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  1. Thank you so much for the advices. Im going to see our bishop this Sunday :) I guessreally do need his help to lift this burden @UT.starscoper sorry i just replied now, but yes.. ill answer your questions
  2. I broke the law of chastity about a year ago (I had sex with my boyfriend), and I confessed to my bishop about it. For months now, I strived to stay worthy after I repented; I magnify my callings, work with missionaries, read scriptures, did my personal progress and all. Now I'm processing my mission papers and all is well until I broke it again.. but this time we just fondled and petted, no sex.. I still feel so bad though.. Im almost done with my papers, and Im afraid to tell our bishop bout it.. I keep telling myself that I dont need to tell him, and that I just have to confess to God directly.. but I dont really know what I should do.. please help, Id really appreciate it