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  1. Ironhold

    The election

    There are a *lot* of people alleging shenanigans, and this comes on top of one county in Michigan admitting that they were having to redo their totals because they suspect that their tabulation software screwed up. Jarrett re Use of Sharpie Markers_Redacted.pdf Meanwhile, in Arizona, the attorney general is responding to reports that people who used permanent markers to mark their ballots as opposed to ink pens had their ballots automatically rejected even when they voted in person and the poll workers gave them the permanent markers.
  2. Ironhold

    Halloween Cancelled?

    In my neighborhood, Halloween has been a moot point for several years now. The neighborhood's getting older as the kids grow up and move away rather than moving into other homes as they become open, and so fewer and fewer kids have come each year. I fully expect Publisher's Clearinghouse to come on Halloween (since that's when they're doing a big contest) before any kids do.
  3. We've been able to go back to church for a month now, but in limited numbers (the family wards can only have 2/3rds the families in a week because there are too many people otherwise) and with strict restrictions in place. I honestly get so little out of it despite the fuss that I may as well not even be going.
  4. The only reason I'd get Netflix is for my job as an entertainment writer, but I have so many physical DVDs I still need to go through that it'd be a hard sell, especially if I wanted to seek reimbursement. Now, I have no desire to ever sign up.
  5. Ironhold

    Facebook Missionaries

    Back in the 2000s, my local and stake priesthood leadership were largely of the opinion that the internet was comprised of e-mail, the church website, and porn. If a person wasn't doing e-mail or the church website, they were likely up to no good. Thus, parents needed to be hyper-vigilant and question everything. I was, so near as I can tell, literally the only person in the stake using the internet to talk with people about the church. At the time, merely self-identifying as a member of the church could bring death threats. That's how overtly hostile the internet was to the church, and there were precious few resources we could use to counter this hatred. The church website was barely functional even on a good day, and apologetics websites were few and far between. Those of us who were members had to quickly find each other, band together, and brace for onslaught, as we were on our own. I think you can understand why I have to bite my tongue whenever I see people nowadays going on and on about how great and awesome the internet is and how the Bloggernacle just magically appeared out of nowhere as a symbol of power.
  6. 4-Chan has declared the movie to be so extreme that the administrators have announced they will instantly and permanently ban anyone who posts images from it. 4-Chan. It should say something when Netflix is going to places even 4-Chan wants no part of, and I would not be surprised if 4-Chan tried to take Netflix offline over this.
  7. Ironhold

    What’s the last movie you watched? Eurovision was created generations ago in the hopes of fostering international goodwill, and winning can be a massive boost to the act and nation alike. But the way things so often operate have left the event ripe for parody, and world politics has affected it on a few occasions.
  8. Ironhold

    Bubba Wallace

    Wallace is *still* insisting that it was a noose.
  9. Ironhold

    Atlantis......... Was it real?

    To be more specific, the descriptions given in the Book of Mormon all sync with what is known to happen in cataclysmic geological upheavals, and in fact Central America - where many scholars speculate it all happened - is the meeting point of numerous crustal plates, making it incredibly active geologically. I'm trying to remember the name of it, but Mexico has a volcano that *literally* sprang up overnight in a farmer's field.
  10. Ironhold

    Songs that Don't Make Sense

    There's been active speculation as to just what took place, up to and including the pair having a homosexual encounter.
  11. Ironhold

    Faked Protests General consensus is that many of the rioters in various cities are actually not from the cities they're rioting in, but there's disagreement as to who they are and what they're doing.
  12. Ironhold

    Twitter vs The White House

    Over on Twitch there's someone who bills themself as "Ferocious Steph" It's a transgender individual who thinks video gamers are latent white supremacists and legitimately believes that they're a deer in a human body. Oh, they're also a moderator at Twitch, and they made an entire video saying how they have free speech but no one else does, and as such their decisions as a moderator are not to be challenged. Yeah...
  13. Ironhold

    Twitter vs The White House

    This one has been a long time in coming, actually. There's a history of individual moderators abusing their power to suppress what they don't like and protect what they do. It was inevitable that they'd finally poke a hornet's nest.
  14. There are heavy metal bands who did Christmas albums. Just look up Manowar's rendition of "Stille Nacht"... and remember that they're a band most famous for their Viking war anthems. edit - bear in mind that their album covers frequently feature naked women fawning over buff warrior guys, so be warned.
  15. Ironhold


    Due to extensive damage to my sinuses I sometimes have to breathe through my mouth to get enough air. Most kinds of face mask make that difficult to impossible. So I can maybe wear my mask for 10 - 15 minutes at a time before I have to take it off and get a good, big breath. As you can imagine, I've had to fight my parents about this, as they think I'm just hyper-ventilating.