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  1. Ironhold

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    Oh, they showed up. Yesterday I just got hammered around noon, feeling so incredibly exhausted I just laid down on the couch and slept. I'd sleep for a while, wake up, have a severe nose bleed (I am prone to nose bleeds because of damage to my sinuses, but even for me this was bad), then once the bleeding stopped I'd go back to sleep. I finally woke up around 6:30, had a little bit of dinner, watched wrestling, watched a game show, and then basically went to sleep... ...During which I had repeated fever dreams and woke up sweating hard, and as before when I was awake my nose was bleeding. I'd say that between the nose bleeds and the fever dreams, I've very much had a reaction.
  2. Ironhold

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    My mom wouldn't stop nagging me, so I got my shot today under the condition that she be there with me in case I had a reaction. Today is the only day of the week I don't have fixed plans for work or other activities in the evening, so it's my only real shot. ...But dad decided he had plans for today on top of what mom already had, and so it was close to 2:30 PM by the time I got my shot. On a normal Tuesday, I'd have done my errands around 9 AM, gotten home, and gotten right on my paperwork. Instead, I waited until about 11 AM to give them the benefit of the doubt before doing my own errands because I wanted to give them time, and instead it was 2 PM before they finished up with theirs. Had I done things to my schedule, I'd have already been done with paperwork when the office called to let me know some customers hadn't gotten their papers. Instead, I had to drop everything *yet again* to run, re-deliver those papers, and come back. I'm now several hours behind, missed an important message about some people from church getting spoof friend requests (meaning I'm now worried about my Facebook account), and now have a blazing stress headache. It's 6 PM local, and I figure it'll be about 10 PM local before I'm done with what I need to do. This is the kind of snafu I was hoping to avoid, but she just wouldn't stop. She knows I have issues with stress, she knows I'm likely on the autism spectrum to the point that I need to get in to see someone, but she just wouldn't let up. Once again, her drama became my drama, and I'm paying for it. (And no, so much of my paycheck goes for Obamacare that I can't even afford regular medical checkups, let alone rent on a place of my own.)
  3. Ironhold

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    Bell County Comic-Con is coming up on the 7th and 8th in Belton, Texas. Mom is after me to get my first shot before this happens because of the sheer number of people who are likely going to be there. What I'm looking at is that one of my brothers had a reaction to the vaccines he got (he never said which one), and when my dad got his first shot he was exhausted for several days. In addition to working for the newspaper, I also do a *lot* for other people IRL in addition to handling my own things. For example, I just now got notice that one of my fellow couriers is going to be out this week, and so they'll have a substitute in his place. I simply don't have the downtime available to me in case I have an issue with the vaccine. Rock and a hard place here...
  4. In real life, there's something known as "Caregiver's Fatigue". This is a situation where a person puts so much of their time, energy, and focus into caring for others that they have very little left for themselves or those around them. I actually have a deformity because of this. My maternal grandmother had Alzheimer's, and my parents were so busy taking care of the paperwork and legal materials *in addition to* going to the nursing home to make sure she was taken care of that I couldn't get them to understand that the assorted aches and pains I kept feeling were more than "growing pains" or my "not [being] used to physical activity". It turns out that the aches and pains were scoliosis, and by the time I was an adult and in a position to actually get myself to a doctor on my own accord a pretty bad case had set in. It actually got to my hips and legs because of how long my spine was curved, and I'm now looking at multiple rounds of surgery to correct it. Situations like this, where a person is completely drained or where someone's efforts to care for others left them uncared for, are when #2 turns into #1 and people start walking some very dark paths.
  5. Ironhold

    BYU Hawaii - vaccine required

    IRL, I'm the entertainment writer for a local family of newspapers. I've had people tell me that they wait to get my review before deciding to see a movie or not. Even if they disagree with my review, they trust that I'm being honest with my opinion. In other words, I - as one person - have the ability to influence what people in three counties see in theaters. Never underestimate how much influence you can have with your friends and neighbors.
  6. Ironhold

    BYU Hawaii - vaccine required

    From what I understand, Hawaii is being incredibly strict about COVID vaccinations, to the point that even individuals such as the person in the story are being denied exemptions that doctors in Utah or Idaho likely would have granted. I know that here in Texas she'd have pretty good odds of getting that exemption. The decision to deny the exemption was likely based on state requirement rather than anything to do with the college or the church. However, this hasn't stopped people on social media from going after the church like they usually do when it makes the news.
  7. Ironhold

    Summer plans?

    Movie theaters were able to re-open last August here in Texas. The Cinergy chain re-opened for "Tenet".
  8. Ironhold

    Summer plans?

    I have tickets for Bell County Comic Con on August 7th. These are the tickets I got last year, and they've been rolled over by the organizers because COVID shut the con down last year.
  9. Ironhold

    Your Ward... back to normal after Covid?

    The building here in Cove has four congregations: Cove I Ward Cove II Ward Killeen 4th Ward Clear Creek YSA Branch Even though I've aged out of the YSA branch, they're so short-handed some weeks they don't even have the people to do the sacrament if I'm not there.
  10. Ironhold

    Your Ward... back to normal after Covid?

    My branch -> Masks are optional if you've been vaccinated, but no one is asking questions Still using Covid precautions with sacrament, including putting the pieces of bread in their own separate cups and giving the trays a chlorine bath between congregations meeting in the building People are still being asked to leave a row between family groups Singing hymns is allowed, but still no hymnals
  11. Ironhold

    Efficiency is good, but not at Church?

    I myself was a branch finance clerk at one point, and so I've been on both sides of this particular issue. On one hand, it's daunting, period, to handle any sort of in-person donation, be it cash, check, money order, or so on. There are very strict protocols that must be followed to ensure that everything is handled properly and nothing is embezzled. If it tells you anything, I was the clerk when the California State Democratic Party discovered that their finance officer had embezzled them into near-bankruptcy, and I was shocked to discover that the church had far stricter standards than what these officials had going. That we get any physical donations at all puts whoever handles them under a very bright, hot spotlight. Every penny has to be accounted for, every document kept in a designated fashion, and so on. On the other hand, there are many reasons why a person would still prefer to do physical donations. You have people who either do not have regular access to the internet or who are, for one reason or another, very hesitant to direct-deposit their donations; remember, computer crime is a very big deal, and a lot of folks are afraid. There are folks in society who don't even have bank accounts or the like, especially those living at the lower financial rungs. Many younger individuals need the practice and physical discipline. Then there are individuals like myself who either wouldn't remember to pay or otherwise do it to help them better manage their finances (remember, I've had a *lot* of head trauma over the years).
  12. If this is a fantasy world, someone with limited mobility would not make for a successful adventurer under most normal circumstances. Unless the player can come up with a very good reason, I'd rule that they got magically healed somehow.
  13. Anyone who digs into the depiction of most fantasy "default villain" monsters like orcs, goblins, and kobolds will find that they're "villains" because their culture values greed and aggression over sense and logic. They *could* co-exist with others if they wanted to, but see other races as sources of plunder. There's nothing stopping a GM from deciding that one or more groups of these monsters have chosen to reject the culture, and in fact a key part of the "Warcraft" movie was an orc chieftain coming to realize that their ways were unsustainable and that the land they'd already conquered was more than enough to farm and fish on.
  14. Right now, there's a big to-do in the world of fantasy fiction. A number of people who self-identify as "progressive" have decided that orcs, the common fantasy villain monsters, are somehow racist stereotypes and that they're "coded" to be black. As such, they're screaming, shrieking, and otherwise demanding that orcs no longer be used as a villain race because to do so is to perpetuate real-world racism. I've heard of at least one school banning fantasy tabletop gaming because of it, and people are ripping into the revived gaming company TSR because they feel that TSR isn't doing enough to combat "discrimination" since they won't bend the knee. In response, a large swath of fantasy fans from across the political spectrum are going "Wait... why do you think of black people when you see orcs? Doesn't that say a lot about you instead?".
  15. Ironhold

    COVID Office Chic

    The newspaper I work for has a casual dress code. As long as we're not having a VIP in the office for a big interview, everyone from the publishing editor on down to myself can and will wear shorts in the warmer months simply because it's Texas and it's summer. As long as it's appropriate to go out in public in, we can do it. So other than face masks, COVID didn't change too much.