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  1. Hi RP

    For about a week now, when i enter lds.net into my browser iI've been getting this message:

    Bad Request

    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
    Reason: You're speaking plain HTTP to an SSL-enabled server port.
    Instead use the HTTPS scheme to access this URL, please.

    I don't get this message when I access the site by clicking on a link in an email. Any idea what I'm doing wrong and how i can fix it?


  2. Hi. I'm the tech guy. We have had a MormonHub mobile app on and off the backburner. But we haven't had any plans in the near future for integrating the forums into it. While I agree that push notifications and such would be sweet, the amount of effort that would require to build and maintain that over what other things I could do is just not a priority currently (sorry ) , but I hope one day the forums get enough traction to merit that sort of special attention . Don't get me wrong, you guys are great, and good things happen on the forums all the time, but, tech resources are currently better spent on a number of other projects currently that will get more bang for our buck for spreading the gospel online. Also, its just little ol' me maintaining and updating and coding for 100+ websites all the time (among other things). I work on the app occasionally, but other things are higher priority most of the time so, its very slow going. If you want to throw out app ideas, I'll read em no promises they'll ever get implemented though, but always looking for inspiration.
  3. @Carborendum I just added a "back to top" link at the bottom of the site, and a floating back to top button. That work?
  4. You know what @JohnsonJones, you may have given me an idea. Will be a while before I try it though. But it would be something like what you asked about.
  5. If I wrote this myself, I would 100% do that. But since I didn't it becomes a lot more complicated to try and modify not only the chat software, but the forum software as well, and, I sadly don't have time to do that and to keep it updated. Sorry! Maybe someday, but not soon.
  6. Sounds a little grainy. There's a like.. staticy noise in it.
  7. Yeah I realize that, and hopefully the software devs will fix the bug someday.
  8. Okay so, the popups only happen when you load/reload a page. Its... hyper annoying... may have to remove the little chat window from the main site 😢 Edit: I have removed the small chat window from the main site due to a bug where a whole bunch of chat windows would be popped up every time you reload or load a page.
  9. I'm also taking suggestions for a notification sound that doesn't make your heart skip a beat (goodness gracious is it loud) Edit: Changed it to more of a bell sound.
  10. Right now Pam and I are noticing that if you use the chat page that it makes all sorts of annoying windows on the bottom right corner chat.. which is.. way annoying. Edit: Just changed some settings to see if it helps
  11. @pam may want to comment but, we found something that was inexpensive that we thought might work so, we're trying it. I'd like to point out the Blocking feature: Hit the right arrow at the top of a one on one chat and choose "block user". So if there's someone you don't get along with, you don't have to hear from them. I'll be honest, this is new software so, not sure how this would affect seeing them in public groups or not. In other completely random news, I have also enabled "login with google". If you have a google account but its not the email you have associated with your forums account, I *think* you can still enable it if you wish in Account Settings -> Google Also, if anyone actually uses or wants to test the facebook/twitter login methods, I'd be interested in hearing from you. I don't even know if they actually work.
  12. My advice would be to schedule it a little bit before church. Doesn't have to be at the church building either, someone's house is fine. Depending on how spread out geographically the ward is, leave some time for people to be able to go home and pick up the rest of their family and take them to church. Or if you do have it at the church building in an empty room (with a piano probably) then some people might just bring their family early.. just kinda depends. Yes they may have to eat lunch earlier to make it to choir but... People will just have to deal with that reality.
  13. We'll be having a conversation at some point about the reactions. But have other priorities to work out first. We will read feedback and take it into consideration in the meantime.