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  1. I have seen people write these posts before and all anyone wants to do it is tell them that they will get used to it, but it has been 15 years and I still havent gotten used to wearing my garments! It is the hardest thing for me. I struggle daily and to tell you the truth I probably only wear my garments a few times a week! I live in Florida and it is soooo hot here and I am so uncomfortable in them. They never feel right and bunch up or always peek out of something. I also get heat exhaustion really easy. No excuses though, they really bug me. So here is the only questions that I need answered...what happens if you don't wear them besides obviously that you cannot go to the temple. Can you be disciplined? Will that mean that your sealing ties are broken? Just want to know what it is that would happen if I didn't wear them. I know the church is true and I have no doubt about that andI have a strong testimony but I really cannot handle wearing them all the time. I would appreciate some answers from people that actually know the consequences of this. And please no judgement...
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    struggling wearing my garments

    I don' t need judgement as I said before... This is why Mormons get a bad name. I am just having a hard time and want to know what I would be giving up if I stopped wearing them. Because if it means me not being sealed to my family, I would just deal with it,...
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    struggling wearing my garments

    Thank you for all of your input, especially those who wish me luck and have been empathetic. For those who asked.. Yes I have tried all of the materials and it isn't even that. I don't like the feeling of wearing any of them in general. I feel so constricted and yes I would like to wear some clothing in general that would not allow me to wear my garments.. Not that I have anything hanging out, it is just a comfort thing. I love fashion too and I alwys feel so frumpy in them. I just wish I didn't have such a bad feeling towards them. My main concern is what are the consequences of not wearing them? I really do understand the importance of them... truly, for that reason I wish I could go back and wait to go through the temple until I was ready to make this kind of commitment because as a young 19 year old girl, I had no idea. So back to one of my questions.. Does anyone know if me not wearing them would actually break my sealing to my husband and children? If their is a bishop or stake president that could answer this for me that would be great. I could go to my bishop but I already know what he will say and it will be to do it anyway, pray, etc. I have done all those things... nothing has changed. Sometimes I will do good and wear them for awhile and then I go back to not wearing them again... I hate this feeling of guilt. I have always had a little bit of rebellious side in me and I feel like I have to constantly fight an internal battle of you should do this or you have to do that.... Why is it so easy for some people????