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  1. BabyAngelEyez911

    any1's family in fancy farm, ky?

    im working on a book for my family and the awesome temple stuff. And am finding everyone who comes from this awesome town fancy farm is very possiblly related to me. anyways if you know or you are mail me.....:)
  2. i talked to the relief society president a couple months ago but wasnt sure about it yet.... i had to talk to the bishops and see about that go from there.
  3. I have been feeling sorry for this one girl in my church. I dont know if she "is" a member or what. But i see her every so often. I go up to her all the time and welcome her and tell her sit next me and we talk. When we do, she changes the subject but not on purpose (i think she has a mental disease, thats okay) she is like a child, doesn't understand some stuff, so i have to speak to her thruou the class releif society to explain some stuff to her. i see her on the streets all the time and i ponder in my head if i should visit teach her. she says shes a member, and been coming here to this building. she feels most comfortable here also. anyways i prayed and pondered again the other day to know if i should be a visiting teacher to her, i got a response saying i should be but the problem is she is in the other ward/time. i tried this before but wasnt sure, not that i got the complete answer yes i can be her visiting teacher, i can include her with the approval of her ward and my ward. so the question is you think i can use the visiting teaching message, use a picture that goes with that to teach her the lessons in the future? (since she has a hard time understanding stuff):)
  4. BabyAngelEyez911

    A convert of since 2005....still learning! :)

    thank you!!! :)
  5. Hey there im 23 and im still learning about the church. i go to the temple, do family history (currently in germany), got sealed to my husband who i had prayed for....hooray for the Father! I do not reply much in all this im still very new to this. i would very much would like some buddies in case if i had some questions. lately i have been having some people walk up to me or maybe im walking up to them to (service calls to them to know of the church). i start talking and then they ask in the middle of what im trying to say, whats apostasy? (this past week i told half of the storey, i did look it up, i had print it up also and im going to give to this guy thats athiest), whats this piligamy? i tell them for this we dont believe, we use too way back in the days of joseph smith. And i say this because i want them to know about this awesome young man. But im very good at leaving half of the storey out. But what i should of said pimigamy was only used for this young man joseph at this time ain Father's higher greater good....but not all men were able have alot of wives. i forgot to tell him that part of 'not all men were able to have alot of wives'.....oops!. and then i get a question about 'hell'? whats does mormons believe about hell? so im sitting here thinking about my temple stuff, oh gee what do i say? i tell him there is hell and there is missionaries on the other side.....i went home and asked my husband and i of coarse i missed some stuff "the plan of salvation" , today i see that guy, i will give a pamplet of the plan of salvation. so like i mentions before i need a few buddies in case this happens again, i do ask my church friends, my husband, my family thats mormon....which is my husband side. anyways thanks reading!
  6. BabyAngelEyez911

    Let's Start Searching is awesome! that is the only site i have found most of my family on.