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  1. I know nothing about cars and I can barely pump my own gasoline. But, my sister knows a ton about them. Here's what she said (not verbatim, general idea of what she said)- Remember that this is 2019, not 1977. Now, if a mechanic is dishonest or slimy, they'll get a bad reputation much faster and eventually, their business will be over. So while corrupt mechanics exist, they are much less common then they used to be. With the internet you can just Google car problems. If it sounds like your mechanic makes something up, check it with Google first. Next, going to a dealer is generally a bad idea. You'll pay more and they'll be more likely to rip you off than the honest guy just trying to make a living doing what he loves fixing cars down the road.
  2. MormonGator

    So How About Music?

    Given that you and I agree on 99% of music (but the stuff we disagree on is so much fun, and our disagreements are so vehement) I'd re-think that statement.
  3. MormonGator

    So How About Music?

    My Grandfather graduated from Columbia with a degree in Music theory. He's a lifelong fan of classical music. My dad plays the oboe in a local band and my cousin plays in the US Marine band (dead serious). So I come from a family of people who are obsessed with music. My father is mortified in my taste in music. My love of punk and metal (and I'm the only one in the family who likes those genres) is a source of great amusement between the two of us!
  4. Dude, I am hoping and praying someone calls us out right now.
  5. Ah, much better. I love pictures of Scott Ian* with cats. (*mistake purposely made to make you feel better. We all know it's really Dave Mustaine.)
  6. MormonGator

    So How About Music?

    I'm free from the chains of delusion and denial that have held me back for so long!
  7. Dude, I think you are obsessed with me liking Kiss. More so than I actually like Kiss!
  8. MormonGator

    So How About Music?

    I'm not a music fan. Don't really follow it much.
  9. The only thing worse than Kiss fans and adult My Little Pony fans are grown men who own cats.
  10. 11th, one drowned in the moat last night.
  11. @Mores is really named Susan, so we know it's not her.
  12. I know I've said it before and I apologize, but the war on science is over. Science lost. How else do you explain the rise of anti-vaxxers?
  13. Yeah, um, the My Little Pony thing was disturbing enough.