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  1. This will be the most popular opinion column ever posted here. I think it'll get 10,000 likes. Easily.
  2. MormonGator

    Hi my name is Abram

    Welcome to the forums! We have a wide range of people here. From atheists to protestants to die hard LDS!
  3. MormonGator

    The LGBT stumbling block.

    For the left, political correctness trumps everything. So they'll cut their own throats in order to seem tolerant and progressive. Like they are doing with Islam.
  4. MormonGator

    Nonbeliever's questions about your faith

    I think it's a wonderful idea. Speaks very highly of the church to allow everyone to partake in the sacrament.
  5. MormonGator

    Nonbeliever's questions about your faith

    Seriously? I never knew that. Not a challenge, I was just surprised!
  6. MormonGator

    Population Control

    The idea that we are "overpopulated" is absurd. In fact in some countries women aren't having enough babies to replenish the population. So things like social security and their version of national healthcare will collapse without allowing for massive immigration.
  7. Bro, your post breaks my heart. I'm praying for you, big time. Remember that a lot of women are attracted to confident men. If you aren't confident, fake it. Also remember that you are very young and there is a lot of time left for you. The last thing you want to do is rush into a bad relationship and suffer the outcome of that. Stay strong my friend. I know it's hard.
  8. What causes a dictator to rise is very complex. What causes one to collapse is also very complex. I wish we could send one out of power with hearts, flowers, prayers and cuddles. But it doesn't work that way.
  9. MormonGator

    Nonbeliever's questions about your faith

    You are very welcome and no, you do NOT sound like a "dope" at all!
  10. MormonGator

    Lakers continued

    I'm sorry my friend. It's tough to watch, and I'm not sure what the Lakers are trying to do. Your core is good- Lonzo, Ingrham, etc. I'm not sure LeBron is at the stage in life where he can just come on to a team, wave a wand, and succeed. He's older now. Not an insult, it happens to all of us. Time waits for no man. So what do you guys do? Do you do the unthinkable? Trade LeBron and focus on youth? Do you give this experiment another year? Do you trade the young guys for the a core of veterans and "win now"? What do you want them to do?
  11. Glad it's over. Thank God these kids made it out okay.
  12. MormonGator

    Electoral College

    I get to be Dr. Doom!!!!!
  13. MormonGator

    Electoral College

    I go by Evil Incarnate, so we'd get along great. Can we plot world domination together than turn against one another when we've accomplished that goal?
  14. MormonGator

    Electoral College

    lol! I can say "Hey, I knew that guy before he was a megalomaniacal dictator!" as they shoot me.
  15. MormonGator

    Electoral College

    What do you expect from someone so leftwing as @Midwest LDS?