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  1. Jane_Doe, thanks for your reply. I know very few who are married to non-members. I have an 80-something-year-old friend who has been married to a non-member for probably 60-years. Also, I used to live in Wyoming (Gillette).
  2. I am a long-time "investigator" but I think the time has come to make the change. I've been interested in the LDS way since I was a kid growing up among a large number of LDS families. I never met a member who wasn't the nicest around. Of course I wanted to be more like them. I am married to someone who is not interested in becoming involved with the LDS church which is OK with me but maybe someday he will be. I've met with missionaries on numerous occasions and have taken the lessons at least three times. I'm meeting with them again after wondering if they ever venture into my neighborhood. They sure do. After avoiding a pair of Jehovah's Witnesses not two weeks prior to the sister missionaries visiting, I was glad to see them. I have no children and have recently moved into the neighborhood.