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  1. If you get the chance, check out Get Religion [dot] org, a website run by a group of veteran religion reporters who analyze how various media outlets cover different stories. They write as if they were journalism professors, noting strengths and weaknesses to the various approaches taken in an article. A general conclusion they come to, however, is that because so few outlets take religious news seriously these days, too few journalists are being trained in how to properly handle various topics and so are clearly in over their head.
  2. Ironhold

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Do yourself a favor and don't watch the deleted scenes. One deleted scene makes her out to be a straight-up villain in her own movie. And yeah - Captain Marvel was awful, Spider-Man was bleh, and Endgame pretty much wrapped up everything important. If not for my being a movie reviewer I'd be done with the MCU as well.
  3. Ironhold

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Spider-Ham hails from an alternate universe where everyone is a "funny animal" character like Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck. If memory serves, he's been hanging around since the 1980s.
  4. Ironhold

    Andy Ngo There's now a petition on the White House website demanding that Antifa be declared a domestic terror organization. Given that Ngo was an openly homosexual man of Vietnamese descent and yet Antifa claims that they only target alt-right, white supremacist, and fascist groups, people are finally starting to realize that something's seriously wrong.
  5. Ironhold

    Really? The world is coming to this?

    According to the Wikipedia article, the play was first staged in 1993 and is allegedly an updated version of the 1890s "La Boheme", which was similarly about a group of ne'er-do-wells.
  6. Ironhold


    Meanwhile, in my part of Texas, a store that has been "going out of business" for over a year now put up a sign saying "new inventory available". It's at the intersection I take to my preferred comic shop, so I see it quite a bit.
  7. Ironhold

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Modern-day "feminists" only get up in arms if a *woman* is being sexualized... especially if the woman is more attractive than they are to begin with. The whole "crabs in a bucket" bit? That's feminists with a woman who is attractive in the traditional sense (whether physically, emotionally, or otherwise).
  8. Clothing - Regardless of how "fair" it is or isn't, the truth of the matter is that people *will* judge one another on the basis of what they wear. For example, when I went to a job fair back in college, a recruiter offered me a position, pending graduation, for the simple fact that I was the only applicant that day who came in wearing a suit. This would be an office job with an insurance company, and as ill-fitting as my suit was it was still a suit and still the most presentable thing anyone wore that day. (The recession hit right as I was going to graduate, and so the company cancelled plans to expand into my area. Oy.) That's right. At the various job fairs I was attending, one could readily find people who were wearing anything *but* professional clothing. This included one person who showed up wearing a track suit and a young woman who showed up wearing hip-huggers and no belt; long story short, when she squatted down to fill out some paperwork, she ended up accidentally mooning an entire row of recruiters. Believe it or not.
  9. Ironhold

    Captain Marvel and the press

    There is a *massive* media push to make this film as successful as possible, and to accordingly label anyone who doesn't like it as a "hater". When this happens, facts are inconvenient to the narrative.
  10. Ironhold

    Trying to make sense of something.

    Freezer - Spent most of the day waiting for the repair tech to come, and he finally showed up around 4:30 PM... meaning I could have gotten a lot done if I'd have known he'd have been this late. Basically, something took out the thermostat. We had the extended warranty, so it was covered. Car - I got it to run, but it stumbles and stutters if it idles too long (like at a traffic light with a long cycle) or I put it in reverse. It may not have too much longer. Oklahoma - Got stuck behind *two* vehicles with Oklahoma plates today, once while entering a shopping center and again while leaving it.
  11. Ironhold

    Trying to make sense of something.

    My car hasn't been working right since right after Christmas when I hit a deep, water-filled pothole. I had a feeling I should avoid that stretch of road, but my dad's work keys were missing and it was all hands on deck trying to retrace his steps; that road was the most direct course between A and B. My dad's the only one who can drive it right now without it stalling out, but because he can get it to run without stalling out he presumes everyone else can. I've been through a massive run-around trying to get the final document I need for my taxes (my insurance company and the Exchange are going back and forth as to who should have sent it to me), my hours at work have been cut back, the family desktop spent a week in the shop because the motherboard and power supply finally went after 7 years, the upright freezer went out, one of my brothers is coming down in a few days to make my dad finally sign the paperwork he needs to sign so that he can retire, et cetra.
  12. Before I started doing newspapers, a family friend had asked me to fill in for his own newspaper route with a different paper. Fine. ...Except the truck that was supposed to bring the papers up from the press broke down, and it took so long to get everything on to another truck that everything was two hours late. Thus, I had no time to sleep before I went to church that day. I didn't even have the luxury of nodding off in sacrament, as I was asked to teach a Sunday school class that very day for someone else, and I needed the time to read the manual. I figure I was approaching 36 hours awake - at least - when I got to Priesthood. It took the last little bit of my conscious thought processes to *not* just simply go nuts right then and there.
  13. Ironhold

    Third Hour get together in Texas

    Can't travel too far from my part of Central Texas (up by Ft. Hood) without issue due to my spine; sitting too long causes too many issues.
  14. Background - 1. I'm from a military family. The United States military reserves the right to re-assign people from base to base as needed given their rank, job type, and perceived need. I was in kindergarten before we finally ended up in one single town, and it was third grade before we finally stopped moving. 2. My parents and I have various health and financial issues, such that at the present it's for our mutual benefit to live and work together. Over the last few years I've had dreams to where my parents ended up relocating, and so I had to go with because I was not in a state to where I could live alone. In each instance, a big part of the dream was the stress of having to choose what we'd be taking with us and what would have to be left behind. Back on Saturday morning, I had another such dream. In the dream, we were obligated to move to Oklahoma; my parents had tried to secure housing in Lawton, but instead we'd be moving to the nearby - and as it turns out, entirely fictional - town of Morrell. Remember what I said above about being from a military family? At one point in time we did indeed live in Lawton while my dad was stationed at Ft. Sill. I mulled things over while doing some yard work, and something came to me: back when we first left Lawton, I - being a young child - was desperate to go back. I could only see what I didn't have at where we moved to versus what I'd had back in Oklahoma, and it took my parents reminding me that my few friends had all likely moved away as well before I started to settle down. This led me to conclude that these dreams were a way for someone or something to get me to realize that I had to be ready to accept change in my life, no matter how painful, and that change could bring new opportunities. I then sat down, mused over how frustratingly difficult it *would* be to relocate back to the Lawton area from where I am, and laughed the details off. Fast-forward to today. The newspaper I'm with is well below Hollywood's radar, and so I don't get any of the freebies or other nice things bigger movie critics get. Instead, I see my movies at the local branch of a Texas-based movie theater chain. When I went to check the website earlier this evening to see if they had the listings up for this weekend, I noted that they were opening a new location. ...In Tulsa. Could this be the first sign that perhaps I'm supposed to look into something in Oklahoma? Or is this just a coincidence? I'm fried right now due to a bunch of IRL drama, and I don't exactly have any "quiet" places to begin with. Thanks.
  15. Ironhold

    Falling for a missionary

    If this person is still on their mission, then that message is suspect at absolute best.