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    Dating a misson bound girl

    I don't know if I'll even say anything, I hate to think that she wouldn't do something like this because I asked her to. On the other hand I want to be with her as much as possible. I really just wanted to see if anyone had any experience or knowledge of things like that happening. I'm probably just going to get her thoughts on it. I won't really try to persuade her either way, I mostly want to know what shes thinking.
  2. So I've been dating a girl with her mission call for the past month and a half and things are getting serious. She is due to leave in mid may and I really like this girl and I feel like the feeling in reciprocated. Part of me wants to see her go and fulfill the mission call, but another wants me to convince her to stay and see the possibility of marriage. Would I be a terrible person if i tried to talk her into staying with me? I can't wait that long for her to get back. When should I bring this up? sooner or later? Anyone else had any experience with something like this?