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  1. In my understanding, God is the ultimate outside source. But, because of the frailties of mortality and the blindness of the natural man, each of us struggles to see and understand things He's trying to reveal to us. But, as the scriptures, our leaders and the peaceful feelings of the Spirit remind us, the struggle is worth it. For me, there are days when I feel very weighed down by my limitations.. feelings of being trapped in my own mind .. a prison of sorts... On those days it's pretty easy for me to feel like the struggle is pointless because it's so obvious to me that I'm failing... to understand, grow, etc.. Then there are other days when I feel myself seeing things a little more clearly... not with perfect clarity, but with enough clarity to realize that a patient and loving Teacher is whispering things to my heart and mind, and I am still moving forward at my own pace. At those moments the darker days look less dark. The struggle is worth it because I'm not alone in it.
  2. zil started it. I enabled.... after NG... ... Nevertheless... 3 or more fountain pen nerds in a forum NOT about or relating to fountain pens.... Priceless! .. We now return you to your regular scheduled program ..
  3. That seems pretty juicy for a Lamy. I only own one but have observed (and often heard) that they usually tend to be a tad stingy with ink flow.
  4. I love late night driving to and from vacation destinations. We almost never travel during regular daylight hours. I hate hate HATE traffic.. I'm OCD about late night driving. I can almost come to terms with not actually being alone on the road, but I like the illusion of at least FEELING like I have the road to myself. SoOOOooo... If you happen to be sharing the road with me at 3 a.m. and you choose to go slightly faster than me and I see your headlights gradually approaching me from behind for the last 20 minutes, please take the hint and pass me when you reach my tailgate... Especially if it's a straightaway and I've slowed to 5 mph below the speed limit and there's nobody in the oncoming lane for as far as we can see... Please take the hint. Please DON'T tailgate me for the next 20 minutes because you're feeling lonely or something... If you do, I'm liable to pull over and wait until I see only your tail lights in the distance before I resume driving again. These types of situations feel more like "aggressive driving" to me than if you'd blared your horn at me and excellerated angrily around me going 20 mph faster than me. Frankly, it feels kinda like stalking... Please... Just leave me the fetch alone! Ok? Thx.
  5. Not to derail the derailment of this thread, but.... Carb, back to the OP... My answer:. I don't know. For me, there's a lot of information I'd like to know.. But if I ever really consider taking it to the Lord in prayer.. I get the impression that, for me, the mystery question should look less like, "Was the scope of the fall of Adam just this planet/solar system/galaxy/universe ... and how does that square with carbon dated evidence and the current theories about the known universe...?" ...and something more like... "Is there anything I could do to better reach/understand/love my little brother who's alienated himself from the entire family and who refuses to even answer my Mom's phone calls?" I don't know how much of that's just my own feelings of guilt about not doing enough... Vs how much of it's the Spirit trying to tell me that maybe I'm not spending enough time pondering the "right" mysteries... LP said it better.. For me it's the "what lack I yet?" mysteries that I'm still trying to find the courage to ask with real intent...
  6. Concerning lusts of the flesh... These are more than just sexual desires.. These are what we refer to as "the natural man." The natural man came about as a consequence of the fall of Adam exercising his agency. In my understanding this means that everything the flesh desires which is contrary to God's plan is abomination and can lead to spiritual death if/when acted upon... Not only homosexual desires/attraction, but heterosexual desires outside of covenants, desires for vengeance rather than to forgive, worldly desires for power/influence/recognition, lack of gratitude for God's blessings... Etc.. So many things, so diverse and abundant that we can hardly name them all...
  7. HDZs..... I hear those are really bad for you... Oooops! Wrong thread...
  8. I don't always vote. But when I do, I vote for organic politicians not GMOs... Errrr HMOs... Errrrr GOPs.... Errrrrr STDs.... errrrrrr TMOAs.... ... Too many ominous acronyms.... in these last days
  9. I'm kinda wondering if you put candles on your bibbidi bobbidi boo and blow them out, isn't that pretty much the same as mekka lekka hi mekka hiney ho.. Mekka lekka hi mekka chonnie ho...? (I.e. Is your wish granted?). .. Just asking for a friend who wants to know..
  10. I guess he decided if Shatner and Nimoy could do it so could he... Funny stuff.
  11. My current bucket list: 1. Make a bucket list. 2. Herp Austrailia. 3. Stop procrastinating and make a bucket list. 4. ...
  12. Why not make up something that emulates something in the real universe? Why not make up some law or some physical laws of your own for your own universe but make it plausible because it resembles how things appear in our universe or behave in our universe? For example, I thought of something I would call the"unseen fabric of the universe." This unseen fabric exists everywhere where solid physical objects aren't. You can travel/teleport anywhere that the fabric exists or isn't torn. The fabric is torn when "physical" objects pass through it. The fabric, after it's been torn, repairs itself in about 2 to 5 minutes. The fabric in its purest most unblemished form exists in places of oxygen or the closest to pure oxygen would make the tightest weave of the fabric, if that makes sense.. Things such as water, smoke, any other flying or floating things, or impurities in the air, would tear the fabric ever-so-slightly or in the case of an ocean or a large weather system, greatly. So, based on these assumptions, your teleportation abilities are greatly limited in certain circumstances. For example, it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to teleport into a massive battle, or a large herd of animals. The tears in the fabric would be great and so the places you could still teleport to would be very limited. The safest possible method of traveling the fabric of the universe is to travel around or next to known, relatively-static, physical objects like the ground, trees, large boulders, buildings, things like that. For example, you could teleport yourself onto the roof of a building by following the fabric on the ground then up the wall then onto the roof The nature of traveling the fabric is that you travel by touch.. not by sight. You "feel" or sense what you were traveling over and around. You can travel as quickly as you can perceive/touch/feel the physical objects. You aren't limited by walking or running speeds. The difficulty lies in detecting what are physical objects versus tears in the fabric. I haven't decided whether, while traveling the fabric, you'd be invisible or visible. It might be interesting if you were still visible and certainly still physical. So, if you were still physical, for example not in some other dimension, but still actually physically present, for safety sake that would also limit your ability of how fast you might travel. Being still physical you could crash into objects if you weren't careful to slow down before reaching them. So, as you can see, I'm sort of making these things up as I go. So, if you feel like using any, all or some variation of the ideas that's your choice. I've had fun conceptualizing them.
  13. Ach Du Lieber Eiserner Schmetterling, Batman! (Try and say THAT without sounding like you're coughing up a hairball...)
  14. I don't think even Joyce "understood" Finnegan's Wake... Stream-of-consciousness writings are like interpreting dreams... different people find different things. Who's to say who's right? Also, perhaps not everything we write or dream has a "meaning" in any strict sense... it just sort of IS.... pure raw/random thought...