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  1. Actually, I believe that I saw good in the church and its members BECAUSE of the holy spirit's guidance. I understand that you guys may not have meant any harm in your questioning, but you might want to be a bit more careful while questioning the validity of someone's faith and choices. It might rub someone the wrong way if not worded carefully.
  2. No, the fact that I am a paid musician does not make me inherently better than any other musician. It's my 1337 sk1lls. Just kidding... Paid clergy of other denominations are often very informed, many with Ph.D's in theology. Catholic priests study for many years before they are ordained. Does this make them better than the average bishop? Perhaps many of them are more educated and scholarly. I suppose that doesn't necessarily make them more effective to the majority, though. And no, it does not make them inherently "better", but I believe their devotion and knowledge should be respected and they should not be looked down upon for being paid. I also believe it is very commendable that bishops donate so much of their time for free, but I don't think this makes their service superior. Each system has its good points.
  3. I guess the point of my original post wasn't clear. I guess it didn't really even have much of a point. I was mostly just impulsively venting a frustration. I don't expect the church to pay its musicians and have never said that they should. I do believe this usually sacrifices quality but I don't think this really matters to most people. I am mostly just torn about what to do regarding my calling. It's unfortunate no one else in my ward can play the organ.
  4. Yes, I understand it is not treated as a profession in the church. And yes, there are people who are paid who are not very good and some that are unpaid that are amazing. In general, the quality is higher if the musician is paid, though. Where did you get that I want people to bow down to my superior talent? I never said anything of the sort...
  5. I would love to, but I'd prefer my identity to be concealed. I do have a number of recordings online, though.
  6. A good musician plays with technical proficiency and "heart". I haven't really said that the church should pay me. Obviously, the church has the right to do what it wants to do. Reread my original post. I do believe it is is a good thing that some denominations pay. Organists need to survive too! When taken to a high level, it's not just a hobby. It's a full time job.
  7. I never said I am the only one. In general, the quality is lower than that of a professional musician. Of course there are exception. It is a profession. It is my profession. Other denominations pay their organists.
  8. Music is my profession just like plumbing or practicing law might be someone else's profession. The church has its right to do what it wants, of course. I think I just have a different perspective as someone who is employed by churches to provide professional quality music.
  9. Would you expect a member of the church who happened to be a plumber to fix the church plumbing for free?
  10. I understand that God is not going to punish or look down upon someone who is not skilled. Unfortunately, the result and effect on the congregation is often undesirable if the musician is not skilled. I have heard many people complain about the music in church. I have also has members approach me in tears expressing how moved they were by my playing. I am not saying this to brag. I am saying that there is a benefit to having a professional musician in church. The unskilled musician is likely to be far less moving than the skilled one.
  11. Well, I mean that we have a difference in what our idea of quality music is. It is very nice of you to devote your time and skill to the church. I guess the different is, for a professional organist, churches are a main source of income, whereas there are tons of places one can work as a sysadmin. I wish I was passionate about something in the STEM fields.
  12. In many cases, playing for church services is a large portion of a professional organist's income. It takes years and years of hard work to be able to play the instrument well. Other denominations paying for its musicians is a good thing. I have to make money somehow, and ideally, I earn it by making use of my art that I have worked so hard for.
  13. I agree that it does give a place for a person to develop his or her talents. That is a great thing. Both systems have their good points.
  14. Are you really in a place to judge me and tell me what I should do? This is harpsichord, btw. I had an issue with my other account. I see how I might come off as arrogant. I believe it is just a different approach. Of course, I am going to have a different approach having studied music to a high level.
  15. Do you mean procreation within temple marriage or does this include crack babies?