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    Church ExCommunication

    Meeting with Bishop tomorrow at 9:30am Why am I worried about being excommunicated? This church has provided so much -- I do hope that what they teach is true but I feel like I am confused right now. My Bishop is a very aggressive guy. I just don't know. I'll keep y'all posted. Grateful for your responses.

    Church ExCommunication

    I've heard a few things in regards to excommunication -- A little background before I ask the question. My mother is an inactive member of the church and my father is not a member of the church. By my own choice, I left on a mission (therefore endowed etc...)I served honorably and loved my mission. I think about it everyday. The thing is, even before my mission, I without a doubt in my mind believed in God -- but had the upmost time with Jesus Christ and his resurrection. I've also had a hard time rapping my mind around the church and their associating with the Theory of Evolution. My father is in full support and loves the church. He has nothing poor to say about it -- but he introduced me to the idea of evolution when I was young and he said the Church does agree with it -- mainly because BYU teaches Anthropology at their Universities. But, during my mission (we had daily access to the internet) -- I did research and found high ranking Quorom members basically bastardizing the entire process. I did more study into their Anthropology program and they speak nill of Evolution (hardly mentioned or talked about). As I said, I served an honorable mission and was even placed into an Assistant position by the end -- but I never brought my question to my mission president and his view on evolution. I decided to go to my YSA bishop when I got back and his answer is 'Its just a theory'. Now, the issue I have here is not with the bishops answer -- he is just one man who I know cannot speak for the entire church, but from my in depth research -- the church DOES NOT support evolution. This is not my question though. The first three months I prayed, went to the temple, church, etc -- everything I wanted to do and what I knew to do -- but no answer. I since then decided to distance myself from the Church. I let my Temple recommend expire and started drinking. I did not start drinking till the recommend expired. I did that for a few months -- still when to church alone but I did not let myself take the sacrament because I know of its importance -- But the last two months, I've been to church now twice. I went from consecutively going every Sunday to twice in two months. I also started sleeping with my girlfriend (who is not a member) -- and plan to move in with her. I do not feel like I have an anger or malice towards the church -- I have moved away from the core tenants and teachings of the church. I am worried about excommunication though -- Someone from my ward went to my bishop and blew the situation out of the water (told him I'm planning on leaving the church, girlfriend is trying to get pregnant, and other ridiculous things -- all untrue) My bishop obviously now wants to meet with me. I tried to be respectful from staying out of the temple, not taking the sacrament, and abusing those sacred things -- but could I still face excommunication? I do not feel like I have a relationship or solid testimony of Christ or the Holy Spirit. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.