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  1. MormonGator

    Dad shoots his daughters boyfriend for smoking weed

    Thank God I just stick to good old fashioned Mescaline. ( @Midwest LDS I might be late this month with your shipment.)
  2. MormonGator

    Dad shoots his daughters boyfriend for smoking weed

    He deserves to get 50 years in the slammer. Even if you (generic) don't care about the 17 year old he killed, this guy is clearly a menace to society. He's "the type" who would open fire on someone who cut him off on the highway.
  3. MormonGator

    Dad shoots his daughters boyfriend for smoking weed

    That, and selling pot doesn't warrant the death penalty. Even if it's to your daughter/son.
  4. Stories like this always bother me. Vigilante justice is a terrible idea. I hope the father of the daughter spends the rest of his life in jail. His rights as a parent don't include murdering other children.
  5. MormonGator

    Boris Johnson new British PM

    When it comes to politics, the level of self delusion some people have is legitimately frightening.
  6. MormonGator

    Boris Johnson new British PM

    Yup. My favorite type of people are those who are demanding a second referendum. Because of course they'd be demanding one if their side won in the first place.
  7. MormonGator

    Boris Johnson new British PM

    He'd be my choice, hands down. That said, he has an uphill battle implementing the Brexit plan that he wants.
  8. MormonGator

    Lakers continued

    My only concern with the Lakers is that LeBron has a ton of miles on the odometer. I'm not being mean, I actually respect him a great deal, both as a man and as a player. But it's human nature. When we get older, we lose a step, especially in pro sports.
  9. Slightly off topic, but I remember going to a college baseball game this year where the Gators played Winthrop college, a small college in South Carolina. The Gators were leading 25-4 by the 5th inning. I was a little uncomfortable. Grown men/women playing professional sports? Go home and cry on your paychecks. College kids? Slightly different story. I remember texting @mirkwood about it while I was there.
  10. MormonGator

    The Billy Graham Rule

    The Mike Pence/Billy Graham rule is just common sense. Unless I really know you (I'm thinking my best friend or my sister) there is no way I'm going to be alone with a woman in any setting. It's just to cover all my bases. Her word against mine, and in this environment-where everyone wants to "Believe Women" and "MeToo", etc, I have no chance of surviving an accusation.
  11. PREACH. When you have nothing in common with your ward, you better have non member friends or else you'll be very lonely.
  12. I think we all are, to some degree.
  13. This proves a point. You can complain about huge social changes and be disgusted by them-but they are going to happen and younger generations are going to view them as normal , and perhaps view your complaining about them as discomforting/distressing/and even bigoted. That's not an insult to your dad, I'm sure my grandpa felt the same way. He was also a WWII vet.