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  1. I don't worry. I envision the goal. I plan for the goal. I know I fall short, but I appreciate the promise of he atonement. I don't think of it as a safety net, but instead know that I am cared for and the plan is for my shortfalls to be made up - even if it doesn't mean making the Celestial Kingdom. Until then, I study my science and practice my math because, yes, there will be work in heaven. (see Chapter 16 of Wind of Fire - basically the principle of the book). :)
  2. Perhaps it is specific to the teacher. I, for one, had a terrible time with team teachers in the room. It was generally a mess with no chemistry. I guess we just lacked faith. Personally, I think the kids deserved better and did better with a dedicated teacher.
  3. The child being a minor, I wouldn't force the visit but I would tell the bishop. The child being an adult, I wouldn't (and didn't).
  4. I am male, a High Priest, and I taught Primary for six years. Most years, I taught alone. Any time we had two deep, the lessons degraded not improved. I support the presidency monitoring and the doors to have windows, and classes combined when there is low attendance. But to double up for the sake of doubling would be a burden on everyone involved (including the children). Care should be given in select and monitor the teacher - male or female, to judge performance by talking with the parents of the children. This may sound like work, but not nearly as much as finding double teachers when it is hard enough to find one good, willing teacher. Besides, perpetration of a crime isn't going to happen in the class. A child may be "groomed" in a class but it is up to the parent to monitor the relationship outside of class. They shouldn't be letting their children go off with a single member, in any case other then best friends who already have an established trusted relationship. Greatest calling ever! I wish I could have stayed in there 20 years.
  5. I know it isn't helpful to comment and to have NOT done what you describe but I have been planning it. I plan to hike as much of the Appalachian Trail as my body can handle. I've done a bit of reading on it and it is well documented. I'd start in Georgia in early Spring, since it will be warm there and head north. I have friends (an older couple) that did that type of hike on the west coast. The wife had an injury a few weeks in they stopped for a couple of months but did resume. I'm hoping to compile good experiences for my fiction writing.
  6. No doubt, you will be finding as much information against the faith as you will about it. Please consider that the "anti" folks are pretty much anti any church but their own or are LDS who fell away. In other words, take it with a grain of salt. Meet some LDS in your community. You'll find most of us to be normal in every way. I don't doubt you are being pulled by the Spirit. There are many miracles and stories such as yours. Please continue to follow. Please as questions here. You will get a diversity of opinions. We're not a bunch of clones. You can meet the missionaries in other places. In fact, if you are a single male, Sisters generally won't meet with you alone. I was taught at my office. Their schedules are very flexible. You pick the time and place and they'll be there.
  7. I don't believe others have much of a say in the matter. For the sake of harmony, you should trust her and support her. I personally would wait on the sealing. I suppose they want to make sure any children are covered under the covenant. My son did something very similar to your cousin although all in very slow motion and with support from others. They have yet to be sealed (although qualified, at this time).
  8. I think it telling that your post was virtually ignored by the people who have shared so many discussions with you.
  9. I am sure that is painful. My wife's family is unaccepting of our faith yet they have no faith. They view us (LDS) as the intolerant and judgemental, yet they have never personally seen that from my wife and myself.
  10. I noticed you missing just the past few weeks. I have always been intrigued that you were an 'ex' member yet gave some of the best LDS based insight in the discussions. I personally believe faith is an evolving thing. Although a faithful member of the Church myself, my knowledge and understanding changes all the time. I find that my expanding faith still fits in the framework of the gospel as taught by our modern day prophets. I'm not trying to read between the lines in their teachings - I feel the Spirit confirm to me that what I am learning is in alignment with LDS teachings. I get frustrated when dealing with hard-line orthodox members who feel they are defending the faith by allowing no thought beyond what they know. I believe our mortal lives restrict our ability to learn as much as it provides unique opportunity to learn what cannot be learned in a spiritual existence. And so I believe we shouldn't discount other people's understandings and faith. We don't need to accept and practice all things, but we should not devalue other faiths because we don't understand them. I think it is this lack of tolerance, by many, that pushes members out of the Church. And so Bini, I do not mourn for you but am glad for your journey. I hope it leads you back to accepting a need for ordinances and covenants (the principle purpose of the Church) but, in the mean time, learn and grow, and exercise faith.
  11. I'm siding with Vort on this. I will also say that you (the two of you) have made this a focus of your relationship, or at least too much of a focus. I'm reading your description and thinking you both are addicted to porn. He watching it and you curing it. It is almost as if he is using it to manipulate you. The focus appears to be at an unhealthy level. There are other guys; better men. Let this one go and find a healthy relationship.
  12. Inspired by God or not, bishops are still people with filters created by a lifetime of history. There are bad bishops. I've had them. They are called by God, but they may not listen or have some area of personal growth they need to go through themselves. We don't have a doctrine of infallibility. I would encourage my young sister to continue to talk to the bishop to help him understand.
  13. It is entirely up to your bishop and stake president. They do give recommends to people who cannot attend church. If you share with them your specifics, they may in fact feel justified in issuing a recommend. Don't hold yourself back from asking.
  14. I think the key purpose of the policy change is the "not legally defensible"; meaning it costs too much to keep fighting lawsuits. I think the Church benefits by associating with an organization no longer being sued, versus going it alone and bearing the brunt of the force certain to be perpetrated by political action groups.