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  1. Several weeks ago I was called as our Stakes Emergency Preparedness Specialist and in the discussion about what was expected of me I asked what the stake leadership felt our greatest challenge was. I then heard the usual litany of disasters - last summers great flood in S.C., winter ice storms, tornado season was coming up, etc...etc... After listening politely I asked if they were ready for an economic crisis. While acknowledging the possibility the conversation soon shifted back to chainsaws and mud outs. That was early in December. Now that the New Year has arrived there has been an almost daily drop in oil prices and drop in the stock markets. Tomorrow I'll meet with the stake leadership to discuss emergency preparedness and I'll ask again if they're preparing for an economic crisis or just natural disasters. I hope for a more substantive discussion of the economic issue...we'll see. I just wondered if any other Stakes/Wards have been discussing getting our financial houses in order?
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    Emergency Preparedness for Economic Crisises

    go into debt or go into food storage? the former seems to happen a lot more than the latter
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    Emergency Preparedness for Economic Crisises

    too bad these discussions aren't taking place within the family in far too many instances
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    Emergency Preparedness for Economic Crisises

    hard to have if you're in debt over your head...
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    College Football Championship Game

    They did :)
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    College Football Championship Game

    Thanks, as they say, there's always next year
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    College Football Championship Game

    Congratulations. now they've lived up to the hype. :)
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    College Football Championship Game

    they haven't lived up to all the hype yet
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    College Football Championship Game

    all tied up at the half
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    how much time would you cut off from a lesson?

    lol, depends on how boring the teacher is
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    Stop coming to Utah?

    Elder Bruce R. McConkie : "The place of gathering for the Mexican Saints is in Mexico; the place of gathering for the Guatemalan Saints is in Guatemala; the place of gathering for the Brazilian Saints is in Brazil; and so it goes throughout the length and breadth of the whole earth. . . . every nation is the gathering place for its own people." (quoted in Church News, 03/06/93...Elder McConkie died April 19, 1985)
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    Git for gits

    Houston - we have a problem
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    The Russians, Cubans and Iranians are there to prop up Assad The U.S. and this administrations Al Qaeda affiliated "free Syrian army" are trying to topple Assad. The U.S. helped "birth" Isis just as it helped "birth" Al Qaeda. The Iraqis aren't helping fight ISIS if there's another direction their army can run to. The Kurds are trying to fight ISIS but we give weapons and supplies to Iraq and the leaders there have no intention of strengthening the Kurds, so when the Iraqi army flees from ISIS, ISIS gets the weapons and supplies instead. Our "fight" against ISIS has been negligible.
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    Am I allowed to ask challenging questions here?

    Beware the Pharisees
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    lol, good for you :)
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    maybe if its a death metal band
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    Autotuned kittens

    lol, this was scary - perhaps even cruelty to kittens how on earth did you find this? :)
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    Agency, Faith, & Trials

    Kinda thinkin' the "Big Bang" ain't all it was cracked up to be so Albert inadvertently missed the mark...but that's just my take
  19. Great lines for breaking the ice on Christian Mingle
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    Question and opinion

    I can't speak for other societies of faith, I can only say in the church I attend as long as HT & VT remain the same, the number of endowed without TR's remain the same, the number of new converts still active after the first year remains basically unchanged year after year...I can't say we're growing stronger by measurable metrics.
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    Aloha and Aloha

    enjoy yourself :)
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    I am Vinsent

    welcome and enjoy yourself :)
  23. 2 Ne, 5:16 And I, Nephi, did build a temple; and I did construct it after the manner of the temple of Solomon save it were not built of so many precious things; for they were not to be found upon the land, wherefore, it could not be built like unto Solomon’s temple. But the manner of the construction was like unto the temple of Solomon; and the workmanship thereof was exceedingly fine. Now of course there would be an altar and lavar in the outer court, and it would be fairly easy to recreate an altar of incense, menorah, and table of shew bread for the Holy Place; but what about inside the Holy of Holies? Inside the Holy of Holies was the Ark of the Covenant, and according to Paul the Ark contained the tables of the 10 commandments written by the finger of God, a bowl containing manna from heaven, and Aaron’s rod that budded. Assuming Nephi also constructed an Ark, does anyone care to share a thought concerning what he might have put in it – if anything?