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  1. Winnie G

    How bad would it be if I....

    when I was a single mother or married to a loser the gift from the bishop was all I ever got.
  2. Winnie G

    The Year You were Born

    Join the club
  3. Winnie G

    How would you spend large some of money?

    I would like a RV after packing up the tent trailer for the year I think I like a home on wheels I would buy a new house and deck it out from top to bottom before I even move in. A house keeper would be nice, my floor days would be over
  4. Winnie G

    How would you spend large some of money?

    Recent a new lottery open that has tempted even our family. 50 million with extra 55 prizes of single million dollars. Every Friday they pump those ads on TV telling you could be the next winner. Now this is no big deal for me but my neighbor years ago won $1000.000 on a extra. So every week I think what would I do with 50 million dollars??????? No I never buy a ticket
  5. Winnie G

    family tents

    there is one thought in mind as well most parks charge by the tent the more tents the larger the cost of the camp site.
  6. Winnie G

    have any of you heard about this

    There is no link to a news page. my husbands coworkers son is going on a US Mission. It seems weird but my hubby says his coworker has no reason to lie about it???
  7. My hubby came home from work tonight and told me that President Obama has stopped all missionaries coming from Canada to the USA, that one of his coworkers sons being half American has to leave for his US mission from his fathers home town in Montana in four months. He could not tell me if this was just a LDS ban or all missionary work? And if so what about the training center and those already serving? Have any of you heard this down there, its news in Canada.
  8. Winnie G

    cable or dish?

    I have a dish and when it storms heavy snow or rain (down pour) I loss the signal. I read then and for the price and amount I get Its worth the dish over cable any day.
  9. Winnie G

    Missionary groceries

    I think what you are doing buying them any food is a wonderful thing to do. I use to send them home with a box full even when I had them over for dinner. Milk and bread and cereal and any frozen meal. I would make them myself. any thing you do will be a blessing :)
  10. Winnie G

    the little man in your frig

    Always the left one too
  11. Winnie G

    Easter Sandstorm

    Or a new paint job for your car
  12. Did you know there is a name for the little man who lives in your frig that turns the light on and off? His name is Yahootie (Yah- who dee) A fun thing to tell kids:bouncingclap:
  13. Winnie G

    Food Storage-where to start?

    Salt, easy start then cases of soup, cheep. Kraft dinner, but a exstra one of something each shopping day and carry on from there. If there is a bishops cannery near you see about buying from there, There also should be a sister in RS who's the home storage rep. We have one here and once in a while the YW dry pack for the ward and I buy mine that way,
  14. Winnie G

    Undercover Boss

    I saw the white castle one First thing I thought was you eat that in the states? never know there was burgers made on a conveyor belt YUCK I like the one were the boss gets fired LOL LOL