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    Cooking,I do a Radio/Video Show on the Weekends.Come visit please and say Hi.http://vaughnlive.tv/mikeyblueeyesfl
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    Believer in Jesus and Lover of all things Lds

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  1. Hi Welcome. There are alot of nice people here. I just finished Reading the Book of Mormon through the first time,and Its Message is through and through about Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ..Its a Part of my every day life now,as much as my Bible is..Would encourage you-to read it,best way to know,and keep your Bible beside it.You will have questions as I do,and dont have all of the Answers.But do Love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Also would encourage you to watch Byu Tv. www.byutv.org Every Morning there are great Devotionals and Morning Messages which will encourage you.And Thank you and your Husband for serving our Nation..God Bless You:) Sincerely Michael
  2. Good Morning. And Pray and Read and ask for God's Presence to Guide you in everything you believe.Download the App,it is great if you have an I pad.Its the Gospel App.I would advise reading Pearl of Great Price and the Statements of Faith there,I think if you listen to people who are getting what they know from people who havent read as I Was then we are mis informed.I am not Lds,but am reading daily and learning more.Read what the Presidents taught,you may not agree with everything,but where do you go that you do.Ask questions its ok:)
  3. He didnt even though much in Scripture is spoken of because of his Failure with Bathsheeba.David was forgiven and was instrumental in allowed to be the Voice for the Psalms and the Descendant of the Messiah and was Loved by God.David never lost his Salvation and was Beloved by God.
  4. Hi Everyone For a long time years back,I was very against the Lds Church,sadly without much knowledge to base those Convictions. I love The Lord Jesus he is the. Messiah,King Of Kings and Lord of. Lords and the one who Gave his Life for me. I also am developing a Love for the Lds Church. Who could not when you spend time watching the a Conferences,the teaching and programming on Byu Tv or listening to the Mormon Channel.Reading the Book of Mormon,every thing points to people loving Jesus Christ.So. I'm thankful for this Forum to be able to make new friends.
  5. Hi Everyone: I'm Michael first time here,looking to make some. New friends have some discussions. Have really fallen in. Love with the Lds Church,from watching the Conferences and Byu Tv and have found there is so much Misinformation about what the Church Believes,most of it- just from never reading the Material itself or reading what people believe,not sure I agree with everything,but attending Churches over the years,same goes anywhere.