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    Sports, poetry, heavy metal and punk music, giving out cool kids club cards, polygamy, tattoos, philosophy, LDS church history, pit bulls, painting and making soap.
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    I miss college sports. And LDS.

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  1. MormonGator

    Mormon Enigma

    @Traveler-I think a lot of the current strife between the two camps comes from how the RLDS views the Book of Mormon.
  2. MormonGator

    Mormon Enigma

    Really, really well said.
  3. MormonGator

    Societal Fabric

    There's been unrest in every civilization since the dawn of time.
  4. MormonGator

    Mormon Enigma

    I think it's more "unknown" than difficult to grapple with. Most active LDS (most, not all) don't know anything about the RLDS that Smith III started. I was talking to someone about the "supreme directional control" controversy that Fredrick Smith created and this guy (someone who claimed to "love history") gave me a blank stare. He had no idea that the RLDS church even existed!
  5. MormonGator

    Societal Fabric

    I'm starting a slow clap for this. Thank you @NeuroTypical
  6. MormonGator

    Societal Fabric

    I would have eaten him too.
  7. MormonGator

    A question about the NFL and Sabbath Keeping

    LOL! I'm a Braves fan too, ironically enough. Some of my happiest memories are watching Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz, Avery, Chipper Jones on TBS. I'd go out of my way to watch Braves games in the 90's. If you look at his similarity scores from Baseball Reference you'll notice he can hang with Ron Santo and Duke Snider-two hall of famers. What kills him is his .264 batting average and the fact that he played for some lousy teams. If you look at the "advanced stats" for about three years in the 80's he led the league in runs created and was in the top 10 seven times. He was very ahead of his time in those categories.
  8. MormonGator

    Societal Fabric

    If you want to go out looking for it, I wish you the best of luck.
  9. MormonGator

    Societal Fabric

    Correct. There's been a fundamental shift in how the younger generations view sexuality. The horse has left the barn, and it's not coming back.
  10. MormonGator

    A question about the NFL and Sabbath Keeping

    You know how much I love baseball @mirkwood, it's perhaps the only thing I like as much as heavy metal. Dale Murphy is underrated. Even before I ever became a member, I always thought he belonged in the Hall of Fame.
  11. I've been the large non- denominational megachurch in Ocala a few times. That was something I noticed about it too!
  12. Oh I agree, sorry if it came out that I was describing you! We agree again, 100%. When gaming becomes your master instead of your servant, that's a problem.
  13. It's interesting as to how this will affect the Evangelicals in the future. No one will argue that mainstream Protestantism (The ELCA, Anglican church, United Methodist) isn't theologically liberal, and some historians of theology say it's partially (not totally) because they ordained females to leadership/priesthood roles. No, that's not the only reason, but it's perhaps one of them. I wonder how this will change Evangelical worship.
  14. The anti gaming attitude that so many people have comes from fear/ignorance/ego. It's a hobby, that simple. Some people game too much, but some people also camp too much, hunt too much, fish too much, work on their cars too much, shop too much...
  15. Fascinating. Thank you. I read somewhere that, generally speaking, women tend to slightly more religious than men. Yes, it’s just a generality, there are exceptions. I think that might have something to do with it. I don’t think video games have anything go do with it.