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  1. If you want to meet Mormons, I would recommend "Meet the Mormons". It's about the life story of a few Mormon folks, a general feel-good movies. It doesn't really talk theology at all (talks a lot more about football actually).
  2. Same here. And in the last ward I was in, and the one before that... I can't think of a ward I've been in with seperate classes for that age
  3. I had similar results: I emailed the guy who submitted my Grandma's name and got no response. Talking the FHC got the remaining ordinances stopped.
  4. Good news! So I emailed the familysearch people they were able to halt the rest of my Grandma's ordinances!
  5. Grandma has no living relatives besides her daughter (my mom) and son, both of whom are firm Baptists. Grandma has NO LDS descendents besides myself. We have big family reunions every summer, including even the third-cousions. It was a HUGE scandal when I joined the Mormon church.
  6. This is a very good analogy of how I feel. My grandma's endowments have not yet been done (the cards were just print yesterday) nor have her sealings. Is there anything I can do, or do I just have to watch some stranger do it? I tried emailing the submitter, but haven't gotten a response.
  7. My mom and my grandparents spent their lives building up their local baptist church. I remember going there as a child and my grandma telling her testimony with such power. Recently their local church has had to dissolve-- it's been a very trying time for my mom. She would be brought to tears at the news that someone baptized her mom Mormon without her permission. I'm also upset... because I loved my grandma so much and was looking forward to one day (after my mom passes) to being able to be able to do her work myself, not by some stranger in Nigeria/Peru/New York.
  8. Hello all, I recently stated working on my family history. I was building my family tree in FamilySearch and I noticed my grandmother's temple work was actively being done. This makes me very upset, as my mother is still alive and a staunch Baptist who would totally not approve her mom's work being done (she still not comfortable with my own conversion). Is there anything I can do? I don't know how to tell who submitted the names, and my grandma has no LDS relatives besides myself. Best I can tell someone submitted the names in a mass group and aren't doing themselves (baptism, confirmation, and initiatory were done on 3 different continents). If this were some long dead relative I won't be bothered as much, but it's my grandma...