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  1. Ironhold

    Green New Deal - AOC and Ed Markey version

    Either way, the whole thing makes it very, very clear that AOC is well divorced from reality. I've even heard rumors that the Democrats in her home state are looking to redistrict her district out of existence so that they can justify getting rid of her.
  2. Ironhold

    Green New Deal - AOC and Ed Markey version

    The very first draft had reference to the basic living wage being for people who were unwilling to work as well as those who were unable. Suffice to say that once people found out about that the bit in bold disappeared quickly.
  3. Ironhold

    Green New Deal - AOC and Ed Markey version

    The only way to eliminate cow farts is to eliminate cows. That means no more cow's milk or beef. ...On top of eliminating thousands of animals. That alone would bring a coup attempt against any politician who tried to make it happen. I'm serious. Too many industries would be disrupted, too many people would be unemployed, and too many people from both sides of the spectrum would be morally outraged. Something would give then and there.
  4. Ironhold

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    A big part of the early advertising was all the pop culture references in the movie.
  5. Sadly? Probably. Remember the shooting at YouTube Headquarters? The minute it came out that the shooter was a Middle Eastern woman who believed that the company was censoring her, most mainstream outlets suddenly found better things to report on. The FLDS compound here in Texas? Once it was revealed that the initial phone call that prompted the raid was a hoax call from someone in Colorado, all national-level news coverage ceased; only news outlets in Texas and Colorado continued to cover the story. And so on. The less the facts fit a narrative, the less a news outlet is going to cover it.
  6. Ironhold

    Investigator Question

    One of the more colorful figures from church history was J. Golden Kimball. A mule driver by trade, Kimball had developed a habit for speaking bluntly, often including profanity. But his faith was so great that he was still appointed to several key positions in the church. While serving as a mission president, Kimball was invited to publicly debate a prominent local minister. The minister went first. He made a mantra out of providing faint praise, then saying "...but they're going to Hell!" after each and every thing. This went on for two hours. Then it was Kimball's turn. Kimball stood, said one single sentence, and sat back down. "I'd rather be Mormon and go to Hell than not be Mormon and not know where the [bleep] I'm going." The local media declared Kimball the winner. You see, the minister had spent two hours saying nothing about what he believed. Kimball took a few seconds to say that he considered what he found within the church to be so precious he was willing to gamble eternity on it.
  7. Ironhold

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Bumblebee Looks like a fine reboot to the Transformers live-action series, if if it is a bit cringe-inducing in places. Just remember that it's still PG-13, and for a good reason.
  8. Ironhold

    Looking for some verses or citations

    Went with this one. Thanks!
  9. This is for something I'm writing. The idea is that when a character is at their lowest, they'll get their daily "motivator" e-mail from some list they've signed up for or someone's Twitter feed (et cetra). The message is something that says, in essence, that when things are at their worst it could be a sign things'll be at their best soon. Anyone know of any verses or citations that could work for this? I'm not feeling right, so I can't quite think right now. Thanks.
  10. Ironhold


    This isn't actually the first time anyone has floated the prospect of someone leaving the EU. Some years ago, when the global recession was at its worst, there was speculation that Greece would leave. Greece was in severe financial crisis, and having the Euro as its currency wasn't helping. Had Greece retained the Drachma, then it would have experienced the usual inflation and deflation that goes with such a situation on the way to recovery. But since the Euro is a fixed rate, the people in Greece saw their purchasing power - and thus ability to pay their debts - erode badly. As it is, the EU is getting pretty monarchic in nature. The powers-that-be are largely not subject to any checks or balances, which is how things like Article 13 (which would essentially destroy both Fair Use and Safe Harbor as we know it) were able to plow on through despite opposition from even major communications powers and corporate entities. That they were threatening consequences for any EU state that wasn't willing to accept the free flow of immigrants didn't help the cause any, as it made the powers-that-be look like bullies. That the nations who did accept immigrants are dealing with an extended series of horror shows the other nations aren't is rather proving the point. Hence why the globalists are fighting tooth and nail to keep Brexit from going through: they rightly fear that if the UK is able to break away, those nations that had been bullied earlier will break off as well and perhaps even Greece. Once that happens, the curtain will be pulled back and the whole world will be able to see what's really going on.
  11. Until I can find that Mythbusters clip, here's another one -
  12. It's up to the individual to decide. That being said, the use of alcohol in cooking *is* controversial due to the fact that it doesn't always cook out. Even some people who aren't members of the church avoid it for this very reason, and there was a "mini-myth" that the TV show "Mythbusters" did in which two of the hosts failed a breathalyzer after indulging in Christmas cookies made using alcohol.
  13. Ironhold

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    It's not. One can readily find the many, many places in which the film deviates from actual recorded history, such as when various songs were released. Basically, if the film had been about a fictitious band that had parallels to Queen, it'd have been a pretty good movie all things considered (like the many goofs). But there's too much wrong with the film that anyone can easily fact-check for themselves. Here's an example: Spoiler: In the film, they have Freddie spending much of 1984 by himself working on his solo album. In reality, Freddie spent most of 1984 on tour with Queen, as their album "The Works" had been released that February. The song "I Want To Break Free"? It was from that album; the movie implies that it was released circa 1982 / 1983.
  14. Ironhold

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Early reports have gone back and forth as to whether or not Overlord is somehow part of the Cloverfield franchise.
  15. Ironhold

    My lovely commute this morning

    Got an alert Tuesday morning at the glorious hour of 5:30 AM saying that we were under a tornado warning for the next 45 minutes. That's how much rain we've gotten lately. Started Saturday and went until yesterday afternoon.