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    Denying Temple Recommend

    I'm not concerned about the handbook 1. It's available online. I just read another topic and they stated that section 3.3.3 states to not add other questions. The real question is why are they saying if your on probation you can't get a temple recommend. Where does it say that and where are they interpreting that? I just don't get it.
  2. soulgiver36

    Uncomfortable with the priesthood

    I do not have the priesthood but my wife always thanks those that have been living their lives to be worthy of the priesthood. So you just living worthy is fulfilling in much more of a way then I believe you are giving yourself credit for. I wish I could be like you.
  3. My wife went to get temple recommend last night but denied. She has a limited use recommend. Well, during the interview the bishop told my wife that he remembered she is on probation and that she shouldn't of even gotten the limited use recommend. Now this is civil probation for something that happened back in 2011 and she finally went to court in 2014 and has been on probation since then and it ends in 2016. Isn't that adding to the temple recommend requirements and going against what it says in section 3.3.3 in the handbook? My wife is so torn she had people coming in from out of town and everything. It's really weird she's gone through the temple prep classes to how can the bishop be like oops I forgot and pull this on her? Please give us some insight and is the handbook section 3.3.3 when it refers to following whats in the temple recommend handbook talking about a separate temple recommend book? Thanks, Frank