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  1. To what degree could North & South forces as mentioned in Daniel, be what we recognise as East and West? Could this be the start of the beginning of "exploits" by East & West (North & South) in that region?
  2. What is on my mind is this: A married couple receive the gospel after death and wish to receive the new and everlasting covenant of marriage. But, from certain scriptures, I feel someone might say to the vast majority of couples - your desires are good, but, you cannot be sealed together, despite your desire to receive the gospel and the marriage covenant, and the performance of the ordinance by proxies on the earth - because, according to your works in the flesh, both of you only qualify for an inheritance in the terrestial kingdom, which kingdom consists of saved individuals in the single state and not the married state. If the above were to be the case, as far as I understand, most of the human race would be cut off from the people, I mean that people in the next life connected to each other by sealings, all the way back to Adam. On the one hand, we preach or offer the hope, that people who accept the gospel including the new and everlasting covenant of marriage, in the next life, will be exalted, yet on the other hand, notwithstanding, there is also the thought that few will qualify for exaltation. I do wonder, as others do as well I'm sure, that when the earth becomes a celestial world, that there are three degrees within it. That this world is divided into three kingdoms. And if that were true, it might be easier to figure things out .
  3. Most everyone in the UK has a knowledge of Jesus Christ. They know the basics of the story in the New Testament. But never-the-less many just don't bother to look further into the Bible, so they don't end up being church-goers. They themselves would generally identify as Christian though. I think these people have, in a kind of way, received the testimony of Jesus - at least they have not rejected it, they don't specifically deny the testimony of Jesus. I think most all of my living family members are in the situation. They have not had the restored gospel preached to them. Same with my deceased relatives.
  4. Hi. Two people get married on the earth, but do not receive the testimony of Jesus. In other words, they do not identify as Christians. They die. In the spirit world the gospel is preached to them and they accept. We LDS perform a sealing ordinance for them. Assuming that the sealing is valid, does it imply the spouses can obtain exaltation? If they cannot obtain exaltation, is the sealing of some other kind of benefit? Thanks.
  5. The thrust of the revelation seems to be confusion to how we as people are related to each other. Not confusion in terms of political difficulties etc, etc.
  6. In a vision of Brigham Young, Joseph Smith told him: "....Tell the brethren if they will follow the spirit of the Lord they will go right. Be sure to tell the people to keep the Spirit of the Lord; and if they will, they will find themselves just as they were organized by our Father in Heaven before they came into the world. Our Father in Heaven organized the human family, but they are all disorganized and in great confusion". This fascinates me. About the organization. Not much revealed though about this. How are we in confusion and all disorganized? Any ideas?
  7. I haven't been the my ward for ages. Never-the-less the Spirit of God reflects on the spirit of a man and gets him to thinking on any subject.
  8. Hi. My personal view is that the meetings of the saints on Sundays is far from being as beneficial as they cou;ld be. Our Sunday meetings could be arranged differently so that actually we got away from sitting in rows facing lessons practically the whole time. If I had my druthers I'd spend less time on teachers addressing the saints, and focus on trying to build up the sense of Zion community. Sure, we are the latter day Zion people, but our Sunday services hardly appeal to that fact, Our Sunday services are old-fashioned, based essentially on the mainstream Christian world's way of doing things. Also, I would not have straight rows for sitting, but more a conference layout. I think there would be less people feeling they are outsiders, if the church re-jigged it's Sunday program. And thought much more about how can Sunday be more of an opportunty for the saints to feel they are Zion and to be knit together rather more closely than we are.
  9. The simple answer is that in order to purchase garments, you only need to be an endowed member. A temple recommend. is not required. (Unless it is a recommend for your endowment).
  10. From the website: Q. What information do I need to provide in order to purchase garments? A. You must be endowed or have a signed and activated temple recommend to receive your endowment before you may purchase garments. Your LDS Account will verify this information and permit you to purchase garments. " I'm not wanting to buy ceremonial garments, which is a different kettle of fish. I am an endowed member. So, I should be able to purchase my own garments. But the "Add to basket" button on the store site is sort of greyed-out. I think this is an issue between a man and his Maker. It's my decision whether to wear my garments or not, not the church. It appears.
  11. Seems you think your comments need to be pretty much about point-scoring and judging others and/or getting the better of others. Putting people down etc. Oh, well, fairly typical perhaps in this day and age. I think you need to contemplate are you on a firm foundation or a sandy one.
  12. I expect or hope for serious and honest comments and discussion. Discussion and replies that are not rooted in insufferable presumptions, mocking, or defensiveness on the part of church members who cannot avoid being so out of their fears, or a feeling they have to " push back" based on a rash conclusion that the church is being attacked. I'm not attacking the church in bringing up this issue.
  13. Hi. I'm an endowed member of the church, and in good standing within the church. But for quite some time have only been attending infrequently. I don't have a temple recommend, because I've been thinking it's a bit pointless having one at the moment if it's not going to be used - whilst I'm not attending church much. At least that's been my thinking. I've worn my garments ever since I received my endowment back in the 1980's. Usually a friend of mine purchases my garments at the Chorley temple when she attends. But, there has been a change and the garment I need (Long -John thermal type) I will have to buy thru But, there is a problem: I myself cannot purchase garments for myself, because I don't have a temple recommend. This makes me feel alienated actually. But, is this policy of refusing to sell garments to otherwise worthy members of the church legal? or is it a breach of law? Specifically EU law. Thanks. P.S. I assume I understand the policy correctly.
  14. Hi. I believe the gospel is true and Joseph Smith was instrumental in restoring the priesthood and the kindom of God on the earth. But, I've never felt great joy, even though I know I'm blessed to have the gospel knowledge I have. I get most of my real joy enjoying a warm summers day out in the country. But, that should not be. So, may I ask - what is it about the gospel that makes you really joyful? Or, what should we have joy in? Is this great joy unobtainable without actually being filled with the Holy Ghost? Is feeling of peace a substitute for joy? If one is not joyful, are they missing something, or failing to appreciate something? Thanks. Rich
  15. Not read much posts. Her's my take on recent events in the middle east. The northern and southern players of a power struggle have now begun to crystalize. Israel in the middle. The ""Southern "Kingdom" or army of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya.(Sunni) And to some extent Israel & the U.S. The "Northern kingdom" or army of Iran, Iraq (Shi'i bits) Russia, + other states within Russia. (Shi'i). Proxy wars, that lead eventually to the northern army thinking, "Now that we have this big army, and we are invincible, let's turn our attention on Israel. Much spols to be gained." Armageddon, which sees northern army eventually 5/6ths destroyed and defeated by Jesus Christ. Oh, and Turkey, being Sunni, gets obliterated by Russia.