interesting because it became a joy and a favorite, not just for me but for the entire family - especially my wife.  I have shoveled snow, done emergency reparses (mostly for others) made visits (sometimes to hospitals) and on accessions done more hard labor on the Sabbath than any other day.  The difference is that I have dedicated all my efforts to G-d and as service to my fellow man according to my covenant with G-d.
    The Traveler
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    askandanswer got a reaction from Traveler in The 4th commandment   
    Hebrews 4 relates to the 7th day.
    4 For he spake in a certain place of the aseventh day on this wise, And God did rest the seventh day from all his works.
    I'm asking about the 6th. 
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    askandanswer reacted to Grunt in Having a rough time at church   
    This falls in the center of where this discussion has gone for me.   In my new calling in recent weeks, I've really seen this play out several times.   
    When I hear talk of something being done "outside their domain", it gives me pause.   This is more true when the advice is given by people who don't even know the individuals involved or what their domain is.   

    Speaking broadly, I believe leaders truly care about those under their stewardship.   I think they really try to listen to the spirit and act on it.  Differentiating between prompts of the Holy Spirt aren't always easy to distinguish from our own will, at least for me.   Even the prompting is heavenly sent and received correctly, we are also people.   I've watched people with the purest of hearts and good will towards those they preside over deliver guidance, instruction, and blessings in the most awkward way.   I've seen that love completely misunderstood, and hearts hardened because of it.   I can't imagine what those of you who have been in the church longer have seen.
    I encourage people to receive messages with the intent that they were sent, not the botched delivery.   
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    askandanswer reacted to MarginOfError in Having a rough time at church   
    That's just evil. 
    I love it.
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    askandanswer reacted to MarginOfError in Having a rough time at church   
    This irks me.  A lot. I beg you to say no.  
    Practice this sentence: "This weekly goal thing isn't working for me and I don't want to participate." And then say it ad nauseum anytime they ask you to join a goal. Say it until they stop asking. 
    Take a break and decide how it is that you want to pursue your self betterment.  
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    askandanswer reacted to Backroads in Having a rough time at church   
    It honestly sets off my prosperity gospel alarm.