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  1. yoyoteacher

    Quick Temple Question

    My husband made this same point in the car while in the middle of our drive back to Missouri.
  2. yoyoteacher

    Quick Temple Question

    With a large chunk of temples being tiny ones like Bismarck, that don't even have a chapel, I'm curious as to where they would move things. Not saying it wouldn't happen but when you are already maximizing space, it seems like a lot of effort to go to. Honestly, I think women performing the initiatory is my biggest 'duh' moment to the ordain women movement. We are promised to become priestesses unto our husbands if we are faithful....the initiatory is evidence of that in my opinion.
  3. yoyoteacher

    Quick Temple Question

    I think the initiatory is my favorite ordinance right now, because it shows the possibilities promised to us in the eternities. With the area for the ordinance being in the middle of the locker room, I really can't see the process being changed.
  4. yoyoteacher

    Quick Temple Question

    Thank you, Jane Doe. @Carborendum I was referring to the shield but didn't know how much I was allowed to divulge. Temple things, you know. Any time I've gone it's been the shield so I just didn't know when the change had been made.
  5. My husband and I are visiting my in laws in Bismarck and went to the temple on Saturday. While there we saw a posted sign that said under guidance from the first presidency, white clothing is to be worn during initiatory work. I haven't done this ordinance since November but was curious if this was an around the world decision or one that happened in Bismarck because it is such a small temple and likely doesn't provide rental and have a large need for laundry as a result. Thanks everyone!
  6. yoyoteacher

    FHE for newlyweds

    We are about 2-3 hours from a few temples, depending which way you go. We live in the St. Louis temple district, but as it was closed for cleaning we decided to go to Kansas City. It was very special, and a very happy occasion.
  7. yoyoteacher

    FHE for newlyweds

    Sorry, posting from mobile and it wasn't showing up as posted!
  8. yoyoteacher

    FHE for newlyweds

    I am hoping to find some ideas for FHE that can be used with my husband. We are both converts and have limited experiences with FHE ourselves, but it is a habit I want to get into with him so we keep going once we begin to have children. Monday went okay, we were sealed on Saturday so we read the family proclamation together and discussed the messages there, but I think having some ideas to help us as we start would be so good. Any advice or resources?
  9. yoyoteacher

    Calling Concerns: Please Advise

    The person in question is our friend, who is the activities chair and serves on branch counsel as a result. 20 years old, not in the BP. Sorry for not being clear.
  10. yoyoteacher

    Calling Concerns: Please Advise

    My roommate came to me for some advice the other day, and I asked if she would mind me coming here, because I'm at a loss. One of our friends was just called as the activities chair for our ysa branch. This friend shared with my roommate that he put her name forth for a calling to his committee. While she has no problem with this, even though it would be her 2nd or 3rd calling, and she totally supports the calling our friend holds, she has a lot of concerns. First, she questions if he called her out of convenience or if it was inspired. Second, she knows that he has been consuming illegal recreational drugs. He has told her many times, even to the point of using coming to our place as an excuse to partake while traveling. He's also done so at my apartment, which is a whole other issue regarding my job that I won't go in to. She doesn't want to make him feel like she is ratting him out, but at the same time she feels like she needs to tell our branch president about this. She will always do what she can to support the calling, but she doesn't support him in it or his actions. If you were in this situation, what would you do?
  11. yoyoteacher

    Ring Ceremonies

    I get that. It's just a hard thing to do, when I know that my parents are helping with a lot of it financially. There is just some adjustment that comes with it. I'm just trying to find a balance is all.
  12. yoyoteacher

    Ring Ceremonies

    We've talked to our branch president, but he has nixed my father walking me in, as it resembles a civil ceremony. I'm still pretty upset about that, as it's something I've imagined since I was little. That's why I am struggling to know what to do, because he's shot down everything so far.
  13. yoyoteacher

    Best Christmas Gift You Got This Year

    I got an awesome comforter for my new bed. It's super cozy, totally loving it. My fiance also got me a nice jewelry set to match the stone in my engagement ring. It was super sweet and thoughtful of him. :-)
  14. yoyoteacher

    Ring Ceremonies

    So I am about two months away from getting married, and I am struggling with figuring out what a ring ceremony should include/look like. I am the only member in my family, and my fiance is the only in his. We are being sealed, but I really want to have a ceremony for my family and his family. The one blessing out of this is how supportive my mom has been. Our current plan is to start our reception with the ceremony and then go into dinner and dancing. What have you seen typically done in a ring ceremony? Thanks in advance.
  15. I figured for a long time that they just didn't show the old one anymore. I went a lot over the summer while on break and saw all three new ones multiple times. I didn't see the old one for the first time until I went in late July with a friend. She seemed overly excited that it was my first time seeing it. At least I get some of the opera jokes that have been made now...