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  1. Yeah we obviously saw vastly different things. When the post comes up in my FB memories, I'll show it to you-the reaction I saw was huge, and negative.
  2. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing JJ! I have to admit, I had no idea the amount of passion people had about the Boy Scouts. When they allowed girls, I was a little surprised about the reaction-people were outraged, acting like they had heard the trumpets of doomsday. It was massive overkill to me, but then again, I was never a Scout. But even if I was, I'd still think it was massive overkill. People need Valium.
  3. So is the chapel. Very, very beautiful place.
  4. I wish so too, ironically. I have enormous respect for the organization-99% of Masons are wonderful people. Have you been to the large retirement home in Oxford, Massachusetts? I was there last year for the funeral of a dear friends father. Amazing building.
  5. That doesn't happen. If it did, then the average age of your local lodge wouldn't be 65 years old*. *That's not me being anti Mason. My FIL is a Mason, my BIL was in Demolay, my biological grandfather is a Mason, and my wife is the Mother Advisor for the nearest chapter of IORG. I've spent more time in Masonic lodges than the local Worshipful Master has.
  6. MormonGator

    Important Taylor Swift graph

    Someone needs to ask Taylor Swift is maybe, just maybe, she's the reason she's been in 49 failed relationships
  7. We agree on that. Dude is a total jerk. Amazingly, both Eagle Scouts I know aren't really the greatest people. One has multiple marriages, several kids out of wedlock, and is basically a train wreck. The other served one term in the NH State House and still demands everyone call him "Honorable" as a title. Yes, he's a radical leftist. What is it with you Eagle Scouts? (Playing everyone) They are in a long, slow decline, that's for sure. For many reasons, but mostly because I think camping is an abomination and pathway to Satan, I was never Boy Scout. So I don't have a dog in the fight. Like all other groups you aren't a part of, you might have a passing interest in this or that aspect, but you spend 99% of your time thinking of other things. Seriously, how often do you (generic) think about the local Masonic lodge if you aren't a Mason?
  8. Do you think most LDS Eagle Scouts care about the church divorcing the Boy Scouts? Is it bittersweet for them? Apparently someone on my FB was an Eagle Scout (I didn't know until very recently). He's not a member of the church, but he "welcomes the changes and says a lot of Eagle Scouts do too."
  9. I agree. He needs a firm punishment, but this is the NFL we are talking about. Not exactly known for their integrity and wisdom when it comes to disciplining players. For his own sake, he needs to learn how to control himself. It never ends well for people who can't control their temper.
  10. That right there means he has more integrity than many of us do. To not only apologize, but to admit that he "hurt the team" shows great maturity. Sure, he lost his cool, did something really nasty, and needs to be punished for it. But apologizing is the first step towards making things right again.
  11. MormonGator

    Lakers continued

    I wish your boys the best of luck this year my friend. It's just wonderful to see the two greatest teams in NBA history having a good season.
  12. MormonGator

    Lakers continued

    I know, it's great to watch. I'm a little concerned because we haven't really been tested yet. When we face you guys or Houston than it'll show what we are really made of. That said, it's always better to win than lose. And Kyrie? Ha ha ha ha ha ha. (I'm sorry, I know it's mean, petty and spiteful, but I can't help it) You guys are doing great too. My only concern for you is that LeBron might be pushing himself too much and run out of gasoline in the playoffs. Like I said before it's nothing against him-I like and respect him both as a man and a player. However he isn't a young man anymore.
  13. MormonGator

    Lakers continued

    That was horrific, one of the scariest injuries I've seen watching sports. He broke his hand recently too!
  14. MormonGator

    Lakers continued

    And Gordon Hayward is injured. He was going so well too. Poor guy just can't get lucky break!
  15. MormonGator

    Kwaku at Payson Bible Church debate

    Amen to that. I'm sure you do @Fether (not an insult, being serious) but 99% of people out there will not have their mind changed during a debate. If it was that easy, then it would happen all the time. It doesn't. The only thing that can change your mind is self discovery and introspection.