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  1. MormonGator

    Perished if they had remained

    I think @GaleG is sincere and asking honest questions. And your answer was great @Anddenex, like always.
  2. MormonGator

    Lakers continued

    Time will tell. I hope he's changed too, but I doubt it. A leopard doesn't change their spots. I think the NBA is better when the Lakers-Celtics-Knicks are good, so I'm hopeful we both have good years.
  3. MormonGator

    Canadian election

    Speaking of the Canadian election, turns out Mr. Trudeau has a bit of a history of being racially insensitive.
  4. MormonGator

    The future

    I think you grow up a lot when you realize that all sides, including your own, have their fair share of whiners, petulant brats, and jerks. And on the flip side, you grow up a lot when you realize that someone can be a wonderful person and still have vastly different political opinions than your own. From what I've seen the right understands this better than the left, because the left generally (yes, generally, not all liberals feel this way) gets their morality from politics. So someone like Al Franken can still be considered a "good person" because he has the correct beliefs that make one a good person even though he's a sexual predator. Many republicans would say that Trump is personally a scumbag while supporting him politically. Very, very few democrats said that about Bill Clinton during his Monica Lewinsky saga.
  5. MormonGator

    Canadian election

    I think you are forgetting something. I grew up in New England, went to Canada many times, and love your country. I just love our freedoms much more.
  6. MormonGator

    Canadian election

    I love your honesty, and I see it totally differently. I find it incredibly disturbing for the government to punish someone simply for speech. In fact, I find as morally reprehensible as racist/sexist speech.
  7. MormonGator

    Canadian election

    And you have no problem with a government punishing people simply for speech?
  8. I know that National Review isn't news, but this is a good thing. A very good thing.
  9. MormonGator

    Dealing with trauma

    Oh I totally agree.
  10. MormonGator

    Dealing with trauma

    No it isn't, it's totally legit you feel this way @Fether. I'm a big pit bull guy, my beloved Jaina is a pit and if I went through what you did, I'm not sure what I'd do. I know of someone who was afraid of flying until they researched how planes work, plane crashes, pilots, etc. The more they learned, the less they had to fear. You said yourself that you weren't afraid of dogs. Could this just be a momentary blip? If it gets to be very serious, there is no shame whatsoever in talking with a therapist who specializes in fear and anxiety. Keep me posted brother, I'm praying for you.
  11. MormonGator

    The future

    I'm curious as to what the Washington Post defines as "right wing/ left wing terrorism". Don't get me wrong ,WaPo is a great paper, I used to read it all the time. So I'm not challenging you, I'm honestly curious.
  12. I think driving is a privilege, not a right. But it's interesting to me. If I'm wrong, fine. I'm not a lawyer. But my mental state, including being intoxicated or high, shouldn't effect my rights to free speech. Now don't get me wrong-I don't have the right to incite a riot or tell a crowd to beat you up. But if I'm drunk and decide to engage in a peaceful social protest-that should be fine.
  13. MormonGator

    Canadian election

    He is my favorite president, and one of dogs is named after him actually!
  14. So my free speech rights don't apply if I'm drunk? @mirkwood and @Just_A_Guy-do I have free speech rights if I'm drunk or high?
  15. MormonGator

    Canadian election

    Agree again my friend. See? See? I'm not the far left radical leftist you think I am!