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  1. There's a fan theory that Dale knew *something* was going on but had ulterior motives for not saying anything. It's like how the final episode showed that Boomhauer was law enforcement in spite of his participating in the group's various misadventures, leading to a lot of fan theories about just what he was doing. edit - Also, Flintstones = Honeymooners, just like Jetsons = Dagwood & Blondie. Hanna-Barbera was *not* subtle about who and what they ripped off.
  2. OK. The church website is now set up so that you can choose either LDS Channel, an all-Choir channel, a talk channel, and a Spanish-language stream. I swear, LDS Channel has five different versions of "A Poor Wayfaring Man Of Grief", each one as depressing as the others. 🥶 Is there something I'm missing as to why this song is so popular? Something I'm missing?
  3. For the first 2 - 3 years a common branch activity was for people to come to church, bring their phones & chargers, and try to track everyone down. Each person would be given a segment of the directory showing everyone who was supposed to be there, and they would be tasked with calling the number listed on the registry to ask and see if the person in question was still at that listed residence. After that, everyone just kind of gave up.
  4. As I mentioned before, I spent a decade helping to support a YSA branch. The branch was created because we had about 400 YSA in the stake according to the membership records. Nobody actually bothered to confirm how many were still within the stake, a critical step as we're supporting a major military base where people come and go all the time. As a result, we actually had less than 100 people still within the stake, and there were Sundays where as few as 20 people actually showed up.
  5. Look up the controversies around the show's creator, Vivziepop, and you'll see that the show very nearly didn't happen. Let's just say that Vivziepop sounds like someone who doesn't exactly have it all together.
  6. The US military, and a few other militaries, are facing similar issues. To put it simply, the same demographic groups most likely to encourage their children to consider the military as an option are the same groups most likely to be frustrated and appalled by the efforts to make the military more "woke", and so they're no longer actually encouraging service. Couple this with the events of the last 20+ years, and people no longer see the military as a "three hots and a cot" proposition they can fall back on when they're in financial need. Parents and other groups are also *discouraging* outdoor athletic activity due to a variety of factors, and so we have large numbers of younger individuals who are no longer physically fit enough to pass muster. And the same "woke" nonsense means that even if someone is physically fit enough there's no guarantee that they're mentally or morally fit. Western society has been poisoned by "woke" and we need to purge that poison. Worst case scenario? We have to start going back to conscription to meet our defense requirements, possibly including conscripting women.
  7. Those four are also the songs on the album that get the most airplay, with the second side being almost completely ignored. And that's *with* "Vital Signs" being one of the actual singles. So no, it's not just you.
  8. There are three plays on the title that appear on the album cover, especially if you see the *full* image. 1. Workers are transporting paintings. They are... moving pictures. 2. The onlookers are growing emotional over the images being displayed. They... find the pictures to be moving. 3. In the full-size version of the image, a film crew is recording the proceedings. They are... taking a "moving picture".
  9. Not entirely. Only the first two books are in the public domain; the rest are still under copyright, and Disney's original characters (et al) are still protected for a while yet.
  10. The Associated Press officially maintains a similar stipulation in their AP Style Guide, however, I'm constantly seeing AP writers violate this. In particular, Brady McCombs was so poor about their handling of matters relating to the church that I basically had to get a red grading pen whenever I saw their name in a byline. We're talking "Jarvis In A Mazda" - level nonsense columns here. ^ See that? Imagine if it was a religion column. That was the level of McCombs' output on the church.
  11. As I've mentioned before, two of the most hateful, bigoted, and willfully ignorant people I have ever had the misfortune of encountering had doctoral degrees in their chosen fields. One was an avowed atheist with a degree in the social sciences. The other was a minister with a theological degree. Both of them regarded their doctorate as a shield of invulnerability. In their eyes, that they had a doctorate meant that they were all-knowing and all-powerful. In their eyes, anyone who lacked a college degree had no right to speak to them unless it was to kiss their ring or serve them somehow... and even then, no one with anything less than a graduate degree had any right to ask them questions. Their incredible arrogance meant that they actually only had a handful of stock arguments and "evidences" for their various positions on different topics, and they kept going right back to them no matter how many times those arguments and "evidences" were debunked; after all, they reasoned, someone who was "below" them was doing it and so how could that person be correct? When they were backed into a corner and shown how, in ways they could not deny, they were wrong, they inevitably threw a childish temper tantrum, often involving expletives. After all, they had a doctorate, so how could they be wrong? They failed to understand that "evolve or die" is a critical part of academia, and part of that evolution means admitting when one is wrong so that one can fix that flaw.
  12. A few things I've noted that critics of the church tend to overlook - 1. The Extermination Order wasn't officially repealed until 1976 2. The last European power didn't relinquish its last colonial claim in Africa until early 1978 Could it be that, simply put, these two things needed to happen first before humanity was ready for it all to happen?
  13. Have you seen the George Foreman biopic? It depicts the Rumble as a pivotal point in Foreman's life, and so near as I can recall they choreographed it as accurately as they could under the circumstances.
  14. There's also the fact that due to the extreme heat in Kinshasa that day the ropes were incredibly loose; Ali's manager had actually *tightened* the ropes just hours before the match and they were still loose due to the heat having softened the materials. This made rope-a-dope even more effective as the sagging ropes took even more of the force than anyone expected them to.