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  1. lonetree

    British Politics

    In a speech today, Johnson brought up the Bridge On The River Kwai and the poet Virgil🤣. I'd like to view the ITV Debate tomorrow, but not sure if they will carry it on their FB site or anywhere else for those outside the UK.
  2. (Not that it matters so much but)The day the federal conservative leader marches in a pride parade is the day I stop voting Conservative. Anyway Scheer's leadership will be reviewed: https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/senior-conservatives-in-ottawa-for-post-election-dissection-of-scheer-campaign-1.4660694
  3. Criticisms of the Conservative leader abound(he was indecisive, awkward, fibbed about his business background, etc.). There may be one other thing: too many(progressives?) just hate-hate hate- a family man with 5 kids who refuses to walk in pride parades, and talks about ordinary things. But that's probably just me.
  4. As incompetent(among other things) as the Trudeau government was, it should have been fairly simple for the Conservatives to gain more seats than they did. Unfortunately this didn't happen...
  5. lonetree

    Church History - a Paradigm Shift

    Some years ago, I was listening to one of the professors(of US History) where I worked mention 1837^. What happened in 1837? I asked. 'very serious depression' he answered(Perhaps he said recession, but I got the point ). Your pic. brought that back. Anyway, interesting discussion, carry on.
  6. lonetree

    Boris Johnson new British PM

    I guess he had little choice, but Boris has 'hit the ground running'. After gathering his cabinet together, his performance against the charges of the opposition's chief sj blather-er is not only inspiring but entertaining(July 25, see the 2hr 17 min. mark).
  7. Why ask to join the Canadian Council of Churches anyway? Sounds like just another body of "I don't need church, I have a social conscience, and that's enough to make me feel better" with its own meetings and letterhead. It's a little rich to read the bit on Trinitarianism. I would bet that when those members even think of the trinity it is tritheism they actually believe in....
  8. The American columnist Rod Dreher put it this way- "The folks at Trinity Western fought hard, all the way to the highest court in their land — and they lost, decisively." http://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/canada-ireland-religious-liberty-routed/ Because it's the Supreme Court, it is not only 'decisively' but -finally...😣
  9. lonetree

    Star Trek IV is not a great movie after all...

    Didn't a more purely destructive version of this probe turn up earlier in the TV episode featuring William Windom as a captain? In this later incarnation, I took it as a machine of vengeance and destruction, speaking in its way, albeit perhaps too late, for those animals which were unable to speak for themselves. Humans, and their world, have been tried and found wanting. As for the rest of the story, it had a decent lighthearted tone, with a look at the 1980s which I find even more enjoyable these days than when the film came out. (If there were a decade I could chose to return to it would be that one.) I liked the love story, but did not really expect much from it. Can't expect love to last with the Captain. As McCoy says to him in a later film, 'What Is it with you?'😊 I would like to thank you unixknight. After reading this thread, went out to Giant Tiger and was lucky enough to find a copy of it. Maybe I'll watch it -again- later.
  10. The decision of the Supreme Court of Canada has come down on the Trinity Western Law School matter. http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trinity-western-supreme-court-decision-1.4707240 Informed reaction:
  11. lonetree

    Church Abominations

    I know that the first post is about abominations and not necessarily the 'abominable church' but I found this article helpful in my reading: https://scholarsarchive.byu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1188&context=jbms
  12. lonetree

    Laugh: You can’t have it both ways

    Former member here in the 1990's. No shunning ever went on as I went my own way. Can't say this with 100% surety, but now if I ever darken the door of a 'chapel' (do they still call them that?), I'd probably be welcomed as someone who has just be on an unusually long leave of absence.
  13. To be fair, the course is on the NT in its 'early historical context' and New Testament studies left the KJV behind many, many decades ago(a New Testament seminary prof. said almost the same thing to a class I had in the 1980s)-so his statement 'it's just too old' should be seen in that light. Perhaps I should also be grateful that the translation is still important enough to be warned against using it in a course of this type. It still casts some sort of shadow.
  14. I started viewing the Yale course a couple of years ago. Stopped when the instructor told the students the KJV was basically useless.