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  1. Hello Sunday21, Thank you. May I ask, do you run during winter? X
  2. Hello estradling75, Thanks! May I ask if you've ever tried thermax, or have you always thermals over? X
  3. Hello estradling75, Thank you for the perspective! What worries me is that I've never been exposed to winter, so I don't know how the whole clothing thing works, and I saw that G's option while looking around the online store and It said those are designed for cold weather situations. Hence, my question. As a tropical weather woman I'm like Jon Snow in this area: I know nothing, so I'm asking for advice from those of you living in winter season areas and endowed. X
  4. Hello Eowyn, Thank you! Well, climate conditions can be really harsh where I'm going, and I only own regular cotton G's, perfect for hot, humid weather. This would be my 1st time facing temperatures under 20 C degrees, so I'm really nervous about it. I know that I have that option of online orders, what keeps me sceptical is the sizing, for that I prefer to buy my 1st set of whatever Church clothing in person =) Once I find my size I'll order online for sure! X
  5. Hello y'all, I'm moving to Spain, all the way up to the north, and I don't have any G's specially designed to be used is cold weather, however, I'm not sure if I'll make it throughout the winter season with my regular G's, or if I should I invest and buy the Thermax G's. Has any of you moved from a hot warm weather to a four seasons country? Are Thermax G's a "must have"? If needed, how many pairs would be appropriate? Keep in mind that I'd have to travel 5 hours to get to the nearest Distribution Center. Thanks.
  6. Is it in avoiding excess? Saying plain "No"? When it was revealed wasn't a commandment, was a suggestion, later made a law by other Prophet. I think it is interesting to discuss this, for example, my mom (no LDS) never drinks, but she allows a glass of wine maybe three times a year, she isn't an alcoholic, which is what most members believe when it comes to alcohol. Cigarettes and drugs are ABSOLUTE NO'S, but tea and coffee are being debated today.
  7. That's awesome, but I need some... practical advice... U.S sizes don't apply here and the people at the D.C has zero clue on sizes. I tried on Saturday and a sister told me "It's a matter of luck".... Question: should I go for size 22 instead of 24, given the fact that 24 is now like a double me?
  8. I did. Problem remains... I bought my regular size, too big. =( Have any of you experienced this recently? And sizes vary from U.S and Latin America...
  9. Hello, I'm a short girl (5"24 or 1.60 meters) and my old 100% cotton garments are worn out after 4 years of use ( I bought them on the day I took my endowments and never replaced them) but now, due to use and other issues with 100% I need to buy all my g's again. Here's the thing: I bought a pair of drysilke (sp) with in regular size (24) and they are HUGE. I don't know what's wrong, my body is the same and to be fair, I don't want to spend a lot in wrong fitted g's. PLEASE HELP. Did the sizing when odd? Should I use size 22 now? My D.C is helpless and I'm a convert so my mom can't do much... PS: I'm from Latin America.
  10. Hello, Yes, I saw that while talking to my friend. We clashed discussing priesthood and the Godhead. Wouldn't you mind sharing with me the tools you use? So far I've been using the app for iphone and manuals. Thanks =)
  11. Hello, I have many friends from other Christian churches saying that to court is better than to date. In our LDS culture, what's the difference?
  12. Hello, I've become friend with some Baptist people and I really enjoy some of their tools for studying the Bible and they have really good material regarding Christian live. Have you ever tried to seek interfaith knowledge? Thanks.
  13. Hello, I'm Lapalabrasinfin. LDS woman, 28 years old, miraculously single and living in South America. I have a bachelors degree in History and I'm a convert. Hi to you all!!!