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  1. I only vaguely know who the Duggars are. The Christians with the big family. On one hand, I do trust them when they say he has moved beyond this. People do dumb things, and I don't know what his sex education was like. If he truly has been counseled and he has repented, why drag it out now? On the other hand, I believe in following the law. It's all well and good to counsel within one's own family, and I say even seeking therapy that way isn't totally out of line, but we have laws for a reason and justice ought to prevail. Keeping it from law enforcement for so long is wrong.
  2. Personally, I stick with the old classics that work. I keep hearing horror stories about the high-efficiency washers, so I think I'll wait a few years before buying one.
  3. I don't think anyone is trying to claim with evidence Jesus was married. But I wonder how many scholars have evidence to support the idea Jesus was not married. I wager it's one of those areas with not enough proof either way.
  4. Addictions are indeed a part of the fallen world.
  5. I recall when "The Davinci Code" came out (along with all the other scholarly theories on the motion of Christ being married) and the hoopla that accompanied it. Yet the majority of the Mormons were all "Jesus was married? Sure, that's certainly a possibility, we have no issue with that". I like the idea of Jesus being married to Mary Magdalene, but I'm certainly not about to preach it.
  6. I'd be more supportive of the death penalty if we didn't all know this will spend a decade or two in appeals.
  7. I doubt that, actually. To implement an entirely separate health class is going to cost money. And you're right, sitting out on the class isn't a feasible option. So no opting out. I agree it's a silly program with no proper basis in science or even culture (and I don't find culture the right focus for a health class). The students that will be helped/made more comfortable by this is going to be a miniscule number. Bring up the lack of facts at the next meeting and demand to see a core outline ASAP.
  8. Just seems more professional to have a few priesthood holders around.
  9. That's what I'm getting from your posts. You have a bad feeling about no one being up for what you want them to be up for. This is something you'll have to deal with.
  10. Richard, you can't avoid church because no one wants to put on a drama. If a drama isn't feasible for church, you may need to find another way to help the church.
  11. With all due respect, it's church, not a literature club. Go for the gospel and find another social outlet.
  12. And I think therein lies the problem. These horrible things really are quite rare circumstances, yet many have documented in studies the effects of our 24-hour news messing with people's perception.
  13. As long as you give the tenants plenty of forewarning and potential buyers are aware you're using it as a rental, you shouldn't have much of a problem. Did the same thing some years ago. Be out in the open of the situation, and people will either accept the situation or not. It's really not too big of a deal, we found.
  14. As for men, I think in western society men are generally treated okay, but I agree there are some nasty stories that pop up and I have seen some odd expectations for our young boys and men that basically tell them to watch themselves beyond sensibility in case they might be accused of any number of sins. In the case at hand in Australia, the mom didn't seem to be with her kids, I have seen parents who are so worried about "stranger danger" they continually quiz their kids about who is bothering them, I have seen kids who as a result think they are expected to have some sort of story, the kids probably badly told mom about the man at the Star Wars cut-out, mom interpreted badly, went to the sensationalism of child molestors around every corner... and had this nasty result.
  15. The story interested/disgusted me, so I googled it. Here's an article on the situation, if anyone is curious. Gossip has always existed and we know that, but there is something to be said about technology stealing away our ability to think things through. And this applies to so many things: people are less likely to stick around if they suspect someone in trouble--they'll just call the police and leave. Now, calling the police if you have reason to suspect trouble is all well and good, but leaving in an emergency is in many cases a bad idea. If we see someone doing something we don't like or, again, suspect trouble, we used to have to go find a phone and by the time we reach said phone, probably had time to properly think things through and give a more rational and solid assessment of just what we saw. The result of not thinking through things is increased gossip, and social media makes it all the easier to spread. I think people also like the glory of posting some nasty story online.
  16. I always switch to cotton or a variation thereof for the summer. It seems to help me. And I do prefer them looser in the summer.
  17. I agree. To me, the OP seemed very matter-of-fact. I'm sure jbgirl "gets it".
  18. jbgirl, I hate to say "first world problem" here, but I'm afraid that's where my mind is going. My apologies! Anyway, this thread has covered the basics. I can't think of any big punishments other than no temple recommend. And 15 years is plenty of time to get used to something, provided you have given proper attempt to commit to the garments. But at 15 years, wow... it is what it is, isn't it? I have no idea if this will affect your sealing and I'm guessing that is one of those big technical questions that has all sorts of exceptions. But I would wager a guess as long as you were trying to devote yourself and your spirit to everything else... Again, at 15 years of attempts, I don't know what to say. One would think the average person would be either used to them by now or completely done with them and I'll give you kudos for continuing to try them a few times a week. I'm sorry, this isn't much of an answer. My best bet would be to be prayerful about this and consult with your bishop. I assume your husband knows and is at peace with it.
  19. In most cases I would leave it to the bishop, but as others have said he isn't omniscient. The example of a thousand dollars a month (not an uncommon mortgage payment) of cigarettes is something that should be brought up. jana is right, though. Addictions are tough to beat and perhaps it wasn't the right situation for a bishop to declare "no more help until you've completely quite the cigarettes/drugs/alcohol/what have you". I'd hope that if someone were collecting assistance while still being involved in an addictive substance the bishop would be getting them help to end the addiction. If you think it's that bad and suspect the bishop has no clue, sure, I'd give one phone call and then wash my hands of it. But I lean toward the side of the bishop probably knows.
  20. It is an interesting study that in my experience with high school has some truth. We hate the trope of the geek that can't get a date, but it has truth! Years back when I browsed the internet more than I do now I came across a man on another forum that didn't seem to have any solid concept of the female mind and sexual behavior, yet insisted his perception was right. I believe this was a man that was probably involved in these problems and way and too much computer life. I once saw another study, in reference to the ED medicine, that men of surprisingly young ages are struggling with... well... pretty much all of the shebang, and guess what one of the big common factors was?
  21. I find myself tortured by this news story today. Add that to the history of similar things and murders and all the evil that goes on. I don't want this to turn into "Why does God allow such evil?" debate. But what I can't understand here is how such evil can come into being, when a man values his own "manliness" over a child's life, where a mother places a boyfriend before her own children, where murder is considered a praiseworthy thing. If everyone is born with that innocence and potential for good, where does it go?
  22. My advice is to let it go unless you truly feel something nefarious is going on with the funds. In most cases, the bishop helps more directly than just giving X$. I hear many bishops go over the person's personal finances in order to help with assistance. At this point, trust it's being handled as well as it can be. I heard a missionary recently mention a cool story about a convert who was an alcoholic who couldn't quite go cold turkey as it would possibly kill him, so addicted was he. The convert was so determined to kick it he and his wife had a little emergency fund to pay for the hospital and a bar on the way if sudden alcoholic deprivation physically punched him. The missionary said last he heard the man was working toward sobriety. Addiction can take awhile to kick.
  23. Litzy

    Baltimore riots

    This is a good perspective, and numbers that need to be recognized, but we do need to be careful to not drag out such information when it isn't the place. Yes, there is a subculture in black communities that encourages and praises black-on-black violence, but don't doubt many more recognize the problem and seek to stop it. No, it doesn't get all the media attention that it probably deserves and it can certainly use even greater effort in support, but do know the black community does recognize and seek to fix this problem. However, when racial problems, perceived or real, come up, it doesn't to a lot of good to say "Yeah, well, black folks kill each other all the time." Yes, there are nasty numbers, but it's a tangent away from the current discussion.
  24. I'd go for a separation. His anger issues are something that are ultimately up to him to fix. Take some time to get your head cleared.