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    I am really interested in learning the truths about leadership and business and intersecting them with the truths of the gospel. I want to help members become better leaders and followers, and I feel that some of the things I share can contribute to that vision.

    If you are interested in learning more, check out my website: thepowerofldsliving.wordpress.com
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  1. tybrad

    Advice for a NEW PARENT?

    Dear lds.net members, My wife is due with our first child this month (February 2015) and we are super excited! We are having a baby girl! I thought I would ask all those who have experience if they could share some advice on this thread. Please share your thoughts about habits, traditions, best practices, stories, or special activities you have done that have helped you with your first child. Sincerely, -Tybrad
  2. tybrad

    Hello lds.net

    I'm new to this site too! Hope you find what you are looking for! I'm sure you can message any member on this site and they would be happy to answer your questions.
  3. tybrad

    New to lds.net and want to share my blog

    I was wondering about that capitalizing. It seemed "off" to me. :)
  4. It's really cool to see so many members that are connected on this site. I just wanted to introduce myself and see if I can't relate to some people here. Short bio: I am a grad student at Utah State University getting my Masters degree in Human Resources. I really enjoy finding ways to empower people and help people to live more effective, productive, and happier lives. I have found that much of my happiness in life comes from living the principles taught in the church. I enjoy reading leadership books and every time I do I realize that the church applies many of the principles taught in these books. I created a site to try and capture these thoughts, but I just begun and would like to see if there are any other members in the world that would be interested in stuff like this. Please befriend me and let me know what you think about my site: thepowerofldsliving.wordpress.com Cheers, -Tyson