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  1. Ironhold

    Bubba Wallace

    Wallace is *still* insisting that it was a noose.
  2. Ironhold

    Atlantis......... Was it real?

    To be more specific, the descriptions given in the Book of Mormon all sync with what is known to happen in cataclysmic geological upheavals, and in fact Central America - where many scholars speculate it all happened - is the meeting point of numerous crustal plates, making it incredibly active geologically. I'm trying to remember the name of it, but Mexico has a volcano that *literally* sprang up overnight in a farmer's field.
  3. Ironhold

    Songs that Don't Make Sense

    There's been active speculation as to just what took place, up to and including the pair having a homosexual encounter.
  4. Ironhold

    Faked Protests General consensus is that many of the rioters in various cities are actually not from the cities they're rioting in, but there's disagreement as to who they are and what they're doing.
  5. Ironhold

    Twitter vs The White House

    Over on Twitch there's someone who bills themself as "Ferocious Steph" It's a transgender individual who thinks video gamers are latent white supremacists and legitimately believes that they're a deer in a human body. Oh, they're also a moderator at Twitch, and they made an entire video saying how they have free speech but no one else does, and as such their decisions as a moderator are not to be challenged. Yeah...
  6. Ironhold

    Twitter vs The White House

    This one has been a long time in coming, actually. There's a history of individual moderators abusing their power to suppress what they don't like and protect what they do. It was inevitable that they'd finally poke a hornet's nest.
  7. There are heavy metal bands who did Christmas albums. Just look up Manowar's rendition of "Stille Nacht"... and remember that they're a band most famous for their Viking war anthems. edit - bear in mind that their album covers frequently feature naked women fawning over buff warrior guys, so be warned.
  8. Ironhold

    Interesting COVID-19 numbers from Southern Utah

    Due to extensive damage to my sinuses I sometimes have to breathe through my mouth to get enough air. Most kinds of face mask make that difficult to impossible. So I can maybe wear my mask for 10 - 15 minutes at a time before I have to take it off and get a good, big breath. As you can imagine, I've had to fight my parents about this, as they think I'm just hyper-ventilating.
  9. The cantina owner is now saying that they saw the police inspect the weapon *before* they got physical with the employee, and so now the department has launched an investigation.
  10. By coincidence, earlier I had a rather unfortunate exchange online. I don't think the other person is a member of the church, but it's still illustrative of the point. You see, the person saw a risque bit of fan artwork someone did of a video game character and started in guns a-blazing about how it was vile and "disrespectful" to the character. I joined with a few others in trying to explain that regardless of how one feels about something like this, it's comparatively minor. Politely talk with the artist if you must, but leave it at that. Simply put, if a person spends all of their time and credibility going off at the least little thing, they won't have enough of either one left for when something critical comes up. In this case, it's just a doodle. It's not a real person being harmed. I save my energy for people like cyber-bullies, corrupt / incompetent media figures, and others who are doing real harm to real people. This person has since been trying to drag my name by saying that I'm just fine with all things explicit. This person appears to be relatively new to the internet, and so doesn't understand that "things to be offended by" are a dime a dozen. They lack this perspective, and so they don't realize how draining and counter-productive it can be to keep trying to argue every last thing that gets someone's goat. The concept of "deal with what you can, entrust the rest to God" seems lost on them. I imagine that's how it is for a lot of the people who get uptight over minor things but can't comprehend major things.
  11. Ironhold

    Mayor of NYC targets Jews

    The funeral was indeed planned to be within the limits put in place under New York City law, but a surge of mourners came and the organizers had no means of turning them back. As it is, de Blasio's tweet called out the entire Jewish community within the city rather than this small segment, which is why people presumed the worst.
  12. (note: the footage of the incident contains uncensored language) Police in Alberta are having to explain themselves after they drew guns on a cantina employee who was dressed as a Star Wars Storm Trooper for May 4th. They're saying that someone called in saying there was a person with a gun and that they had to get physical because the person was "non-compliant", but witnesses are saying that the cops did nothing to investigate or de-escalate and that the employee said the costume was restricting her range of motion. There's the implication that the employee and cantina will both consider legal action, and for obvious reasons it's started a debate among the cosplay community.
  13. The Department of Homeland Security is saying that China deliberately downplayed their response to COVID-19 so that they could hoard medical supplies. Given the severity of the charge, I'd say China has some explaining to do.
  14. Ironhold

    Kneeling to bless sacrament.

    He's got a bad vertebrae himself, and so presumes that because he's fully functional I should be fully functional as well. Thing is, his cracked but healed right back up, and he had almost no other issues in the mix to complicate it. I spent junior high and high school dealing with spine, hip, and knee issues that I couldn't get people to believe that I was experiencing. My body was growing so fast it was growing asymmetrically, and things got bent and twisted as a result. Physical therapy could have possibly solved the matter back then, but now I'm looking at multiple rounds of corrective surgery. The thing my parents - and others who won't listen - keep going back to is my weight, which I've struggled with my entire life and which I've had an even bigger issue with because... their not listening to me for so long meant that I'm now having issues with blood sugar and blood pressure, which makes it hard to follow their notions of what ideal meals and ideal exercise should be. They forget that even when I was taking an extreme load of physical fitness training in college my weight *still* never went below 20 pounds above what the Army says I should be at. Whatever weight I lost in fat I'd gain back in muscle mass.
  15. Maybe some of you can help me. In real life, I have a slipped vertebrae. Not disk, vertebrae. This is the final culmination of over two decades of my not being able to get people to listen when I tried to tell them that I was having all sorts of health issues and needed their help. My spine and hips are so messed up that the last physical therapist I tried to visit showed me the door because she couldn't understand how I was still walking and so she couldn't figure how to help me. Basically, my vertebrae slipped because my spine and hips are curved enough that a critical bit of force at the wrong time hammered it out of place. That my hips are off, by the way, has led to my knees being screwed up as well since they're having to compensate. As you can imagine, there are a lot of things I have trouble with doing, things most people take for granted. I have an understanding with the branch president that I can only go to one knee when I go to bless the sacrament, as if I go down to both knees I literally cannot get up without either help or a struggle; even then, I have to put my hand on the sacrament table to brace and essentially push myself up off the floor. He understands that this is the best I can do under my specific circumstances and accepts it accordingly. Not everyone is so understanding, however. Earlier I helped my dad do at-home sacrament. Since I have so much trouble standing back up, I've either only done one knee or been squatting down. He made a specific scene of asking me if I could kneel, and I told him that if he wanted me to kneel with both knees then he'd have to help me back up. He didn't help me get back up. Several painful seconds later, the sacredness was gone and so was my back. This isn't the first time he left me struggling to stand back up after something. But that he did it during sacrament? How can I best get it through to people that I have issues and I'm doing the best I can within the limits of those issues? Thanks.