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  1. This information is important to the discussion. There is a credible threat to the safety of your child. By all means you should be concerned about how the guns are stored. Glad they got one.
  2. I stand corrected. We used that scripture to refer to faith while I was on my mission. That also makes the point even stronger! The members of this church, in general, are no better than those of any other, and are probably condemned even more, because we do not study and understand what is actually stated in the scriptures.
  3. Pay for a babysitter, go with your husband, and put in her favorite movie at home. I never took my children to the theatre at that age for two reasons. 1 Attention span. A three year old cannot pay attention to a movie for that long and will either become fussy/talkative (annoying other moviegoers) or sleep through most og the movie (wasting the money spent. 2 The volumn in the theatre is WAAAAAYYY to loud for the developing ears of a child that young. Just my opinion a s a father of three boys. Better yet, leet her plan the evening's activities and FOLLOW THROUGH with them. Be the parent though, don't let her take you skydiving or such.
  4. Watched part of the show last night. 1. I commend them for fighting the temptations they feel in their lives. 2. Why do they think I care? I have my own temptations to deal with. 3. Since this is on reality TV, (personal opinion follows) How much did they sell their souls for to be on this show??? As a military member, I went through the initial issues of Don't ask Dont' tell, Before and after the repeal. When a soldier insists on me knowing his/her orientation, I insist that they know mine. I do this to illustrate that in the context of work, I do not care what they do in private, as long as it does not effect their ability to do their job. It is both unprofessional and unwanted for them to tell me. I feel the same applies here. I do not care what you do,. I will not be punished for your actions, nor you for mine. Get on with your life and deal with your problems as best you can. I am here if you need help, but, if no help is needed I don't need to know about it. Yes, I am a cold hearted ba*(^&%. that is my sin, and I will deal with as best I can.
  5. Yesterday a wonderful couple gave talks based on Pres Uchdorf's talk on faith in the last general conference. During the good sister's speech, I couldn't help but notice that she seemed to be simply regurgitating the same scriptures uses to explain faith, but I felt that she missed the point. The whole thing felt like I was sitting in some other church listening to someone who really does not understand the true nature of the Gospel and the doctrines pertaining to it. This seems to be a common issue throughout the church these days. I do not judge her for this, as I do not know her situation nor her level of knowledge. She used Alma 32 to discuss growing the seed of faith. This is a good scripture, but, it goes on to say that we should let the seed grow until it becomes knowledge and our faith is not neede on that particular point. "The glory of God is intelligence" is another passage used, but again missed the point of gaining knowledge through Faith. in D&C 9, Our Father Rebukes Oliver Cowdrey for simply expecting things to happen just because of his faith. Oliver was told to "Study it out in your mind, then ask me if it be right..." In Moroni 10:3-5, the Lord clearly tells us to compare the new information with the old knowledge, make a determination as to the truth, then ask "in faith". While faith is necessary for us to grow in our path of life, that faith MUST lead to testimony. Testimony is knowledge. It is what you know. Once a person has a testimony of a certain doctrine, faith in that doctrine cannot exist as one cancells the other. Are we as a people putting too much emphasis on faith over knowledge? In every case I can find in the scriptures, faith leads to knowledge and faith becomes dormant. The more conversations I have with church members, the more I feel like we are stuck in the same rut tha Israel fell into, forgetting what the commandments were really about and what our true goal is.
  6. First, If anyone in my family just started looking for a safe for me because they thought It would be better for me, I would tell them to but out of my business and stay out of my basement. That being said, if I asked for some advice and help, I want info not charity. The gist of your posts suggest that you are simply sticking your nose in where it is not asked for and this is really not your business. While your help may be offered out of love, it may not be percieved that way. How your family lives their lives or choses to secure their guns is not your concern, unless there is a credible threat to someone's safety. The possibility of a breakin is NOT a credible threat.
  7. I have been married to a foreign woman for 23 years. We have had challenges, but, we worked through them. The commandment you are referring to was given to ancient Israel. They were told not to marry outside the COVENANT. In their day that meant anyone not of Israel. Today the General Authorities still counsel us not to marry outside the covenant due to religious differences that may pull us away from the Path of Righteousness. Ultimately it is your choice.
  8. Severed Souls by Terry Goodkind. I enjoyed this entire series, but, I am dissappointed in how this last book ended. There will be no more.
  9. Thank you all for the discussion. I appreciate the further comments and references so I can study this further. Perhaps I will take my Applied Linguistics degree and make this my life work. Thinking about this this morning I had a bit of personal revelation. Whie I still have questions in ths area, I am content with the answer recieved. In short, for those interested, due to the cultural and histirical importance of the Bible, the Lord uses it as a primer to His Truth. Similar to the way an information pamphlet/page is used to tell a customer about the services of a business. Given all of the plain and precious things lost over time, there is not enough informatin left to build the details His Church on. Thus we have the BoM and modern Prophets. The Bible is one of the Lords ways of getting his foot in the door, so to speak, so that those who recognize the truth can be brought to the fulness of that truth through exposure to the BoM and modern revelation, eventually leading them to the Temple Ordinances prepered for the. This is not the whole detailed answer, but it is enough for now and strengthens my faith that our Father works in so many subtle ways that we neither see nor fully understand. Again, thank you all for your input. Without it I would never have reached this understanding.
  10. I agree with everyone above. A careful reading of my original post will attest to that. As I said, the doctrines contained in the bible are true. Yes, the BoM does verify the Bible, but, with very few exceptions, only in doctrine. While acceptable documents can come from about 100 years after the event in question, how do we account for the 500 to 6000 years that separate the earliest documents and the Old Testament. Yes I have heard about the exacting standards of the Jewish copyists. They were still men and made mistakes. Let us not forget 1 NE 13 beginning in verse 29. Nephi tells us that many "plain and precious" things will be removed from the Bible before it went forth amoung the Gentiles. The issue is in language, for example: Most current translations of the Old Testament are derived from Jewish text. In Genesis 1 the word translated as God is Elohim. Elohim is the plural form of the Jewish word for God and would therefore more correctly rendered as Gods. Everything I have found to this point makes excuses for the modern rendering. The oorrect rendering makes sense to the LDS population, but is still wrong. This affects the Doctrine of the Nature of God and the Nature of "Heaven". I am sure that with time I could find a myriad of othe examples. This becomes the dilema then of accepting the Bible as the basis of religion. Seeing the number of flaws that are inherent in this volume, How can we continue to accept it as Scripture? Connie, I agree 100%. Unfortunately, in the case of the Bible, I would say that 99% of Christendom accepts the Bible without consulting the Spirit. This is blind faith and I refer to D and C 9. This discussion is part of my method for studying the issue for myself before I confirm my conclusion with the Lord.
  11. Actually, I am learning so I can communicate with him in German on his mission. Supporting my son in every way possible. Besides, after living there for three years I like the language and as a linguist I find it the next one on my list to learn.
  12. OK... I am about to jump on a grenade here... I am a linguist and translator by trade and hobby. In my studies of language and ancient history I have develloped a serious issue with the Bible. First, I do believe the DOCTRINE to be basically good and true. The History therein has been veryfied to a point. My problem is with the descriptions of various events and people in general. There are NO original documents. The oldest documents we have are dated to a few centuries AFTER the New Testament! How do we know that these documents are accurate copies or translations of the original? How can we (christians) put so much creedence in these writings? In essence my question comes to this: How can we as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints put our trust in a set of writings that are unverifieable?
  13. My mother tried this and I have several "motherly" friends that are exactly like this. Set your boundries then enforce them. I explained to my mom and my friends that their actions were embarrasing (i.e. washing my underwear), offensive (I am an adult, not a child), and an invasion of privacy. This worked with my mom after a few protests, but, I had to creatively teach my friends. It was very much like training a cat to stay off the couch. Every time they did their thing, I would again explain how offended I was. This eventually worked with one. The other I only visit for a few hours when I am in her area. While they say they are hurt by this, I feel that I should not have to subordinate my feelings in order to be 'humble". This also brings to mind the command to honor our parents. This does not mean the same thing as being obedient no matter what, it also implies that we should help them improve and overcome their problems and issue if we can. There is no pleasant solution for this. Perhaps you can approach you mom from the standpoint of her love for you and ask her to let go a little and trust you to do things on your own. Remember that your way is not (necessarily) wrong, its just different. 5+4=9, but so does 8+1 and 6+3
  14. I am fluent in Spanish (both my favorite and my Mission Language), The Army trained me in French, I can read and understand Brazilian Portuguese, read some Italian, and I am currently studying German for my son. He assures me he is going to Germany on his Mission. My native language: American English
  15. Top of the Morning to you all, I just found this forum by searching far a way to contact the Church Translation Department. I am a 20 year veteran, retiring next year. While this new transition takes place, I am seeking positions as a translator / interpreter or language instructor. My father worked as a grounds keeper and custodian many years ago at the Mesa and Logan Temples and various meeting houses in Oregon and Arizona. I want to follow his example by working for the Church, but, using my own special talent for language. Is there anyone here that can help? Dave Davis